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    Army Reserve Aviation Command      

    Fort Knox, KY, US  


    Current Personnel:

    Capt. Kimberly Farmer Mendez

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    Readiness through Repetition

    06.29.2017 | Story by Capt. Matthew Roman
    Army reserve aviation has successfully executed tens of thousands of missions over our nearly 50 plus year history, but never has there been a more proficient and lethal federal reserve aviation force for the nation. This nearly impossible track record is not due to some consistent stroke of luck or any amount of good fortune, it is instead because of the Warrior-Citizens that have dedicated their careers to fly, maintain and refuel our fleet...
    To Save a Life

    To Save a Life

    02.10.2017 | Courtesy Story
    By: Chief Warrant Officer 2 Josh Touchton Beginning in World War II and the Korean War, U.S. military helicopters were utilized to evacuate...

    Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: A Synopsis of U.S....

    01.31.2017 | Story by Capt. Matthew Roman
    On any given day, behind the pleasant noise of the cadenced and rhythmic prop wash, often lays a select few of Aviators who earn their pay above the clouds at 25,000 feet. Regardless of weather conditions, or time of day, these Aviators are responsible for some of the Army’s most sensitive and critical assignments. The professionals selected to work these cockpits are of the highest quality and are regularly grown from within the ranks of...

    For Army Reserve Aviation, Realistic Training is...

    09.16.2016 | Story by Capt. Matthew Roman
    In today’s global environment, our nation relies most heavily on her Army to support our national and international interests. This call to action can only be achieved through an unshakeable commitment, on the part of our Army’s leaders, to maintaining a combat ready posture at all times. As an enduring operational force, The U.S. Army Reserve Aviation Command (ARAC), remains a highly professional, value-added partner in the Army’s...

    11th Theater Aviation Command Welcomes Home...

    03.07.2016 | Story by Capt. Matthew Roman
    Over the past several years of U.S. Army involvement in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, one peace-support operation in Kosovo still holds great significance for the U.S. Army. That mission is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Kosovo Force (KFOR) mission. NATO has been leading a peace-support operation in Kosovo since June of 1999 and it was established when NATO’s famed, 78-day air campaign against Milosevic’s...