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Marne Focus is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents of Marne Focus are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or the 3rd Infantry Division. All editorial content of Marne Focus is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the Task Force Marne Public Affairs Office.

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Marne Focus - 05.22.2008

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Marne Dauntless to improve quality of life; 187th Infantry helps families move home; Salvadoran forces celebrate 184th birthday; Rakkasans prepare to patrol waterways
Marne Focus - 05.08.2008

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Iraqi, Coalition leaders discuss Piledriver; Canal opens, provides water to 300 families; Doctors gain skills with Coalition training; IP hone skills with coalition
Marne Focus - 04.24.2008

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Mahmudiyah school renovations under way; MND-C focuses on transition; Largest citizenship ceremony in Iraq naturalizes troops; MND-C launches major capacity-building operation
Marne Focus - 04.10.2008

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CF, ISF combined operation yields results; Heroes to the left and right - Selfl ess service, courage up and down the ranks; Humanitarian aid continues in Wasit; Abu Amer residents receive medical care
Marne Focus - 03.28.2008

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PB Summers takes shape, establishes security presence near Suwayrah; 3rd Inf. Div. women make history every day; With National Geospatial Intelligence Agency's assistance, clarity emerges from 'fog of war'; Soldiers meet with sheikhs, chase... more
Marne Focus - 03.13.2008

979 hits


Soldiers deny sanctuary to enemy; Eliminating extremists, building capacity; ISF safely usher 9 million Arba'een pilgrims; CF, IA clear Obedi of al-Qaeda resources
Marne Focus - 02.28.2008

975 hits


Soldiers air assault in, track HVT; Sprint to fi nish in last 100 days; 5-7 Cav. continues to erode insurgent resources; Iraqi businesses display wares at expo
Marne Focus - 01.31.2008

1,015 hits


MEDEVAC crews under fire save 5 Soldiers,In relentless pursuit of the enemy,3rd HBCT engineers up for top awards,Tax season is upon us — are you ready?,4th FA troops destroy enemy safehouses,1-10 FA Soldiers conduct tailgate health clinic,Marne... more
Marne Focus - 01.17.2008

780 hits


Making friends, remaining vigilant; Soldiers brave sniper fi re to help Iraqi girls; MLK Day: 'Remember! Celebrate! Act! A Day On, Not a Day Off!'; 3rd Inf. Div. receives major award for safety; Soldiers strike back at enemy, deftly avoid IED;... more
Marne Focus - 01.03.2008

733 hits


Rooting out al-Qaeda; Hope grows in Salman Pak; End-of-year review: Your hard work paying off – Attacks way down; Division Soldier of Year named; No one reason explains why Soldiers re-enlist; Gen. Petraeus' end-of-year letter: Big... more
Marne Focus - 12.21.2007

695 hits


Soldiers capture suspected AQI sniper; Security remains 1st priority; capacity building now main focus; Pfc. receives Bronze Star with Valor; 3rd HBCT lights tree, welcomes the season; It's a Kalsu Christmas; Vanguard Co. gets combat patch; 27... more
Marne Focus - 12.06.2007

724 hits


Varsity March: Offensive ops lead to capture of HVI; Spartans hand reins to Vanguard Brigade; Safety standards keep Soldiers alive; Purple Hearts awarded to 3-1 Cav. troopers; MNC-I commander tours Nahrwan, re-enlists Soldiers
Marne Focus - 11.22.2007

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For 90 years of service, President Bush thanks 3rd Inf. Div. Soldiers; For 90 years of service, President Bush thanks 3rd Inf. Div. Soldiers; I'm most thankful for my Army family'; Happy Birthday Marne Division; Veterans Day naturalization... more
Marne Focus - 11.08.2007

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Won't see this at your local gun show; Celebrating you on Veteran's Day; Celebrating 3rd ID's birthday: Nov. 21; Collapse of caches yield irreversible momentum; MARNE JUSTICE:COURTS-MARTIAL RESULTS; SEXUAL ASSAULT, HARASSMENT; Rakkasans take... more
Marne Focus - 10.25.2007

538 hits


Big guns on target Attacks way down thanks to you A feast of toys during Eid al-Fitr Ramadan goodwill: Coalition releases detainees
Marne Focus - 10.12.2007

614 hits


Chairman of Joint Chiefs re-enlists 31; Progress due to your hard work; Making history; Paratroopers get Bronze Stars with Valor; 1-15 Inf. Regt. Soldiers receive Purple Hearts; 400 Iraqis show up for police recruiting; 1-15 Inf. Regt. helps turn... more
Marne Focus - 09.28.2007

658 hits


Hope fl ies from Kalsu; Missing Soldiers not forgotten; Paratrooper receives Silver Star; Soldiers team up with 'revolutionaries'; Final Op. Marne Husky air assault; Air assault nets suspected al-Qaeda IED leader, 7 others; 'Red Sox' hunt IEDs... more
Marne Focus - 09.13.2007

668 hits


U.S., Iraqi troops team up for raid; Surge progress impressive; Faith in wartime: Understanding Ramadan; Task Force Marne Website; Petraeus previews Congressional report
Marne Focus - 08.30.2007

851 hits


Operation Marne Husky; Across the battlefield women make diverse contributions, Understanding the pillars of Islam, Ramadan; NCOs set high standards, enforcement is a must; Doing the right thing is the only way to go; Suspect poses as pregnant... more
Marne Focus - 08.16.2007

905 hits


3rd HBCT captures top target, video; ISF, Paratroopers capture suspected al-Qaeda terrorist; Gen. Casey re-enlists 124 Marne Soldiers; Operation Marne Husky; Medal of Honor recipient memorialized; Civil Affairs brings team to Patrol Base Murray
Marne Focus - 08.02.2007

859 hits


Paratroopers take fi ght to insurgents; Great job, more work to do; Worthy NCOs to join elite Audie Murphy club; Live to fi ght another day: Staying safe on EML; El Salvador teams up with U.S.; Eye protection saves infantryman's vision; Op. Four... more
Marne Focus - 07.19.2007

855 hits


Iraqi tips lead to cache, security; Marne troops press on; Hundreds re-enlist on Independence Day; Tip leads troops to terrorist; Soldier uses head in firefight; 'Hope Rope' keeps Soldiers safe; Joining the Army can be a family tradition;... more
Marne Focus - 07.05.2007

896 hits


Commandos capture, kill al-Qaeda fi ghters; Latest munitions prove accurate, destroys house; Troops help Iraqis gain freedom, build security, ensure a brighter future; Troops aid local residents, build friendships; Coalition Forces detain nine,... more
Marne Focus - 06.21.2007

1,081 hits


Marne Torch begins south of Baghdad; Combatives training reinforces warrior ethos; Celebrating Soldiers' unfaltering service on Army's birthday; Restoration takes skill, healing requires time; Meditating in the fi eld: Chaplains bring higher... more
Marne Focus - 06.08.2007

724 hits


Meeting the neighbors; Combat Aviation Brigade Soldiers arrive in Iraq; Iraqi army nabs town's most wanted; Local Iraqis trust, request combat medic; Coalition commanders join to inform locals
Marne Focus - 05.24.2007

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Soldiers kill terrorist, seize weapon; Realizing sacrifi ces for country, honoring those who serve; MP dogs make hard work look like play; Coalition spread tip-line, offer reward for information of missing troops; Not exactly four star hotels;... more
Marne Focus - 04.30.2007

1,090 hits


'Hard Rock' platoon keeps streets safe in Salman Park; Commander welcomes units; Troops aim to clean-up, fortify IED ridden area; Support Soldiers train for fires
Marne Focus - 11.30.1999

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Cav searches Four Corners district; Medics give wounded hope, despite nationality; Keeping tradition, unit history alive; NCOs continue missions virtual battlefield; Self-defense class gives Soldiers another weapon
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