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The Parris Island Boot
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Public Affairs office aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. Responsible for publishing a weekly newspaper that keeps the depot and families of recruits informed.

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The Parris Island Boot - 03.27.2012

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DD 2537
The Parris Island Boot - 03.16.2012

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Battle Color Detachment performs at Parris Island; Depot hobby shop opens; Marines, Corpsmen build bonds at Parris Island
The Parris Island Boot - 03.09.2012

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Mike, November take on Crucible, Mike Co. meets their drill instructors, Cancer patient graduates training in hopes of inspiring others
The Parris Island Boot - 03.02.2012

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Hotel prepares for training, Hotel heats up firing line at range,Ukrainian takes hard road, becomes Marine.
The Parris Island Boot - 02.24.2012

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Welcome to Parris Island: Delta, Papa Companies recall first night as recruits; Sepcialist trades rank for title Marine; Professor gives up teaching for title; Chaplains help keep the faith during training
The Parris Island Boot - 02.17.2012

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Female Marines move closer to combat; New message enforces old rules: hazing not tolerated in Corps; Female Marines celebrate 69 years
The Parris Island Boot - 02.10.2012

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Lima Co. recruits walk their post; Recruit forgoes commission, enlists;Officer candidate recruiters meet
The Parris Island Boot - 02.03.2012

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Golf, Oscar complete Crucible to earn EGA; Marine starts life of her dreams; Say goodbye to 'BCGs'
The Parris Island Boot - 01.20.2012

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Charlie stands firm during final drill, Appalachian hiker summits training, Daughter of former CG graduates training
The Parris Island Boot - 01.13.2012

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Kilo takes first steps in right direction; November Company sharpens combat marksmanship skills; Parris Island EMT earns his EGA
The Parris Island Boot - 01.06.2012

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Fox fights through the Day Movement Course; Recruit trades keyboard for rifle; Montford Point marines visit depot for first time
The Parris Island Boot - 12.15.2011

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Papa storms the sands of Battle of Mariana Island; Bravo saves their own during Crucible event; Depot icon retires after 38 years
The Parris Island Boot - 12.08.2011

229 hits


India pushes through the Crucible; Aussie earns EGA; India trains as warriors during BTW
The Parris Island Boot - 12.01.2011

359 hits


Echo Company battles in the Octagon; Oscar traverses crossing; Echo attacks final PFT; Army green to Marine mean
The Parris Island Boot - 11.25.2011

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Alpha reaches the top, Two brothers, one goal, More than just a statue
The Parris Island Boot - 11.18.2011

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Mike storms through Hue City, Honor grad leads with gentle touch, Museum keeps history alive, Recruits receive extra special EGA ceremony
The Parris Island Boot - 11.10.2011

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The dog, the myth, he is Legend; New language program available; Honor bracelets authorized in uniform
The Parris Island Boot - 11.04.2011

941 hits


Papa Company endures the Crucible, Parris Island gets bug sprayed, Depot hosts Fall Festival, Parris Island Marines volunteer to help wounded warriors,
The Parris Island Boot - 10.27.2011

583 hits


Lowcountry welcomes wounded warriors on the hunt; November commemorates Native American Marines; Navy ball honors past, celebrates present; Alphas through Deltas: Phase 2 clothing
The Parris Island Boot - 10.21.2011

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Parris Island man trains to swim across Mississippi River shackled and blindfolded, former submarine maker earns Eagle, Globe and Anchor, The Crucible tests Lima Company recruits.
The Parris Island Boot - 10.21.2011

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Blind, shackled and 'unstoppable'; From submarine to full Marine, Lima faces toughest event in training
The Parris Island Boot - 10.14.2011

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New Parris Island mascot starts training, Exemplary Marine takes on duties as heavy hat
The Parris Island Boot - 10.07.2011

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From marching band to marchin cadence: former band director earns EGA; Annual test no longer necessary; MPs train for deployment on PI
The Parris Island Boot - 09.30.2011

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Sept. 30 edition of The Parris Island Boot
The Parris Island Boot - 09.22.2011

1,265 hits


DI School graduates Corps' newest drill instructor, 1st Bn. mess hall goes green with new A/C unit, What it takes to be Honor Platoon
The Parris Island Boot - 09.15.2011

1,096 hits


Karate instructor drop kicks training, Hero Tree honors service members, New rules for Intramural Rifle/Pistol Competition
The Parris Island Boot - 09.09.2011

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Beaufort waterfront hosts remembrance; Marines recall 9/11 attack on Pentagon; Sept. 11 10 years later: How the Corps answered the nathion's call for a force in readiness; Bravo honor grad motivated by 9/11; Rifle scopes produce more experts;... more
The Parris Island Boot - 09.02.2011

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Former volunteer firefighter now a Marine; H&S Marines take on Page Field obstacles; Faces of Parris Island: Sgt. Dwight Whitaker; India grads ready for battle
The Parris Island Boot - 08.26.2011

1,037 hits


Female recruits fight to become warriors; Honor grad rises above challenge; Marines earn instructor tab
The Parris Island Boot - 08.19.2011

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Living Marine to be presented Medal of Honor; Service limitations change for sergeants; Corps freezes BAH for sergeants and below
The Parris Island Boot - 08.12.2011

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Parris Island Marine Band marches on in Ohio; President Obama announces workforce initiatives; Ceremony honors wounded veterans
The Parris Island Boot - 08.05.2011

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- Citadel graduate joins enlisted ranks - Navy's general counsel witnesses recruit training - Depot Marine named honor grad of Corporals Course
The Parris Island Boot - 07.29.2011

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- Hotel takes a breather at the gas chamber - Foreign soldiers attend DI School - Firefighters conduct marsh rescue training - MCFTB hosts L.I.N.K.S. for "Tweens"
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