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    • USAFE F-35A

      USAFE F-35A

      A small number of F-35 Lightning IIs are deploying to Europe. This is a long-planned training deployment to conduct air training with other Europe-based aircraft. The F-35As will remain for several weeks. This inaugural training deployment to Europe is funded in part by the European Reassurance Initiative.

    • Ship-to-Shore Maneuver, Exploration and Experimentation Advanced Naval Technology Exercise 2017

      Ship-to-Shore Maneuver, Exploration and Experimentation Advanced Naval Technology Exercise 2017

      Marines are field-testing more than 50 different new technologies in an exercise that provides an opportunity for warfighters to assess emerging technologies and innovative engineering in support of amphibious assault operations. Field-testing of technology platforms are across six mission areas including early reconnaissance, threat identification, reconnaissance and threat elimination,...

    • Eager Lion 2017

      Eager Lion 2017

      Eager Lion is an annual U.S. Central Command exercise in Jordan designed to strengthen military-to-military relationships between the U.S., Jordan and other international partners. This year's iteration is comprised of about 7,200 military personnel from more than 20 nations that will respond to scenarios involving border security, command and control, cyber defense and battlespace management.

    • Military Working Dogs

      Military Working Dogs

      Military working dogs have been a valuable part of the U.S. armed forces and have been officially recognized since WWII. In the past, these dogs could warn troops of approaching enemies, detect gas and locate wounded troops. Now military dogs can detect explosives and narcotics as well as engage the enemy. This page celebrates the commitment and service of the military working dog.

    • Air Force celebrates Earth Day

      Air Force celebrates Earth Day

      These images are intended for use in supporting 2017 Earth Day campaigns across the Air Force.

    • Vibrant Reponse 17

      Vibrant Reponse 17

      U.S. Army North conducts Exercise Vibrant Response 17 to confirm the operational readiness and tactical capabilities of major elements of DOD's specialized forces designed to respond to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents in support of local, state and federal civilian agencies. Exercise Vibrant Response is the largest annual exercise for DOD's specialized response...

    • Stolen Cerberus IV

      Stolen Cerberus IV

      Approximately 100 Airmen and three C-130J “Super Hercules” aircraft from the 86th Airlift Wing’s, 37th Airlift Squadron, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, will participate in Exercise Stolen Cerberus IV, a bilateral training exercise with the Hellenic Air Force at Elefsis, Greece, from Apr. 18 to Apr. 28, 2017. This training builds upon an already strong military relationship; it enhances...

    • Cyber Shield 17

      Cyber Shield 17

      Cyber Shield 17 is a defensive cyber operations exercise designed to develop, train, and exercise National Guard cyber-capable forces, Defensive Cyberspace Operations-Elements, threat analysis teams, reporting mechanisms, and leaders. The purpose of the exercise is to provide a collective training event for the evaluation of DCO-Es and to set the conditions for team validation.