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    • New Horizons 18, Panama

      New Horizons 18, Panama

      NEW HORIZONS is an annual U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) sponsored exercise designed to enhance joint humanitarian assistance between the U.S. military and our partner nations in Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The exercise improves joint training readiness of U.S. and partner nation civil engineers, medical professionals and support personnel through humanitarian assistance...

    • Acting Commissioner McAleenan

      Acting Commissioner McAleenan

      Imagery highlighting the tenure of Acting Commissioner McAleenan.

    • Indigo Response 18

      Indigo Response 18

      Exercise Indigo Response 18 is a bilateral underwater mine countermeasures (MCM) engagement between the U.S. Navy and Royal Saudi Naval Forces. The exercise presents a venue to strengthen combine capabilities in underwater MCM and air diving operations, enhancing mutual maritime capabilities and interoperability and ensuring the freedom of navigation throughout the region.

    • Eager Response

      Eager Response

      Exercise Eager Response 18 is a bilateral explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) exercise between the State of Kuwait and the United States. The exercise will fortify military-to-military relationships between the Kuwait Naval Force (KNF) and the U.S. Navy, advance bilateral operational capabilities in the maritime domain, and enhance interoperability and warfighting readiness

    • Operation Toy Drop 2017

      Operation Toy Drop 2017

      Operation Toy Drop is a U.S. Army Reserve Command airborne operation and collective training exercise executed by the U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne). Operation Toy Drop is the World’s largest Joint and Combined airborne and collective training operation - planned, trained and executed by the U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers of USACAPOC(A). The operation has...

    • Exercise Yama Sakura

      Exercise Yama Sakura

      Yama Sakura is an annual bilateral command post exercise involving the U.S. Military and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Yama Sakura 73 is a U.S. Army Pacific joint, bilateral, command post exercise between U.S. Army I CORPS and JGSDF Northeastern Army.

    • Vigilant Ace 18

      Vigilant Ace 18

      Vigilant Ace 18 is a large-scale exercise designed to enhance the interoperability of U.S. and Republic of Korea Air Forces through combined and joint combat training. This exercise is part of a continuous exercise schedule, strengthening the U.S.-ROK Alliance and helping both nations fulfill their obligations to the Mutual Defense Treaty. Vigilant Ace 18 is a regular training event held...

    • Exercise Double Eagle 2017

      Exercise Double Eagle 2017

      At the invitation of the Serbian Government, U.S. service members will work with the Serbian Armed Forces to conduct an airborne insertion exercise and exchange jump wings. The event allows the U.S. and Serbia to work together in areas of mutual interest and build relationships that contribute to regional peace and stability. More than 100 U.S. service members from the 173rd Airborne Brigade...