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Warhorse Rider - 08.01.2009

489 hits


OIF 08-10: A year in photos; Warhorse Sends: Redeployment Message
Warhorse Rider - 07.02.2009

388 hits


1-10 CAV works with Iraqis to strengthen border security; Warhorse Sends: Warhorse Brigade Update; Warhorse commander meets with sheikhs in Basra; Economic crisis no burden to some U.S. Soldiers
Warhorse Rider - 06.11.2009

394 hits


1-67 AR fades into the back in Mosul; STB Soldiers win BCT NCO, Soldier of the Quarter board; IA Soldiers, 2-8 IN attend commando training
Warhorse Rider - 05.14.2009

516 hits


Warhorse Brigade moves to Basra; Warhorse Brigade assumes command of Basra; 1-67 AR, 2nd IA conduct aid drop
Warhorse Rider - 04.05.2009

404 hits


2-8 IN uses the 'skies' to save lives; Iraqi Security Forces take helm of JSS 2 in Diwaniya; 1-10 CAV patrols streets of Tunis
Warhorse Rider - 03.03.2009

352 hits


MedOp, training brighten future for Iraqi children; Pooling global intelligence for local fight; Roughriders move from Kalsu to Echo
Warhorse Rider - 02.01.2009

349 hits


204th clerks keep vehicles in the fight; 2nd STB Soldiers keep TUAVs flying; 1-67 provides security through SoI Partnerships
Warhorse Rider - 01.01.2009

487 hits


Warhorse Brigade builds relationships with Iraqi people; Father, son spend holidays together in Iraq; 1-10th Cav. Regt. sets stage for move to Hillah; 3-16 Soldier balances family with job, deployment; Army brings two STB Soldiers together; 2-8... more
Warhorse Rider - 12.01.2008

196 hits


Soldiers, Iraqi army conduct aviation training; Najaf's new airport to change the face of holy city; Workplace or dance floor, Sgt. Dunham has got moves;
Warhorse Rider - 10.01.2008

512 hits


Brigade uncases its colors at Echo; 3-16 explores quality of life at FOB Adder; Buffalo Soldiers work hard to improve FOB Summers
Warhorse Rider - 09.30.2008

715 hits


Death Dealers Prepare For Full Spec. Ops; Home away from home: Warhorse Soldiers enjoy quality of life at Camp Echo; 204th BSB creatively sets up shops in Kalsu, Camp Echo; Warhorse Brigade comes to Iraq
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