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The production of CROSSED SABERS trains our Soldier journalists in their war-time mission of telling the First Team story. Crossed Sabers is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents of Crossed Sabers are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or the First Cavalry Division. All editorial content of Crossed Sabers is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs Office.

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This work, Crossed Sabers, is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.

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Crossed Sabers - 01.04.2010

975 hits


Fuel tests keep Air Cav operational; Troops raise money for N.C. Boy Scouts; 'Ironhorse' Soldiers earn their spurs; Combined U.S., IA patrol in Ur
Crossed Sabers - 12.21.2009

390 hits


W. Va. Soldiers, families help fund Iraqi's journey for sight; WWE superstars express awe of troops at Camp Taji; U.S., FP forces meet, conduct joint search; School remodel to boost Iraqi economy; IA lead combined search for weapons caches
Crossed Sabers - 12.07.2009

462 hits


MND-B K-9s demonstrate impressive capabilities; 1st ACB pilot reunites with daughter in Iraq; IA learn the ropes on crane operations; Iraqi orphans receive food for the holidays
Crossed Sabers - 11.23.2009

539 hits


Abu Ghraib children enjoy improved recreational areas; N.C. troops assess poultry plant, offer expertise; Iraqi medics learn trauma skills
Crossed Sabers - 11.09.2009

308 hits


Joint patrol acts on tip, digs up weapons cache; Prayers from Baghdad; Air Cav, IAF fly joint mission over Baghdad; Paratroopers, FP secure Nahrawan; Refresher training aids Iraqis to take lead
Crossed Sabers - 10.26.2009

223 hits


Brighter future ahead as Twin Schools open; Sheikh council meeting brings resolve; Marysville native serves in Baghdad; Ironhorse Soldiers provide assistance to SoI security mission; U.S., Federal Police conduct air insertion mission; Mada'in... more
Crossed Sabers - 10.12.2009

162 hits


Joint mission uproots, disrupts insurgent activities; Phase maintenance ensures aircraft remain battle ready; Combat training in Iraq takes skills to the next level; Paratroopers hone trademark skills; Armament crews keep Apaches ready for fight
Crossed Sabers - 09.28.2009

193 hits


U.S., Iraqi forces spread goodwill; Warrior Academy helps Iraqis improve battle skills; Engineers speak different language, share same skills.
Crossed Sabers - 09.14.2009

100 hits


'Engineers Open Bridge Over Tigris; Partnership Training for IED Disposal; Iraqis Recieve Clean Water; Combatives:Air Cav. gets physical; Stallion Battalion Sports Day
Crossed Sabers - 08.31.2009

87 hits


'All American' troopers pass on tools in Cold Steel Academy; MRAP training increases survivability; Airborne artillerymen get back to basics; Air Cav continues to support Iraqi training; Dedicated cooks prepare meals for Ironhorse troops
Crossed Sabers - 08.03.2009

149 hits


Texas MP Co. continues mentorship of Iraqi Police; American, Iraqi Soldiers foster friendships; U.S., Iraqi engineers partner for construction training; Iraqi Air Force rides with Air Cav on joint air assault; Taji firefighters complete Chinook... more
Crossed Sabers - 07.20.2009

119 hits


Healing the wounds of war; National Guard unit formed by Benjamin Franklin still defends freedom; Iraqis lead Operation Winged Lion II.
Crossed Sabers - 07.06.2009

133 hits


Dagger Soldiers, IA search sand, swamp for weapons; First Iraqi NPs graduate from engineer academy; 150th Armored Reconnaissance Squadron troops train Daughters of Iraq; Hurriyah clinic converts to solar power; JSS Oubaidy transfers to ISF; 30th... more
Crossed Sabers - 06.08.2009

157 hits


448th Civil Affairs Soldiers, Iraqis help rehab Sadr City; Camp Taji depot to supply Iraqi army; Iraqi army, Pennsylvania Guard clear Nassir factory;
Crossed Sabers - 05.25.2009

124 hits


Caches sweep uncovers new leads, builds trust; Civil Affairs Soldiers hit home run with partnership; Beautiful game fosters partnership; Working with Sons of Iraq toward peace efforts; Joint Security Station Ur expands as two others close; First... more
Crossed Sabers - 03.14.2009

310 hits


Phoenix troops end diverse mission; Joint Campaign Plan provides focus for transition; Paratroopers train NP mechanics on vehicle maintenance; "Straight Arrows", Iraqi government hand diplomas to new generator mechanics
Crossed Sabers - 11.26.2007

566 hits


New Armored Vehicle Rolls into Baghdad; Commanding General Says Efforts Make Baghdad Safer; New Patriots; Sacrifices Remembered by Commander, People of Ameriyah; "Freedom Rest" Leads to Poolside Reflection; CG Says Cooperative Efforts Make... more
Crossed Sabers - 11.12.2007

388 hits


Brigade Arrives in Iraq; Neutral Location Established to Advance Reconciliation in Taji; 'Bushmasters' Settled into East Baghdad Outpost; Medical Aid Provided to Iraqi Families; Lieutenant Helps Renovate an Orphanage for Iraqi Girls; CFC-O... more
Crossed Sabers - 10.29.2007

445 hits


Detainees Released as Ramadan Ends; Adhamiyah Women Join Volunteer Guard Force; Iraqi Women Stand up to Fight in Security Force; Reformed Detainees Released Back to Baghdad; Iraqi General Visits Ironhorse
Crossed Sabers - 10.29.2007

289 hits


Extremist Indirect Fire Attacks Hit Baghdad Residents, Troop Wins Shoot-out with Terrorist in Rashid, Tennessee Community Donates Soccer Equipment to School Children, Harthia School Children Receive New Gifts, Shot, Soldier Takes Out Insurgent
Crossed Sabers - 10.12.2007

347 hits


Brigade Arrives in Iraq Shot Soldier Takes Out Terrorist After Surviving the Battlefield, Arrive & Survive the Homecoming
Crossed Sabers - 10.08.2007

530 hits


Stryker Soldiers Send Message to Insurgents; Progress Made in the Iraqi Capital; Iraqi's Protect and Serve; Ironhorse Brigade Assists in Delivery of Soil Testing Kits to University of Baghdad; Medics Provide First Aid Training to AAFES Employees;... more
Crossed Sabers - 10.01.2007

512 hits


Abu Ghraib IPs Graduate; First Team Earns First in Retention; Division's Special Troops Battalion Commander Connects with Fort Hood Families Via Satellite; Celebration on Graduation Day; First Cav Retains the Best of the Best; Dragons Fire More... more
Crossed Sabers - 09.17.2007

452 hits


Suicide Prevention is Everyone's Mission; Reconciliation Efforts Mark Cav's Baghdad Birthday; Ramadan Begins with the New Moon; Taji "Awakens" to Celebrate Reconciliation
Crossed Sabers - 09.04.2007

357 hits


Iraqi Army, US Engineers Help Reconnect Taji to Major Highway; Cavalry Troop Receives Valor Award, Combat Medical Badge; Khalis Protest a Sign of Democracy in Diyala; Broken Bridge Builds Relations, Hope; Intelligence Field Looking for NCOs;... more
Crossed Sabers - 08.13.2007

370 hits


Residents Oust Terrorists From Mosque; Unit Ensures no Illegal Activity at Gas Station; Iraqi Army, Garryowen, Gives Day of Healing to Shat Al Taji Residents; Troops Provide Dental, Medical Aid to the Residents of Janeen; 'Man's Best Friend'... more
Crossed Sabers - 08.06.2007

434 hits


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Visits Troops; On the Downhill Side of the Deployment, Complacency Kills; Fardh Al-Qanoon Update:MND-B General Sees Change, Progress; Iraqi Army Troops Lead Joint Medical Effort in Hor Al Bosh; Ironhorse Brigade... more
Crossed Sabers - 07.23.2007

428 hits


Karkh's First Job Fair; Brothers Pin on Captain's Bars Together; Troops Find Cache in Mosque; Hundreds Reenlist, Become Citizens on Americas Birthday; Volunteers Turn out in Force in Abu Ghraib; MND-B Soldiers Facilitate Town Hall Meeting in... more
Crossed Sabers - 07.09.2007

605 hits


Redeployment: First in, First Out; 'Harraka Barraka,' Blessed Movement; Two Dozen Iraqi Children Rescued from Orphanage; Iraqi Army Troops Bring Medical Care; Single Father Labors in Iraq for Kids at Home; Soldiers Build Pool for Prosperity;... more
Crossed Sabers - 06.04.2007

482 hits


Torture House Found; There's a Reason Why They Call It Sensitive!; America's First Team First-Ever to Fire Excalibur Precision Munition in Combat; Months of Recovery Lead to Return to Iraq; 'New Guy' in Iraq Adjusts to New Life; Apache Crews Keep... more
Crossed Sabers - 05.07.2007

414 hits


Baghdad's Safe Neighborhoods Explained; Efforts Against Extremists Continue; Small Macedonian Contingent; Big Strike Against Terrorism; Doctors Hold Joint Medical Mission in Haifa St. Clinic; Iraqi Army, Transition Team Hand Out Supplies in... more
Crossed Sabers - 04.30.2007

638 hits


DoD Unveils Compensation Program for Long Deployments; Leader Spends an 'Ordinary Day Spent With Extraordinary Soldiers'; Reconstruction Team Arrives on Taji; Soldiers Get to Know Iraqi Counterparts; Tankers Take on First Mounted Patrol Outside... more
Crossed Sabers - 04.07.2007

410 hits


Troops Assist in ReturningKidnapping Victims Home; Troop Keeps Soldiering After 21 Years; Soldier is Ready for Rest, Relaxation; Lancer Troops Work to Make Streets Safe for Iraqis; Iraqi Army Medics Team Up With Ironhorse Troops to Bring Medical... more
Crossed Sabers - 04.02.2007

425 hits


Cache Found in Sadr City; Families, Soldiers Gather for Town Hall on Fort Hood; An Easter Tale: How the World, Easter Came to Be; New Joint Security Station in Ghazaliya; 'Charlie Med' Saves 4-Year-Old Boy's Life; Top General Visits East Baghdad;... more
Crossed Sabers - 03.22.2007

408 hits


Dragons Take Over; MND-B Commander Pleased with Initial Operation in Sadr City; Battle Buddies: Soldier, Boy Share Special Bond; Sadr City's Joint Security Station Newly Established; Boys 'Down Under' Readying to Rotate Home; Combat Engineers... more
Crossed Sabers - 03.05.2007

527 hits


Troops Employ Concrete Solution to Market Security; MND-B CG Explains Security Plan; Mahmudiyah Market Reopens; Tough Question Brings Laughter At Town Hall Meeting
Crossed Sabers - 02.20.2007

538 hits


Patrol Finds Largest Cache in Commando Brigade History; Soldiers Thwart Kidnapping, Save Victim; Iraqi Policemen Recognized For Sacrifice and Dedication; Camp Taji is Ready to Supply Ammo; Captain Helping Soldiers See The Light; Soldiers Tear... more
Crossed Sabers - 02.05.2007

596 hits


Falcons Have Landed, 2-82 Abn. Div. in Iraq; Operation in Al-Doura Nets Caches, Suspects; Troop Influx Set to Secure Baghdad; Soldiers Discover Multiple Caches; Women Soldiers Gain Tools Toward Self-Defense; Pizza, Pizza! Party Provided to Taji... more
Crossed Sabers - 01.22.2007

713 hits


Mountain Troopers Supply Food to People of Al-Furat; Arrowhead Strike III: Suspects Detained, Weapons Taken, Locals Assisted; Negligent Discharges No Accident; New Slogan Hits Cav Country; Three Iraqi Children, Grandfather Helped; Safety Officer... more
Crossed Sabers - 01.13.2007

329 hits


Mechanics keep paratroopers rolling along; Reserve Soldiers put civilian skills to work rebuilding Iraq; New retention slogan hits Cav Country in Iraq; Blue turf has mental side effects
Crossed Sabers - 09.08.2006

517 hits


Troops Arrive in Iraq, Take Over Support Operations; Troops Deploy to Prep for Brigade's Arrival; Retention Team Unveils New Poster Highlighting Division's Return to Iraq; Hundreds Watch as Captain 'Pops the Question'; FRG Aims to Create First... more
Crossed Sabers - 08.08.2006

502 hits


Wagonmasters Lead Off Cav Deployment; Purple Heart Monument to Grace Cavalry Grounds; 'He Went Above and Beyond'; Cav Leaders Pave Way for Deployment; 4-9 Cav Gets Friendly with M-500 Shotguns; Troopers Learn to Combat Unseen Enemies; Explosives... more
Crossed Sabers - 07.07.2006

431 hits


Deputy CG Says Goodbye to First Team; Soldier, Family Readiness Key to Deployment Success; America's First Team Set to Deploy; News of First Team Deployment Orders Followed by Stop Loss; Spartan MPs Take Out Target During Raid; Safe Brigade... more
Crossed Sabers - 06.02.2006

322 hits


'Grey Wolf' Explodes Onto Lanes; Soldiers Should Live the Division's Legend; DSTB Convoy Ends With a Bang; Training Prepares Soldiers for Convoys; Chaplain Assistants Prepare For Combat; Soldiers Practice Protecting Chaplains; Troopers Leave for... more
Crossed Sabers - 03.17.2006

404 hits


Flying in Warmth to Those in Need; Snipers Increase Mission Readiness; Top AUSA Executives Visit Brigade; Families Check Out Simulated War Zone; Tough Terrain Tests Driving Skills; Check-ups Keep Aviators Airborne; New Flight Qualification Brings... more
Crossed Sabers - 03.03.2006

562 hits


1st Cav Welcomes New Command Sergeant Major; Cav Couple Take Oath Together; Cavalry Aviators Providing Assistance; Two NCOs Awarded Soldier's Medal for Life-saving Actions; Where the Rubber Meets the Road; Soldiers Influence Future Generations;... more
Crossed Sabers - 01.20.2006

308 hits


Troops Tackle "Grey Wolf Challenge"; Museum to Unveil New Exhibit; "Black Jack" Leads Cav Remembrance; Troops Remember King's Contributions to Society; Troops Check Out New Combat Vehicles; Troops Check Out New Combat Vehicles; 3BCT Sets Up... more
Crossed Sabers - 01.04.2006

169 hits


First Team Aviators Return from Pakistan; New Year Brings New Missions into Focus; Horse Det Troops Rope Calves in L.A.; CAB Vivid Reminder of Iraq Tour; Landings Challenge Chinooks; Task Force Living Conditions Improve Daily; Air Cav Troops Take... more
Crossed Sabers - 11.30.1999

316 hits


Soldiers Work With Local Leaders to Clean up Streets; Abu Nuwas Revitalization Center Opens; Freedom isn't Free...and It Should be Cherished; CENTCOM Commander Tours Mutannabi Book Market; Soldiers Seize Bomb 'Factory'
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