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News: MCAS Yuma ground element

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CLC-16's 'Common 30' Sgt. Daniel Malta

Marines with Combat Logistics Company 16 are eating lunch in front of the "Common 30," a giant toolbox that houses everything needed to fix vehicles, generators and anything else mechanical. Aside from the fully stocked toolboxes, the Common 30 has a crane for lifting engines and a generator for powering tools and the crane. The Common 30 can be dropped and set up within 5 minutes to keep up with CLC-16's expeditionary capabilities.

YUMA, Ariz. - Marines from Combat Logistics Squadron 16 are currently at the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range supporting the current Weapons and Tactics Instructor course. CLC-16 is tasked with running the entire camp with the equipment, knowledge and manpower to do the job.

In a deployed or training environment, CLC-16 has expeditionary capabilities, which allow them to quickly relocate their gear and services at the drop of a hat.

Running the entire camp, the company has many roles to fill and in order to facilitate, acquires a number of individual augments.

Showers, generators, laundry, air conditioners, mess hall facilities, transportation, weapons, communications and vehicle maintenance are all handled by CLC-16, so whoever they are supporting can accomplish the mission.

Currently, the Marines are supporting Battery B, 1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment from Camp Pendleton, Calif.

“They make our lives easier, especially because they are giving us support that may not be normal in artillery operations like showers,” said, Gunnery Sgt. Steve Bolton, battery gunnery sergeant. “We definitely appreciate the support of CLC-16, and could not have supported WTI without their help.”

All of these services are mobile and not any less effective than their stationary counterparts.

“There’s not one thing we can’t do out here or in a deployed environment,” said Lance Cpl. Jonathon Russell, CLC-16 armorer from New Berlin, Wis. “We have more tools and resources than you could imagine.”

Between two vehicle maintenance tents at siphon 8 you’ll find what Russell calls a, “common 30.” The common 30 is a giant toolbox, approximately 10x20 feet, with every tool needed for the job. The common 30 can be dropped and opened up within 5 minutes. When opened it is even big enough for Russell to sleep in, to ensure its security. Attached to the common 30 is a generator on one side and a crane for lifting engines on the other.

CLC-16 provides the highest echelon of maintenance, and equipment such as the common 30 makes that possible in a deployed environment.

One of the most important things for the company during training or a deployed environment is cross training, which CLC-16 takes very seriously according to Russell.

“We have armorers that could act as mechanics and mechanics that could act as armorers,” said Russell. “We may have our specialties, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to do everything else.”

CLC-16 takes care of all of the amenities one might take for granted, making sure Marines can focus on the mission at hand.


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Marines with Combat Logistics Company 16 are eating...

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