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Help Fort Bragg save energy

Story by Sgt. Nicole Hall

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - With the spring season in full bloom and summer not far away, it can be generally assumed that energy consumption will increase in many homes and business. When energy bills come in higher than usual, it’s commonplace to just pay the bill. But what many don’t realize is small daily changes can reduce costly utility bills.

Fort Bragg receives a hefty utility bill. In 2014, Fort Bragg’s electrical cost was $35,748,711, a 69 percent increase from 2003. Family housing is considered private and not a part of Fort Bragg’s energy consumption, but if it were included, the bill would be considerably higher.

The Fort Bragg energy vision is to achieve mission success and nurture a high quality of life for Soldiers, families and civilians. While providing reliable, affordable and stable energy supplies remain a priority for the Army, ownership and accountability for energy decisions is also important.

The Fort Bragg Energy Program’s goals over the next five years include:

Eliminate energy inefficiencies that waste natural and financial resources in existing facilities

Increase energy efficiency in renovation and new construction

Reduce dependency on fossil fuel and increase the use of clean, renewable energy

Improve reliability of energy systems to provide dependable services

Fort Bragg participates in the Army Metering Implementation Plan, a program designed to replace and install advanced meters on all buildings on post. The new meters have the capability to track and trend consumption.

Other initiatives to conserve energy on post include use of the Fort Bragg Energy Regulation for post constructions projects, replacing old pipes and other ineffective building structures, renovating central energy plants, using renewable energy sources such as solar panels and thermal energy storage.

According to the Fort Bragg Department of Public Works, one of the hardest jobs is repairing old buildings to make them more energy efficient. For example, maintaining heating and cooling systems to largely occupied buildings like Soldier barracks.

With a little bit of help from all who work and live on Fort Bragg, energy consumption and costs can be greatly reduced. Below are some tips to begin conserving energy.

- Set thermostat to 75 degrees (Fort Bragg policy).

- Keep all windows and doors closed.

- Turn off lights when not in use.

- Power down computers and peripherals at the end of the day.

- Ensure heat emitting devices, such as photocopiers, refrigerators and coffee pots, are not located near thermostats.

For more information on Fort Bragg energy conservation efforts contact: Melinda Hakeman, Energy Program planner at Directorate of Public Works, 908-4790. Contact the energy team for an energy audit to check equipment efficiency.

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