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Rakkasan Review
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Official publication of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and is assisted by the 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.

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Rakkasan Review - 12.16.2011

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626th BSB Host Logistics Ball; Holiday Greeting from RAK 7; Spotlight on Retention; Daughters of Rakkasans; Chaplains Support Rakkasans;Safety
Rakkasan Review - 12.02.2011

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Rakkasans March in Veteran’s Day Parade; Iron visits Liberty Elementary; Rakkasans Become U.S. Citizens; Raktoberfest FRSA; Safety
Rakkasan Review - 11.30.2011

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Rakkasans March in Veteran’s Day Parade; Iron visits Liberty Elementary;Rakkasans Become U.S. Citizens; Raktoberfest; FRSA; Safety
Rakkasan Review - 09.25.2010

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Halfway Through, Fighting to Stay in Shape, Fiber Team, FOB Waza Kwah, White Platoon, Cargo Management Team, Greetings From Home, FTF Air Assaults into Bak, LCLA Supplies from the skies, Recovering the unrecoverable vehicle, Smoker at Sharana
Rakkasan Review - 06.25.2010

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RAK 6 Remarks; Chapel Chat; Stuck on Safety; Memorials; The First 100 Days; A Day in the Life of a Military Working Dog; PFC Cody Anderson; Feature - COP Spera; 626 Supplying the Fight; 3STB Delivering Humanitarian Aid; Soldiers Recognized for... more
Rakkasan Review - 10.01.2008

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Gen. Odierno visits the Rakkasan area of operations Rakkasans hand over more patrol bases
Rakkasan Review - 09.01.2008

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More patrol bases transition to IA control Singer Avant entertains troops (back cover)
Rakkasan Review - 08.01.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 07.10.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 06.01.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 05.01.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 04.01.2008

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Sgt. Maj. of the Army Preston visits the Rakkasans
Rakkasan Review - 03.01.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 02.01.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 01.01.2008

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Rakkasan Review - 12.01.2007

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Rakkasan Review - 08.21.2006

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Rakkasans Hand Over FOB Remagen, Secruring the future Iraqi Economy, Medics Join Sappers on PB Razor, Engineers in the Heart of Samarra, FUEL, Tikrit University Benefits from Civil Affairs Projects, local investors helping economy in iraq,... more
Rakkasan Review - 05.30.2006

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Medics Give Help in the Heart of Samarra; rakkasans move through the night; RAZOR MEDICS; Commanders Speak to the People of Tikrit; IA PATROLS; Iron and IA Medics Reach Out to Citizens of Samarra;MNC-I CSM visits hunters; Asian-Pacific Month Ends... more
Rakkasan Review - 05.10.2006

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Swift Sword Nets Insurgents and Weapons; C Troop Makes a Difference in Sadr City; Iraqi Security Forces Conduct Independent Operation; Sixty-Three Iraqis Earn Right To Join IP; war rakkasans bring fight to insurgents while in Baghdad; Rakkasans... more
Rakkasan Review - 03.29.2006

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OPERATION SWARMER; Salah Ad Din Key to a Prosperous Iraq; IA Takes Larger Role in Security of Iraq; leader mortar men fight for top gun; Rakkasan Keeps Fellow Soldiers Safe With Technology; IA Medics Give Back to the Community...
Rakkasan Review - 02.26.2006

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IA Assumes Larger Role in Tikrit Security; Hope in the midst of disaster; Golden Mosque; Rakkasans Train and Support Iraqis on Infrastructure Security; Leader Rakkasan Awarded Purple Heart; Rakkasans Put Control of Iraq Back in Hands of Iraqis;... more
Rakkasan Review - 02.04.2006

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Rakkasan Medic Makes House Calls; Red Knights Discuss Role in Elections; IA Key To Self Governing Iraq; Hunters train IA medics; Apache Teams With IA on Air Assault; Putting a Price on Integrity; Rakkasans Detain Two of Samarra's Most Wanted:... more
Rakkasan Review - 01.15.2006

528 hits


Bulldogs Uncover Massive Cache; Keeping the Insurgents Out of Saniyah, Saliah; Rakkasans Assume Command in Tikrit; Iraqi Officials Denounce Insurgency; Insurgents Brought to Justice; Iraqi Army and Rakkasans Uncover Cache; k-9 soldiers join the... more
Rakkasan Review - 12.19.2005

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Voting in AO Rakkasan a success; Rakkasans, Iraqi Police working toward security; Red Knights change leadership, not mission; Iraq casts vote for the future; Team from Germany makes Summerall Soldiers safer; Safety tips for living in a CHU...
Rakkasan Review - 11.30.2005

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War Rakkasans start Thanksgiving with Air Assault; Air Assault mission takes down terrorist stronghold; rakkasans pave the way to freedom in Bayji; Weapons cache found in cemetary; Al-Fatah key to rebuilding Iraq's economy; Rakkasans and the city... more
Rakkasan Review - 11.10.2005

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Red Knights help Ad Dujayl rebuild; O'Ryan becomes Red Knight territory; Brothers on and off the battlefield; Another day, another patrol; Leader Rakkasans take control in Bayji; Ad Dujayl looks to the future; Iraqi Army and US strive for a free... more
Rakkasan Review - 10.10.2005

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Rakkasans return to Iraq; Rak 6 notes; Chaplain's Corner; 1-33 Calvary mounts up in Iraq; Convoy training; Kuwait to Iraq; Assurgam!; True story: true Soldier
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