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The Parris Island Boot
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Public Affairs office aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. Responsible for publishing a weekly newspaper that keeps the depot and families of recruits informed.

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The Parris Island Boot - 04.12.2013

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Kilo Company recruits' final hours before earning their title; Why I became a drill instructor; Farewell Readers; Kilo recruits learn value of every shot
The Parris Island Boot - 04.05.2013

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Fox Company's 10 km hike; Oscar Company recruits operate firing pits, maintain range; The very beginning: New recruits arrive on Parris Island for training; About Faces
The Parris Island Boot - 03.29.2013

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MV-22 Raid, Quantico Marines fly to Parris Island for exercise; Nation's top general speaks on what nation expects from Marine Corps; Even with budget, civilians likely to face furloughs
The Parris Island Boot - 03.22.2013

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Pick Up Artist; Silent Drill, Commandant's Own your cut short; Marines no longer able to use tuition; All Parris Island mess halls to accept credit cards; Boot newspaper to stop presses
The Parris Island Boot - 03.15.2013

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Bravo and November recruits dress to impress for inspection, Recruits get taste of Marine Corps history, Why I became a drill instructor
The Parris Island Boot - 03.08.2013

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India Company recruits rappel Parris Island's 47-ft tower, India Company recruits qualify in basic swim survival training, Why I became a drill instructor
The Parris Island Boot - 03.01.2013

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Echo recruits learn to defend against chemical attacks, Why I became a drill instructor, Recruits fire away on Parris Island rifle range, Recruits face off in pugil stick training
The Parris Island Boot - 02.22.2013

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Alpha Co. Recruits take shot at title, Parris Island recruits instilled with Marines' moral foundation, Recruits slash through bayonet assault training
The Parris Island Boot - 02.15.2013

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Recruiting Duty: No day at beach, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society ups quick assist loans back to $500, Same-sex couples eligible for military benefits, New online sergeants course launched
The Parris Island Boot - 02.08.2013

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Mike recruits battle through combat course on Parris Island, Oscar Co. recruits challenged on Confidence Course, Devoted to change, Young woman loses more than 70 lbs to enlist, earns place in Corps
The Parris Island Boot - 02.01.2013

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Hotel Company rushes through day movement course, Hotel Co. recruits master hand-to-hand combat, Combat jobs for women 'right thing to do' says Corps' top general
The Parris Island Boot - 01.25.2013

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Parris Island Marine Band, Depot tax center to open for free filing, Females have option for pullups in 2013, Parris Island mess hall No. 1 in Marine Corps, 1st Battalion wins award for third straight year
The Parris Island Boot - 01.18.2013

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Delta Company learns importance of marksmanship, November reigns fear to rappel, Fit for duty: November endures combat fitness test
The Parris Island Boot - 01.11.2013

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Lima Company:The first step in the journey, Lima company recruits battle during pugil stick training, Crawling to title, Lima recruits learn Corps' core values
The Parris Island Boot - 12.14.2012

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Kilo Company recruits sight in, Kilo navigates through training
The Parris Island Boot - 12.06.2012

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Fox Company Pulls Through, Fox Stomps Training, November Reaches Peak
The Parris Island Boot - 11.30.2012

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Bravo perfects performance, First Lady of the Marine Corps reading list available at Depot Library, Bravo starts together, finishes together, Bravo brings bullets, Bravo Company breathes easy
The Parris Island Boot - 11.21.2012

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Papa Company tests combat readiness, India Company recruits conduct security patrol
The Parris Island Boot - 11.16.2012

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Marines of Echo Company born on Corps' Birthday, Echo bands together, gains confidence
The Parris Island Boot - 11.09.2012

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Gen. James f. Amos' 237th Marine Corps birthday message, Parris Island hosts Marine Corps birthday pageant, Alpha shoots down training
The Parris Island Boot - 11.02.2012

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Mike Company fires away, Mike breezes through Confidence Course, Mike's first 24 hours
The Parris Island Boot - 10.26.2012

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Swamp Romp success, Recruits register to donate bone marrow, Depot to conduct antiterrorism exercise
The Parris Island Boot - 10.19.2012

231 hits


Hotel, November recruits crawl to finish line, Hotel Company: Transformation complete, Hotel fires away
The Parris Island Boot - 10.12.2012

217 hits


Delta Company recruits get down, dirty; Delta defeats final challenge: the Crucible; Delta's first night
The Parris Island Boot - 10.05.2012

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Papa Company's Crucible no day at beach, Recruit breaks his legs, but not his spirit, Recruit beats cancer
The Parris Island Boot - 09.28.2012

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Sergeant Major of Marine Corps visits depot for drill instructor graduation, Parris Island band performs for military appreciation
The Parris Island Boot - 09.14.2012

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Recent Parris Island graduate drowns, Iraqi national joins Corps, Mess hall wins Marine Corpswide award
The Parris Island Boot - 09.06.2012

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Confidence Builder, Kilo Kills Crucible, Recruits Fuel Up For Fight
The Parris Island Boot - 08.30.2012

2,359 hits


First to Strike: Fox Fights Through Endurance Course, Marine Overcomes Fear of Water, Earns Marine Corps Emblem, Fox Company Battles Obstacle Course
The Parris Island Boot - 08.23.2012

2,438 hits


Bravo Becomes Basic Warriors, Bravo Company Uses High-Tech Tool to Train, Bravo Company Relies on Teamwork, Completes Combat Endurance Course
The Parris Island Boot - 08.17.2012

777 hits


India, Papa Company Take Final Step to The Title, Parris Island Rookie Shooter Wins National Pistol Title, India, Papa Hold Their Breath for Graduation
The Parris Island Boot - 08.03.2012

510 hits


Echo, Oscar Attack Fear of Heights, Oscar and Echo Inhale Victory After Gas Chamber, Oscar Embraces Physical Endurance
The Parris Island Boot - 07.27.2012

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Corporal's Course to be Mandatory, Acupuncture for Pain at PI, New Marine Becomes U.S. Citizen
The Parris Island Boot - 07.19.2012

657 hits


Alpha plots way through land navigation; Alpha meets their drill instructors; Recruits run initial strength test
The Parris Island Boot - 07.13.2012

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Mike, November Companies Earn The Title, Marine Trades Scholarship for Leadership, Marine Joins for Fallen Friend
The Parris Island Boot - 07.06.2012

829 hits


Celebrating Independence Day, CMC to leaders: Make ethics training a priority, Parris Island museum recertified
The Parris Island Boot - 06.29.2012

371 hits


Hotel Company's Crucible, Marine Joins to Support Family, Hotel Company Throws Down, Depot to hold July Fourth blast
The Parris Island Boot - 06.22.2012

1,499 hits


Delta, Papa Companies sight in; papa Company tests its bonds; Delta Company takes the plunge
The Parris Island Boot - 06.15.2012

825 hits


Back on the block, Depot prepares for hurricane, Depot to celebrate Independence Day, Parris Island food court wins national award
The Parris Island Boot - 06.15.2012

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Back on the block, Depot prepares for hurricane, Depot to celebrate Independence Day, Parris Island food court wins national award
The Parris Island Boot - 05.19.2012

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On 19 May, 2012, U.S. Marine spouses participate in Spouse Warrior Day, an annual event held aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. During Spouse Warrior Day, spouses participate in several events throughout the depot including;... more
The Parris Island Boot - 05.19.2012

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U.S. Marines with the Parris Island Marine Band, Headquarters and service battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, participates in the Strawberry Festival Parade, Buckhannon, W.V., May 19, 2012. The Strawberry Festival is an annual... more
The Parris Island Boot - 05.18.2012

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Wounded warrior still in the fight; Chaplains and the power of faith; Ribaut monument celebrates 450th year
The Parris Island Boot - 05.11.2012

1,201 hits


Kilo Company faces obstacles one last time before Crucible; November takes fight to Octagon; Kilo Company sends rounds down range
The Parris Island Boot - 05.04.2012

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Fox Company pulls together, finishes the job, Fox Company recruits complete Basic Warrior Training, Data network Marine an expert in her domain
The Parris Island Boot - 04.27.2012

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Commandant comes aboard, Parris Island Band performs at USS Laffey's 67 year anniversary, DStress Corps offers new counseling service
The Parris Island Boot - 04.20.2012

826 hits


Bravo Company Takes to Grinder at Initial Drill, Bravo Company Finds Its Way Through Darkness, Bravo Claims Title
The Parris Island Boot - 04.13.2012

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India Company, Quiet moments of boot camp: Senior square-away time, India Company breathes easy
The Parris Island Boot - 04.06.2012

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Echo Company Climbs To The Top, From Portugal to Parris Island: One Marine's Unique Journey, Echo Learns Value of Fitness
The Parris Island Boot - 03.30.2012

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Down to the wire: Oscar Company completes Crucible, Recruits splash into training, Oscar reaches new heights
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