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    • Best of SOUTHCOM

      Best of SOUTHCOM

      Operational and relevant still and video content from U.S. Southern Command

    • Catalina Island Airport in the Sky

      Catalina Island Airport in the Sky

      The Catalina Island Airport in the Sky project is a partnership between 3rd
      MAW, US Navy Seabees, and the Catalina Island Conservancy to repair their
      aging runway on Catalina Island. The project will run from December 2018
      through March 2019. It provides Marines with a unique training opportunity
      to conduct valuable, real-world training while providing a service to the
      local community.

    • African Partnership Flight Rwanda

      African Partnership Flight Rwanda

      African Partnership Flight Rwanda will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, 4-9 March 2019. This multilateral mil-to-mil engagement and security assistance event is intended to strengthen U.S. strategic partnerships with key countries in Africa, share ideas on aviation related topics, and enhance regional cooperation and interoperability. This APF will focus on Flight, Ground and Weapons Safety.

    • 48th IBCT in Afghanistan 2019

      48th IBCT in Afghanistan 2019

      Documenting the mobilization and deployment of the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team's fourth combat tour since the Global War on Terror began and continuing to live the motto of the unit, "Volunteers! Send Me!".

    • Justified Accord 2019

      Justified Accord 2019

      Justified Accord brings together military partners from East Africa, the U.S. military, Western Allies, and international organizations to practice joint planning and coordination. This year, JA19 will take place in Ethiopia and will enhance participants' capability for peacekeeping operations, sector headquarters’ responsibilities and provides an opportunity to employ African Union Mission...

    • USAFE's Flying Training Deployments

      USAFE's Flying Training Deployments

      USAFE regularly participates in Flying Training Deployments (FTD) with NATO allies. FTDs allow the U.S. and its allies to train for combined air operations and enhance joint warfighting capabilities. The U.S. and NATO allies share a commitment to promote peace, stability, and a secure Europe.

    • Air Force Pitch Day

      Air Force Pitch Day

      "Pitch Days are new fast tracks for startups to work with the Air Force. Modeled after commercial investment pitch competitions, our goal is to award $40 million to startups using one-day, one-page contracts. These awards use convenient credit card payments — we want partnering with the Air Force to be easy and energizing!"

      Dr. Will Roper
      Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for...



      AFRICOM's MEDREX hosted by United States Army-Africa, pair small teams of military medical professionals from the U.S. with participating African partner nations to train alongside and share best practices in trauma and surgical medicine. U.S. personnel benefit by providing medical care in a forward and austere environment; and African partners develop closer relationships with medical...