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Publication of the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division.

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On Point - 12.19.2012

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Photos of the Arrowhead Brigade spanning a 12 month deployment.
On Point - 12.12.2012

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Resupplying fellow soldiers; Thanksgiving in RC(S); Arrowhead kids create bonds; 1-64 Soldiers disrupt insurgents; ABP welcome training; Charlie ‘Rock’ thwarts Taliban; Healing hands, fighting spirit; Chaplain’s Corner
On Point - 11.06.2012

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SMA visits Soldiers in Afghan hotspot; ABP knock out insurgent activity; MG Abrams re-enlists ‘Desert Rogues’; ANA bring peace to Deh Chopan; 3-2 Spouses redeployment training; Supply maintains logistical integrity; Photo Page; Showing the... more
On Point - 10.09.2012

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Training the trainer, Community Development, Lagman Unit Ministry, Zabull Economic Development, New Outpost in Mizan, Southern Strike III, Arghandab River Crossing, Takhteh Pol Substations, Army Chief of Staff Visit
On Point - 09.14.2012

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City of Lacey's Homecoming, S-2, Qalat Slaughterhouse, Making Money without Marijuana, WW II Tradition, Agriculture Training, New Police in the Ranks, Iron Chef Challenge, Laying Down Weapons
On Point - 07.31.2012

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Panjwai farmers learn valuable skills, Soldiers meet with villagers, APB station open for 24-hour ops, ID cards for Afghan Police, ANA deliver humanitarian aid, Local government helps provide aid, Soldiers get ‘coined’, STT-SFAT mentor ANA... more
On Point - 07.06.2012

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How sweet it is, ANSF extend the bubble, Patrolling with EOD, For Infantry Medics, Training is Key, ABF holds leadership conference, STT-SFAT mentor ANA, ABP lead successful operation, C-IED teams locate roadside bombs, Bringing technology to the... more
On Point - 06.07.2012

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Personnel Shop Keeps Administration on Point, Healing the wounded: how a combat medic team contributes to OEF, Red Lions prepared to train ANA partners on D30 howitzers, A Stroke of Genius, Fueled by history, passion for service, Huntington Beach... more
On Point - 05.01.2012

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Afghan National Police officers gain skills, knowledge during basic officers course, The ‘Voice of Shinkai’: Rock Star status on a box, Afghan National Security Forces lead the way in providing security for Panjwai District, Happy to be in... more
On Point - 03.29.2012

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Lacey Community 389th Finance Voice of Shinkai TWJ Veterinary Seminar Shinkai Governor Deployments Clean the Way Lonely Walk Crazy Horse - ANA Partnership
On Point - 03.07.2012

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Chambers Prairie adopts military unit; Moving on up, to the east side; Unit readiness exercise prepares medics to save lives; District Governor settles 51-year dispute; The ‘Voice of Shinkai’: Rock Star status in a box; Regulars’ academy... more
On Point - 02.02.2012

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Lacey Proclaims Support; Arrowhead in Afghanistan; Provincial Governor says goodbye; 116th Transfer of Authority; Afghan Army Academy Graduation; Women Journalist; Radio Literacy; Soldier runs for resiliency; Female Engagement Team; A tale of two... more
On Point - 09.29.2011

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Back to Basics; Ready for Anything; Mortar Men; Eyes and Ears; BSB supports Arrowhead Brigade
On Point - 07.01.2010

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Deployment reunites brothers; Clearing Jalula one neighborhood at a time; Capital surge helps heal wounds.
On Point - 06.03.2010

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Soldiers Take Flight to Support Iraqi Army; Blackhorse Soldiers Create Renewed Security; ‘Chop Shop’ Soldiers; 18th EN Sharpen Their TALON Robot Skills; Iraqi Police and Sykes’ Regulars Get Hot on Missions in Abu Sayda; Joint Focus Instills... more
On Point - 05.01.2010

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New mental health program; Clean streets in Baqubah; Prepping to go home.
On Point - 04.05.2010

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Successful Elections Prove Progress In Iraq; Tomahawks Bring the Heat in the Iraqi Desert; Frontline Soldiers Operate Warhorse Woodshop; Better Business Means Brighter Future; Construction Gives Soldiers a Better Home; Forward Operating Base... more
On Point - 03.01.2010

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Assaulting by Air Proves Successful for Partnered Forces; A Second Time Around in the New Iraq; Small Gift Creates Hope for a Better Future; Unity Amongst Forces Allows Strong Security Presence
On Point - 02.02.2010

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"Hailstorm" Soldiers Roam At Night With Iraqi Forces; NCOs Receive Fiery Induction into the 296th; Uncovering Secrets from a Crime Scene; Soldiers Field New Vehicle, New Technology
On Point - 12.01.2009

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CBRN Training, Preparing For Elections, More Than Just Big Guns, Eye in the Sky, Preventing Smuggling, Playing in the Toliet Bowl, Man's Best Friend, Building Better Security, Strengthing the Backbone
On Point - 11.01.2009

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Medic Saves Iraqi Boy, Culture of Diyala, Arrowhead Takes Charge, Patriots "Take Out" Tanks, Tomahawk Dinner, Artillery Honing Skills, Operation Warhorse Reaper Providing Microgrants, Vet Clinic, Logistics Training, Chaplain's Corner, Fallen... more
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