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In The Zone
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In The Zone is a publication of Joint Area Support Group – Central covering military and civil operations in the International Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. June 2009 to January 2010

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In The Zone - 06.02.2010

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Command Sgt. Major Alfred Cordova; IZ FOB Information; Chaplain's Corner; IFP Medic Graduation
In The Zone - 04.30.2010

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Crime Scene Investigation; IZ Education Day; Aggie Muster; News You Can Use; FOB Phoenix Turnover; DANCON March; IG Topic: Complacency; Quenching Iraq's Thirst-Oasis Water Bottling Plant; JAG Topic: Power of Attorney; Lt. Commander Proper... more
In The Zone - 04.01.2010

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Where's Your Buddy At?; Iraq police learn river patrol basics; Absentee ballot box.
In The Zone - 03.01.2010

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Elections in Iraq; Operation Outback; Educate yourself on the new GI Bill.
In The Zone - 02.01.2010

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From the Top; Know where to go; Viejo Pump House; Iraq Election Basics; Joint Area Support Group Change of Authority; From Bench to the Battle Zone and Back; Enriching the Soul; Making the Green Zone Greener; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance
In The Zone - 12.31.2009

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From the Top End of an era: Freedom Rest transferred Scout-o-rama: Iraqi children learn new skills Building a foundation: Secondary school nearly complete Traveling the skies of Iraq: JASG's air transportation team Music with a... more
In The Zone - 11.30.2009

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Remembrance Day: An Australian tribute Stroke of Genius: Art exhibition supports local women Honoring a Guardsman Frame of mind: Therapy dog boosts morale Petraeus receives Patriot Award: IZ troops attend ceremony via satellite Thanksgiving... more
In The Zone - 10.31.2009

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With the stroke of a pen: Transferring Ibn Sina Hospital to Iraq Break away: Prosperity's MWR activities Rebuilding Iraq's economy: Local contractors build facilities Tailgating with the troops: Wisconsin soldiers watch football with family... more
In The Zone - 09.30.2009

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From the Top Farewell Baghdad E.R.: Troops render a final salute to Ibn Sina Hospital Opening new doors: NATO mission has new home Monday Morning Football: Wisconsin troops cheer for the Packers Baghdad Yacht Club: Soldiers take remote... more
In The Zone - 09.01.2009

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Ramadan Kareem (an overview of Ramadan for service members), Train as we fight ... or protect (Guadsmen train as personal security detail soldiers), Caring and Sharing (Wisconsin program sends packages to troops), Showtime on the FOB (Time... more
In The Zone - 07.31.2009

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From the Top; Sovereignty Day; I pledge Allegiance; Red Arrow Run; Focus on diplomacy; Digital story time; Hizzoner; Operation Give; Gone fishin'; Chaplain's...
In The Zone - 06.30.2009

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Same mission, new faces: 32nd IBCT takes over Joint Area Support Group; Turning the International Zone over to property at a time along with many other stories from the International Zone in Baghdad.
In The Zone - 04.19.2009

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Forward Operating Base Freedom is transferred to the Government of Iraq; New Army Post Office at FOB Prosperity dedicated to fallen Soldier; First tourists since 2003 spend two weeks sight seeing around Iraq; New computer system upgrades promise... more
In The Zone - 03.20.2009

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New playground offers safe venue for generations of Iraqi children to enjoy; 'Lightning' strikes SECFOR mission; Avoid pride's inevitable fall; Joint Defense Operations Center helps keep International Zone secure
In The Zone - 02.15.2009

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Soldiers fight boredom on virtual battlefield; Badging section plays pivotal role in International Zone security; Air Force couple shares war experience in Iraq;
In The Zone - 01.25.2009

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'Old Glory' days come to an end as U.S. Embassy returned; Bible travels through three generations, wars; Jersey Guard Soldiers split over NFL's Giants, Eagles;
In The Zone - 12.25.2008

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Iraqi contractor helps restore soldier memorial to former glory; JASG-C NCO helps keep IZ streets safe; Celebrating care, compassion; JASG-C troops guard motorcade route for commander-in-chief
In The Zone - 11.15.2008

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Repo man driven to success in IZ; Deciphering the ins and outs of taking leave; Get smart with Army Ed programs
In The Zone - 10.15.2008

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'Thunderbirds' handoff JASG-C to 'Jersey Blues'; Accomplishing mission together; Flying The Force - New Jersey aviators give troops lift from training to theater; Iraqi firefighters add ladder truck to fleet
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