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The Ali Times is the unit publication of the 407th Air Expeditionary Group and is published weekly. Ali Base is a located near the town of An Nasiriyah, and is home to the 407th Air Expeditionary Group, and is the U.S. Air Force's only major airfield in southern Iraq. The 407th AEG Public Affairs Office can be reached at DSN 318-445-2318 or e-mail

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Ali Times - 12.22.2006

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'Tis the season for service before self; Our military mission — Gift of Freedom; There are ways to minimize the holiday blues; Ali's Got Talent Show rocks the Big Top; OSS clobbers Comm 47-16 in championship game; Military housing rates boosted... more
Ali Times - 12.08.2006

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Teamwork, opportunities paying off; Being prepared improves survivability; Ali, Iraqi firefighters to help each other; Tops in Blue entertains Ali Airmen; Airfield procedures in place for your safety; Movies and more...
Ali Times - 12.01.2006

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Is fitness training 'weighing' you down?; Coalition forces display heavy metal; Insurance companies to pay back GIs for deception; Ali Airmen battle in Sports Day competition
Ali Times - 11.17.2006

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Ali Airmen highlight General's visit; Election Days past, present signal our rights of freedom; 332 AEW Commander tours Bedrock, Group; Fallen Airman honored at Ali memorial service; Failure in Iraq would affect region, world; 407 AEG Warrior of... more
Ali Times - 11.10.2006

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What does it mean to be a veteran; Commander pauses to say 'thank you' for service; Veterans Day brings reflection of service to country; Ali Airmen celebrates Halloween with Luau...
Ali Times - 11.03.2006

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Why did I volunteer to come; Ali organization donates gift to local fireman; U.S. Air Force's top fugitive in custody; 19-year-old Airman earns CCAF degree in 9 months; New I.D. cards more secure than earlier versions...
Ali Times - 10.27.2006

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Few experiences more rewarding than teamwork; ELRS Commander says 'Bring It On'; Good leaders are good followers; Ali Base remembers fallen Airman; Bush says U.S. security depends on victory in Iraq
Ali Times - 10.20.2006

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Making a difference at home; Where's my mail: Nothing is more important to morale; Do you have what it takes to be an NCO?; RAMS: Saving lives outside the wire; Two new programs guide enlisted force shaping; DOD to resume anthrax vaccinations.
Ali Times - 10.13.2006

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There are many kinds of professional development; Leadership means to inspire people; Unit fitness one pushup at a time; New weapon makes job of munitions specialists a 'snap'; First woman Thunderbird pilot proud to serve; Warrior of the Week...
Ali Times - 10.06.2006

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Airmen continue to accomplish mission; Great organizations have great leadership; Deputy Combined Forces Air Component Commander tours Ali; Annual Combined Federal Campaign kicks off; Some Airmen can carry over 'use or lose' leave; Air Force... more
Ali Times - 09.29.2006

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Most important element of safety is you; Prime Minister visits Ali Base; Airmen need to act fast when identities are stolen; Nutrition and weight management – It's a matter of balance
Ali Times - 09.22.2006

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Let's get ready to rumble; Why integrity matters; What did I do to deserve this opportunity?; Combined engineer team restores power; Secretary, Chief send birthday message; Firerfighter hopes for quiet day during AF birthday...
Ali Times - 09.15.2006

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Legacy continues with focus; Cherishing the Present - Making a Difference!; What story will you tell?; "Women of Professional Concept" meet at Ali; 407 AEG holds Dining-In; AF's largest rescue squadron now in Iraq; Warrior of the Week...
Ali Times - 09.01.2006

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Col. Orr Says Good-bye to Ali Family; The pressure is off right??; Ali NCC sets example for AOR; Combat Shooting Competition; Ali Sports...
Ali Times - 08.25.2006

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American Flag over Bedrock, Increasing your circle of influence, Innovative mix improves Ali EMS, Dining-In history, Ali Olympic Games spark camaraderie among coalition forces, Truck Show, Ali Sports, Movies and more,
Ali Times - 08.18.2006

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Ali Warriors--Mission and People, Airmen live out dreams, Hearts Apart Story Time, Power Pro checks MAAS on Ali's barriers, LINES Combatives, AF captures All-Star softball championship, Ali Sports, Movies and more.
Ali Times - 08.11.2006

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Highlighting Extraordinary Ali Warriors; You've Got that Right; 407th AEG reinforces base safety; 332d AEW Commander and Command Chief visit Ali Base; MPs protect and serve at Ali Base; Night at Apollo "Raises the Roof"; Ali Sports; Movies and... more
Ali Times - 08.04.2006

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Commander's Call; Our Base Defense; Firefighters in Action; Air Traffic Control; Then and Now, Vietnam Vets deploy to Iraq; This Old Tent; Ali Sports; NCO Retraining Program...
Ali Times - 07.21.2006

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American Courage; Trust; Defenders Report; Ziggurat Clean Up; AFOSI; Comrades; Band of Brothers; Ali Sports; From the CPIC; Movies and more...
Ali Times - 07.14.2006

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Complacency, Fighting the 'funk', RAM squad, Telephone service, Top in Blue,From the CPIC, AGE, Serving with dignity, A glimpse of history, Movies and more, Let's sustain the pace
Ali Times - 07.07.2006

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Professional Airmen; 'Communication�; CENTAF CC; Mission ends; Rapid Runway repair; Promotees; Change of Command; Infrastructure; Self-help; Independence Day...
Ali Times - 06.30.2006

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Independence Day; 'Teamwork�; Commander's Call; Big Crane; Keeping track of it; Remembering Khobar; Around Iraq; Keeping cool; Chapel corner; Looking for losers; Blind volleyball...
Ali Times - 06.23.2006

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Personal sacrifice today ' enduring impact tomorrow; Leadership and developing new Airmen; Air Force fueled by quality of Airmen; Changing of the guard; 'Repo team'; Ali firefighter works with nonprofit orgs, obtains safer upgrade to Kevlar... more
Ali Times - 06.16.2006

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Are you a Sergeant ... or an NCO?, Wingmen take care of each other, but they also must take care of themselves, Exercise Exercise Exercise Ali Airmen sharpen up warfighting skills with daylong evaluation, Temper Tent Teardown, Sixteen Ali... more
Ali Times - 06.14.2006

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"The Heat is On", Col. Orr talks about this week's successes, Master Sgt. Marshall discusses Total Force, Photos of Ali Base's first formal retreat, ELRS fills deuce and a half with trash from around base, Last assigned Air Force flying unit... more
Ali Times - 06.02.2006

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Lt. Gen. Gary North, CENTAF/CC offers advice:,Making decisions easy, TSP/SDP opportunities, Commander's calls, A moment to remember, Restoring connectivity, Whatever the weather, Making a mark, Tournaments. Who got promoted?, Warrior of the Week... more
Ali Times - 05.26.2006

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CC: Identify your role in the mission 'make a difference, Search and destroy mission, CEM: Accountability is the watchword, CSAs on front line of computer assistance, MND-B and Iraqi leaders meet to discuss future of Iraqi security, 407th ESFS... more
Ali Times - 05.19.2006

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Be ready for change; Looking forward to great rotation; Deployment time seems over in a blink of an eye; Wing refines dress, appearance guidance; Firefighters respond to blazes; From the CPIC; Center-contractor partnership benefits warfighter;... more
Ali Times - 05.12.2006

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Courage to donate; 407th AEG gets new commander; 407th AEG holds Dining In; Ali Base celebrates Unit Sports Day, Cinco de Mayo; Mother's Day Messages from Iraq; Extreme volunteerism is not only for those in uniform; Numbness, tingling or pain in... more
Ali Times - 05.05.2006

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Team Ali...AEF Champions; Connecting the world one wire at a time; On this day: Air Force History and Heritage; Safety tips to make transition smooth; Chief McKinley selected as 15th CMSAF; Network passwords soon will be a thing of the past;... more
Ali Times - 04.28.2006

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'Trusting NCO leadership�, Fallen Airman Memorial, HVAC feature, Amnesty boxes, Barrier certification, Leishmaniasis explained, Chapel article, Around Ali Base, Warrior of the Week, ...
Ali Times - 04.21.2006

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'Can do attitude�, Boston Marathon-Iraq, Maintaining focus, Easter at Ur, Vehicle maintenance, Medical issues, Around Ali Base, Charlie Daniels Band, Chapel article, ...
Ali Times - 04.14.2006

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Lead your leaders; 407th AEG conducts successful exercise; Wing CCM visit; PERSCO: Making it easier to redeploy home; Inventorying the supplies; RAMS provides quick reaction rescue capability to remote locations; RAMS team exercises skills;... more
Ali Times - 04.07.2006

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A chance of a lifetime; Air traffic controllers responsible for one third of Iraqi airspace; 407th AEG/CC presents Monthly Awards; DOD working to prevent sexual assaults; Drink More Water: 10 Tips to Prevent Dehydration; Security Forces take on... more
Ali Times - 03.31.2006

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Air National Guard 101; 407th AEG/CC gives thanks at commander's call; Safety office provides tips for dealing with hot weather; My testimony on how to be debt free; Does karaoke bring out the best in people?; Ali Base holds March Madness 4-on-4... more
Ali Times - 03.24.2006

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Call it like you see it, CFACC shares vision for future force, 'Protect and Connect', New laundry facility going up in Bedrock, 407th AEG celebrates St. Patrick's Day, Airman Battle Uniform finalized, ready for production, With hope we can... more
Ali Times - 03.17.2006

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Education: Time well spent; Going home...always on my mind; Bravo Flight -- Taking the fight to the enemy; Just another day in Echo; Air Force places 2nd in base Softball Tournament; Firefighters battle tire fire in the burnpit; The Season of... more
Ali Times - 03.10.2006

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The halfway mark is upon us; U.S. Central Command Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Gary North visits Ali Base, Iraq; Power Plant -- light up my life; The Mid-Tour Complacency Virus is here; Civil Engineers string razor wire on flight line; Penguin... more
Ali Times - 03.03.2006

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Blowing things up is really awesome, Fill her up please and will you get the windshield, Rotating in for six months securing the area, Bird flu - fact and fiction, The Last Great Race Begins, ...
Ali Times - 02.24.2006

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Where is the Love?; Ali Base gets visit from Wing commander; Force Protection keeps an eye out; 777th outta here - destination Kuwait; Civil Engineers lay the groundwork; Don't just mark time--improve yourself; Customs and Courtesies - the... more
Ali Times - 02.17.2006

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'Opportunity� Iraqi Freedom; Dad pack your bags we're going to Iraq; Combat Life Saving Skills Knowlege; Be a good Wingman; Changing of the Guard; Serving All -- Service Before Self; Customs and Courtesies; Comfort Zone Library offers many... more
Ali Times - 02.10.2006

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02.10.2006 Ali Base; Muddy boots...please go away; Get the FOD Out!; Moseley discusses uniform changes; 3 Point Shootout ends peacefully; Trust and Trustworthiness; Customs and Courtesies; Exercise, exercise, exercise; Super Bowl Monday... more
Ali Times - 02.03.2006

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Team Ali...Proud to be on it!; The convoy must go off without a hitch; There flys our friends, the brave ones; Slip sliding away...into the mud; Between you and the enemy...Alpha Flight; Maintaining a healthy lifestyle; Do you know who your 1st... more
Ali Times - 01.27.2006

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Mindset and Attitude Equals Success; Take advantage of lifes opportunities; Security Forces Squadron Brave Flight; History of the Ziggurat; Tips offered for tax season; The future of security forces in combat; Security forces transformation;... more
Ali Times - 01.20.2006

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Safety is Not our #1 Priority; An Iraqi famly's faith in America; Prepare for success; Keep your eyes open; Getting the job done; How to get a self-help project off the ground; From the CPIC; 407th AEG Warrior of the Week...
Ali Times - 01.13.2006

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More OIF success to follow, AEF 9/10 begins with new commander at Ali Base; You have a story too; What happened here is unforgettable, and there's a reason why; Let's get physical; Squadron Olympics; 407th AEG Warrior of the Week;
Ali Times - 01.06.2006

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Ali Base AEF 7/8 ends rotation with AOR leading accomplishments!; He brought a band (but could have flown solo); Nurturing the future, grooming Airmen for success; From the CPIC; Give and take, teach and learn: building an Iraqi air foce; The... more
Ali Times - 12.30.2005

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Waterlogged base, 407th ECES to the rescue; Hot wired; No matter how small, every part counts in the Air Force puzzle; Passenger planes, warbirds, share same box: Airmen in control; Together from the start, two LT's rise together; Working... more
Ali Times - 12.23.2005

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Different isn't so bad; Only words without the right attitude; Christmas in the desert; SECAF inspires, rejuvenates hundreds: offers pride in deployed Airmen, Iraqi's, jointness; guardians of the night; Glimpses of the future: SECAF visits Ali... more
Ali Times - 12.16.2005

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Out and about: PERSCO; Air Force leaders send holiday message; Greetings from the chief; The mystery of Christmas; Simple word, complex task; Air Force declares F-22A operational; Holiday Greetings; Test, repair and fly; 407th AEG Warrior of the... more
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