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Dog Face Daily, The - 06.01.2008

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Task Force Marne transitions to TF Mountain; MARNE 6 SENDS: Meeting the needs of the Iraqi people; Government of Iraq making progress; School gets help from Soldiers, U.S. children
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.31.2008

791 hits


2nd BCT meets with IA, NP, IP Leaders about security;26th BSB assists getting IA logistics on line;Iraqi Police take greater responsibility, action
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.30.2008

643 hits


Coalition forces care for Obeidi tribe; Aviation unit flies 200th air assault mission in Iraq; Soldiers provide communications, support
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.29.2008

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Materiel Command CG re-enlists Soldiers; Aviation medics create family practice at Camp Striker; Essential services return to Jurf as Sahkr; Improved irrigation
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.28.2008

668 hits


Government officials, U.S. work to heal, unite; Uthman Feed Mill celebrates completion of renovation; 63rd EOD Battalion assumes control of TF Troy
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.27.2008

567 hits


Iraqi girl travels to U.S. in effort to see for first time; Plaque Dedication honors fallen Soldiers; Ministry of Agriculture conducts air campaign
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.25.2008

547 hits


Memorial plaque dedication to honor fallen comrades; Caches continue to pour in to coalition forces; 2nd Brigade keeps water, now traffic flowing; Car thief cornered; like father like son; political chivalry
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.24.2008

641 hits


Iraqi Police graduates move on to the force; Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks re-opening of school; Battlefield promotions award extraordinary Soldiers; Rakkasans distribute supplies to Iraqi schools
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.23.2008

351 hits


2nd Brigade lets facts tell its story of success; Soldiers at all levels must understand, respect local culture; Government of Iraq works to improve life in Wasit; Soldiers receive gift of golf
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.22.2008

311 hits


Sayafiyah celebrates change; Cavalry unit prepares for move following Iraq deployment; National police detain four suspected insurgents in raid
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.21.2008

268 hits


Medical aid heals wounds of war; Piledriver comes to an end, projects continue
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.20.2008

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Soldiers send special Happy Birthday wishes; Government of Iraq funds canal cleaning; Racing Heroes Tour visits 4-27th FA Soldiers; Coalition forces help Sayafiyah feed mill owner
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.19.2008

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Marne Soldiers prepare IA for battle; Soldiers distribute donated school supplies; Army commits to doing more for families of fallen; Cat, mouse cause blackout; monks release debut album
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.17.2008

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Sledgehammer Brigade hands reins to Striker; 703rd BSB hosts 8th IA Logistics Conference; Clearing agents on prowl for prohibited items; Gas strike; 'Lizard Man' attack; rainbow-seeing shrimp
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.16.2008

305 hits


Bridge linking Busayefi to Hawr Rajab opened; Falcon Brigade flight hours exceed 100,000; 1-35 Armor Regt. takes command at COP Cashe
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.15.2008

348 hits


3ID Soldier and NCO of the year announced; Marne Dauntless to improve quality of life, eliminate extremists; 4-27 FA takes over command at COP Salie
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.14.2008

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US, Georgian troops work toward peaceful Iraq; Hatched chicks kick start poultry industry; Reins at Combat Outpost Carver change over
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.13.2008

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MPs provide overwatch, IPs take lead; International Relief and Development meeting held in Khidr; Ceremony marks completion of school construction; Soldier leaves All-Army Softball team to deploy
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.11.2008

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Salvadoran forces celebrate 184th birthday; Captains of the battle watch over aircraft within battalion; Soldier spends another Mother's Day away from daughter; '70's ticket; SpongeBob in Colo.; outlaw veggies; WWI vet
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.10.2008

287 hits


Rakkasans prepare to patrol waterways; Transition team gives Iraqi Army hands-on training; 200 students graduate from Iskandariyah vo-tech
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.09.2008

291 hits


Soldiers visit windmills in al-Zatir and Hollandia; 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade welder is one-of-a-kind; Military Spouses Day proclaimed by President
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.08.2008

317 hits


Chicken farming gets a new boost in Hawr Rajab; Women's committee reps meet in Mahmudiyah; Singer arrested; knife law; non-stick gum; chocolate crook;
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.07.2008

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Kalsu opens distance learning center for Soldiers; Two high value individuals captured in Mussayib area; First Iraqi comedy in Wasit since Saddam's era; Karada Vocational Training Center provides new start for Iraqis
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.06.2008

318 hits


Clearing out insurgents; Weapons cache found in Wardia; Time Sensitive Target platoon follows tip; Dem Dudes take basketball championship
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.05.2008

233 hits


Coalition forces bring aid to village; Iraqi, Coalition leaders discuss Piledriver progress; 26th Brigade Support Battalion maintains the surge; Name of God; jail break; alien preparation; celebrity sale
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.05.2008

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Coalition forces bring aid to village; Iraqi, coalition leaders discuss Piledriver progress; 26th Brigade Support Battalion maintains the surge
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.04.2008

238 hits


Coalition forces bring aid to village; Iraqi, Coalition leaders discuss Piledriver progress; 26th Brigade Support Battalion maintains the surge; Name of God; jail break; alien preparation; celebrity sale
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.03.2008

305 hits


Under Secretary of Defense visits Village of Hope; Iraqi security forces, Coalition forces distribute food, toys; Machinist saves Army time, money
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.02.2008

332 hits


Iron Brigade Soldiers – boots on the ground; ePRT facilitates Mada'in Agricultural Exposition; Arafia Canal opens with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Dog Face Daily, The - 05.01.2008

305 hits


MND-C extends a hand to Iraqi children; Arctic-tough engineers build Rakkasans' capacity; MND-C recognizes Rule of Law 50th anniversary
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.30.2008

327 hits


Tip leads to anti-aircraft gun, ammunition in Jurf; Success not just a big-fish tale in Task Force Marne; Sons of Iraq help secure Fuhail Village; Teaching means improved health care
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.29.2008

290 hits


Iraqi Police hone skills with coalition forces help; Mahmudiyah radio station ready for first broadcast; Family support extends to Iraqi children; Doctors gain valuable skills with coalition training
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.28.2008

328 hits


Task Force Marne helps hatch an industry; Hammer leaders reflect as role in Iraq comes to an end; Cat crash; viking murder mystery; double hole-in-one
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.26.2008

274 hits


Farming resolutions receive national, local attention; Internet initiative connects Iraqi students with world; Holocaust ceremony to provoke thought; Tactless politician; blind justice; "where's the bank?"
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.25.2008

269 hits


Agricultural self-reliance; IA lieutenant gets prosthetic limb from coalition forces; Soldiers hand out clothes, shoes to Iraqi children
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.24.2008

297 hits


Iraqi students enhance skills at English Day; Coalition forces help Iraqi child with medical care; Soldiers work to repair Arab Jabour schools;
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.23.2008

303 hits


Fish farms make a comeback in Babil; Texas native keeps Delta's shelves stocked
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.22.2008

357 hits


The top stories in this edition of The Dog Face Daily are:; Iraqis displaced from homes now returning in droves; Mahmudiyah Soccer Stadium opens with tourney; TCPs disrupt enemy movement in Wasit
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.21.2008

309 hits


Rakkasans run for breast cancer cure; Cuscatlán Battalion delivers wheelchairs, gives hope; Microgrants keep Arab Jabour clinic open; NYPD rescue beaver; sleeping with knife; diamond goes unsold
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.19.2008

292 hits


Vanguard therapist connects with Alma Mater; Iron Rakkasans welcome Daughters of Iraq; Iraqi CID collects evidence against AQI
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.18.2008

212 hits


Soldiers distribute school supplies; Informant tip yields weapons cache; Town Hall opens in Jurf as Sahkr; School team hit for 66 runs in two innings
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.17.2008

276 hits


203rd BSB takes on Eagle Challenge; SoI lead coalition forces to weapons cache; Iraqi army takes lead in Marne Piledriver; Ferris wheel from SoCal pier on sale; sorry, no ocean view
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.16.2008

271 hits


Soldier re-enlists 340 feet off the ground; Rocket cache found by coalition, Iraqi security forces; CF, Babil province leadership meet with governor of Babil; National healthcare decisions day
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.15.2008

308 hits


MND-C launches major capacity-building operation: From clean water to cell phone towers, Coalition to help Iraqis make sweeping improvements; National police seize cache southeast of Baghdad; Hypnotist puts aviators under his spell; Uruguay hosts... more
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.14.2008

239 hits


Foreign-born troops become U.S. citizens; Congressmen visit Yusifiyah; Sewing center opens, provides employment; Oy! Eating champ downs 35 dozen oysters
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.12.2008

290 hits


Chicken industry a spark to economic progress in Iraq; Artesian well pumps clean water for Zambraniya, Bayjia; Never too deep; Seattle man in treehouse gets a new home
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.11.2008

353 hits


Fitness center named in honor of fallen hero; IA, CF show positive working relationship; 3rd HBCT leaders receive medals for service in Iraq
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.10.2008

303 hits


New rule of law expert meets Mada'in judges; GT Improvement course improves Soldiers' chances for success; Cocktail bill goes down drain; 'muzzle' awards; fake pictures
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.09.2008

297 hits


Sunni, Shia march in unity through Mahmudiyah; Coalition forces visit water company in Kut; Op Estonia reels in numerous criminal, caches found; Absolut vodka apologizes for controversial ad campaign
Dog Face Daily, The - 04.08.2008

337 hits


IA keeps peace in Mahmudiyah, deters criminals; Maderiyah secondary school opens its doors; Tax Tips for Soldiers – 2008; Name on job application leads to robber's arrest
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