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    Living Beyond Pain

    Living Beyond Pain

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    This is a multi-episode podcast providing information on managing chronic pain for service members and military family members.


    • Living Beyond Pain - Medication

      Not sure how to approach your chronic pain condition with your medical provider? Learn about the different approaches to medication for both acute and chronic pain with CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and her guest, Dr. Jennifer Potter (Madigan Army Medical Center).


    • Living Beyond Pain - Helping Kids When We Have Chronic Pain

      It’s hard for kids when we experience chronic pain flare-ups. Learn how to discuss your condition with your children (without overwhelming them). CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and Dr. Julie Kinn (Clinical and Research Psychologist, Lead for Connected Health Technology Education) also share some of the great benefits for kids who learn how to help their parents and caregivers.


    • Living Beyond Pain - Managing Flare-Ups

      Be a chronic-pain-combatting-superhero! Grab your C.A.P.E., and let’s listen to CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and her guest, Dr. Douglas Riedmiller (Clinical Psychologist at Bay Pine VA, Sarasota Community Based Outpatient Clinic, IBHC in Primary Care), describe how to plan for flare-ups: (C) Consider your ways of coping, (A) Anticipate and avoid obstacles, (P) Prepare for triggers, and (E) Engage in positive coping.


    • Living Beyond Pain - Stress and Relaxation

      Relaxation is a free and simple way to help you manage chronic pain by reducing stress and tension. CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and her guest MAJ Cara E. Cox Coleman (Fellow, Clinical Health Psychology, Tripler Army Medical Center) explain how to use diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mental focus and imagery to turn on the relaxation response.


    • Living Beyond Pain - Sleep

      Sleep and chronic pain have a circular relationship. We don’t sleep well when we are experiencing pain, and then being sleep deprived actually makes our pain worse! Learn how to break this cycle with CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and her guest, Dr. John T. Peachey, Psy.D. (United States Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton).


    • Living Beyond Pain - Mindfulness

      Mindfulness is an important aspect of chronic pain management, and it’s different than just relaxation. Dr. William MacNulty (CMDR (0-5) US Public Health Service; Health Promotion Psychologist, 1st Special Forces Group) and CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) describe how to use a mindfulness practice to change the relationship to pain using the RAIN technique: Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Note.


    • Living Beyond Pain - Movement

      It can be hard to get moving when you are experiencing chronic pain. Have you ever experienced the Crash-and-Burn cycle (overdoing it when you have a good day, and then being down-for-the-count for several days after)? Learn how to get moving safely using pacing, engaging in enjoyable activities, and by setting SMART goals. CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and her guest CAPT Amy Park Ph.D. MSCP (CAPT (0-6) US Public Health Service, Acting Director DHA Connected Health) help you overcome barriers to getting moving.


    • Living Beyond Pain - Cognitive Coping

      Learn how our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions affect the way we experience pain and how to use this relationship to feel better. CPT Tracy Beegen (Aeromedical Psychologist) and her guest, Dr. Douglas Riedmiller (Clinical Psychologist at Bay Pine VA, Sarasota Community Based Outpatient Clinic, IBHC in Primary Care), discuss cognitive coping methods, the role of automatic thoughts, and how to combat ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts).


    • Living Beyond Pain - Introduction

      Army Capt. Tracy Beegen discusses chronic pain management and the new "Living Beyond Pain" podcast with Dr. Diane Flynn (Madigan Army Medical Center). The “Living Beyond Pain” podcast will help you learn ways to manage chronic pain from DOD and VA experts. This conversational podcast covers ways to manage chronic pain flare-ups, treatment options, methods to get moving, and even how to talk about chronic pain to your loved ones. Subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, and everywhere else you find podcasts.

      The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense, nor the U.S. Government