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The Ready First Report
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The Ready First Report is the quartly newsletter serving the Soldiers and Famlies of 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division

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The Ready First Report - 03.22.2011

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Published for the 1st SBCT, 1st AD.
The Ready First Report - 09.28.2010

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9/11 Memorial Re-dedication, 1-30th Inf. HA drops, school opening
The Ready First Report - 09.27.2010

114 hits


Tops in Blue
The Ready First Report - 07.16.2010

91 hits


Standard set for Iraqi medic training, improving roads, 1st AD CSM visits 'Ready First'
The Ready First Report - 05.01.2010

147 hits


Searching for weapons, protecting a city SoI recieve medical attention
The Ready First Report - 04.23.2010

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Searching for weapons, protecting a city SOI recieve medical attention Air assault builds confidence in commandos 2/3rd FA named flag football champions Fight night in Kirkuk 6/1st Cav. awarded for accomplishments
The Ready First Report - 03.27.2010

308 hits


Command Post of the Future; Brotherhood of the 'Golden Lions'; Saving lives: with flashlights; Iraq's most senior enlisted visits Warriors; Young Soldier excels in motorpool; Day in the life of a 'Gator'; The Re-enlistment house; Priest makes FOB... more
The Ready First Report - 02.28.2010

312 hits


Ready First leaders discuss security with IP; Coming Together for Kirkuk; Female officer has wings; Soldiers live, work, train with IA partners; Self-destructing coin, motivates Soldiers; A hero to fellow Soldiers; Soldier learns foreign... more
The Ready First Report - 01.01.2010

532 hits


Spotlight on Outstanding Soldiers; IP 88th Birthday; IA, 'Dragons' discover weapon cache; Training IA, IP on weapons and patrols; Combat Patch Ceremony
The Ready First Report - 12.30.2009

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Sharing the partners; Uncasing of Colors; Quick to make partnerships; Harlem Globetrotters; Communication: Key for Soldiers; Operation "Lion/Dragon" Hunt; A mark in Ready First History; Preventing Domestic Violence; SecDef visits FOB Warrior; The... more
The Ready First Report - 09.23.2009

259 hits


Iron Soldiers, New Iron Pride; Ready First begins training; Campbell meets with Swift; Spartans prepare for deployment; The Ready First Soldiers Around Post; Move to Social Networking
The Ready First Report - 07.20.2009

323 hits


Col. Swift takes Command; Provider Sergeants Enter NCO Corps; Troopers Qualify at Bradley Training; 1-36 'Spartans' Set Post Wide Standards for Re-Enlistment; 'Bandit' Battalion Welcomes Lt. Col. Catlett as Commander; 1/1 Soldiers Serve El Paso;... more
The Ready First Report - 04.22.2009

175 hits


Culinary Champions; Ft. Bliss Boxing Victory; Ft. Hood Visits 501st; Providers PIE Still Going Strong; Victory at Mock Village; Women's History;
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