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    1-230th Cavalry Regiment      

    Smyrna, TN, US  


    Current Personnel:

    Sgt. Geovani Mariscal

    Content Online:


    Recent Images

    Iraqi Refugees on Jordanian Border

    Iraqi Refugees on Jordanian Border

    04.17.2006 | Courtesy Photo
    Near the Iraqi-Jordanian border, key leaders from coalition forces, the Iraqi government and the United Nations met to figure out the fate of a...
    Connecting the World

    Connecting the World

    05.05.2006 | Courtesy Photo
    Staff Sgt. Benjamin Puryear (left) and Senior Airman Jonathan Williams splice copper cables on a 710 splice machine. Both are from 407th...
    Shadow daytime mission

    Shadow daytime mission

    02.09.2006 | Courtesy Photo
    The "Shadow" launches on another daytime mission. The 172nd SBCT uses the Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to gather combat mission intelligence....
    Iraqi First Responder Course

    Iraqi First Responder Course

    01.28.2006 | Courtesy Photo
    An Iraqi soldier prepares a casualty to be medically evacuated to safety during a training exercise. U.S. medics trained their Iraqi counterparts...

    Recent News Stories

    It pays to give Task Force 1-37 Armor your weapons

    07.06.2004 | Courtesy Story
    The word on the street was that "Hardrock" was buying weapons for the next few days. Dozens of local Iraqis walked or drove to the Police Academy in south Karbala in hopes of selling their arms and ordnance to the coalition soldiers in early June.

    Bandit 6 to Helmy: Translate this!

    07.06.2004 | Courtesy Story
    A supply specialist born in Cairo, Egypt, is always nearby whenever Task Force 1-37 Armor commander, Lt. Col. Garry Bishop (Bandit 6), goes downtown.

    Old Ironsides keeps MSR Tampa security iron clad

    07.06.2004 | Courtesy Story
    If the road system in Iraq could be compared to the human circulatory system, Main Supply Route (MSR) Tampa is the artery that keeps the life blood of the country flowing.

    MEDCAP Makes Medicine Mobile

    07.06.2004 | Courtesy Story
    Medical Soldiers from Task Force 1-37 Armor, 1st Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored Division, together with medical professionals from the Thailand Task Force conducted a medical treatment program for more than 100 Iraqi Police Service Officers and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps soldiers during a joint Medical Civil Action Program.

    Master sergeant pulls guard duty -- again - 35...

    07.06.2004 | Courtesy Story
    When Master Sgt. Maurice Woods, noncommissioned officer in charge of the liaison section, 425th Civil Affairs Battalion, was selected to serve a shift as Sergeant of the Guard at Task Force 1st Armored Division's Headquarters May 28, it was the first time he had pulled guard duty in 35 years.

    Soldier Encounters improvised explosive device for...

    07.06.2004 | Courtesy Story
    The detonation of an improvised explosive device in the city of Diwaniya on May 11 was the first for many Soldiers with the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment encountered since arriving here.

    Recent Audio

    Cpl. Ethington

    01.19.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KVEW-TV reporter in Kennewick, Wash., about her current deployment, the duties she is responsible for in her unit and her family back home.

    Staff Sgt. Taylor

    01.12.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a Lancaster Intelligencer Journal in Lancaster, Pa., a vbout his current deployment, his job in the military and his family back home.

    Col. Brewer

    01.12.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to the Captain America Radio Show about his job as a Brigade surgeon providing medical care to the thousands of Soldiers in his brigade, his...

    Sgt. Mosley

    01.06.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KBND-AM reporter about his mission in Iraq, his daily duties and his family back home.