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Vanguard Point, The
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The VANGUARD POINT is produced in the interest of the servicemembers of the 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division.

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Vanguard Point, The - 12.30.2007

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Vanguard BCT rings in the holidays; Scouts hunt enemy mortar team in Shaka IV; Troopers push against al-Qaeda remnants; UAVs provide eye in the sky for Kalsu units; The nose knows: Military working dogs in action
Vanguard Point, The - 12.31.2005

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Special Year In Review Issue: Brigade shines throughout the deployment; Keep your focus while on point; Returning to family life after military deployment; Soldiers make extra effort to help Iraqi man; Soldier honored with patch while recovering... more
Vanguard Point, The - 11.25.2005

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Vanguard 7 sends ...; through a soldIer's eyes ...; Chaplain's corner ...; Late night supply runs keep battalions stocked; Soldiers embrace love of music even while deployed; Cleaning up trash piles bring Iraqi kids' smiles; ISF paint a new... more
Vanguard Point, The - 10.30.2005

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Vanguard 6 sends ...Hard work of Soldiers, ISF set conditions for Iraqis to vote; Vanguard 7 asks: 'Are you staying the course?'; Chaplain's corner ...Keeping the home front alive while deployed; Soldiers, donations help children chase soccer... more
Vanguard Point, The - 09.01.2005

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Vanguard 7 sends: stay focused on the mission!; Chaplain's corner ...Passion and purpose will aid in maximizing your potential; The deployment mustache: friend or foe?; Preston visits Vanguard Soldiers; Soldiers remember sacrifices of 9-11;... more
Vanguard Point, The - 08.28.2005

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Chaplain's corner ... 'A Remedy for the Blues'; Vanguard 7 sends: Keep up the hard work; Cook spices up deployment for hungry Soldiers; ICE makes electricity improvements in Jihad; Iraqi Security Forces partner up with U.S. Soldiers bring... more
Vanguard Point, The - 08.14.2005

284 hits


Chaplain's Corner: Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right - the right way, 'Red Devils' keep IZ running, Baghdad neighborhood shows signs of recovery, Taking control of their country: one patrol at a time, Operation Thunder bags bad guys, brings beaucoup... more
Vanguard Point, The - 07.28.2005

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To the Point: Voices and viewpoints from around the brigade; Around the Point: Stories from around the Brigade; Chaplain's Corner; Rebuilding Iraq, 1 stitch at a time; Soldiers school teachers on First Aid basics; New soccer equipment,... more
Vanguard Point, The - 07.14.2005

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To the Point: Voices and viewpoints from around the brigade; Around the Point: Stories from around the Brigade; 'Five Cs' simplify fight against IEDs; 1-76 FA celebrates first year; 'Defenders of Baghdad' go from training to mission ready;... more
Vanguard Point, The - 06.30.2005

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To the Point: Voices and viewpoints from around the brigade; Around the Point: Stories from around the Brigade; To The Point: voices and viewpoints from around the brigade; Chaplain's Corner; Soldier's use cordon and search to gain information;... more
Vanguard Point, The - 06.09.2005

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Chaplain's Corner; Vets lead multi-faceted attack on parasites; '5-25' Campaign raises bar for IED awareness; 4th BCT celebrates 1st year; Soldiers gather to share grief, remember joy Soldier brought; Patriots remember three patriots; Taking the... more
Vanguard Point, The - 05.26.2005

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To the Point: Voices and viewpoints from around the brigade; Around the Point: Stories from around the brigade; Vanguard 6 Sends; Chaplain's Corner: Walking with God promotes good spiritual health; A road better paved is a road better traveled;... more
Vanguard Point, The - 05.12.2005

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Three months in and getting better everyday; Chaplain's Corner; EOD saves lives by blowing things up; Soldiers shepherd sheep to needy families; Mapping the battlefield; Australian, U.S. Soldiers remember ANZAC Day; Army Chief of Staff visits... more
Vanguard Point, The - 04.28.2005

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Inside The Point; Chaplain's Corner; What happens when it just keeps getting worse; Buster's Baghdad; Tempest sweeps through Al Dora; Maintaining the time away; 6-8 Cav. begins training 'Defenders of the Green Zone'; 'Damn fine Soldier'... more
Vanguard Point, The - 04.15.2005

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Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith: A real Soldier's Soldier; Chaplain's Corner: It's more than being in charge; On the road again: Soldiers find convoy escort rewarding; Extra training helps medics prepare for worst; President presents first Medal of... more
Vanguard Point, The - 03.31.2005

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Tusker 6: TF working in many areas; Despite dangers, scores show up to be Iraqi Policemen; Women's History Month; MPs remember fallen comrade; Chaplain's Corner; Operation brings aid to locals...
Vanguard Point, The - 03.17.2005

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Moving toward the future; Chaplain's Corner; Preparing Iraq's future; The doctor is in; Rockets, not Nazis, spur Operation Casablanca; 6/8 Cav. patrol cuts truckload of terror off at the pass...
Vanguard Point, The - 03.11.2005

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Gone but never forgotten; Vanguard 6 Sends; Closing the distance: Finding ways to be a positive influence on your family; 4th Brigade to build on 1st Cav's hard work; Helping with the 3 Rs; Cleaning up the Abu Dasher neighborhood...
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