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Coalition Chronicle, The
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The Coalition Chronicle is a 32-page monthly magazine featuring Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors, Civilians and Coalition partners throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 28th Public Affairs Detachment designs the magazine with feature articles submitted throughout theater.

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Coalition Chronicle, The - 02.26.2008

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Task Force Marne Soldiers flush out AQI suspects south of Baghdad; XVIII Airborne Takes Over; Putting 'Forward' in Support
Coalition Chronicle, The - 02.26.2008

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Task Force Marne Soldiers flush out AQI suspects south of Baghdad; XVIII Airborne Takes Over • Putting 'Forward' in Support
Coalition Chronicle, The - 12.31.2007

301 hits


Marine engineers demolish unfixable span; Iraqis take control in Basra; UAVs give eyes in the sky
Coalition Chronicle, The - 12.30.2007

408 hits


1st Cav. troops address issues, security at the National Museum of Iraq; IA senior NCOs gather; MRAPs hit the streets
Coalition Chronicle, The - 11.23.2007

314 hits


In It Together: Concerned local citizens stand up and join the fight for Iraq's future; Romanian eyes over Al Kut; Detainees released
Coalition Chronicle, The - 10.25.2007

306 hits


Iraqi Police graduate from Camp India academy; Strykers confront insurgents; Helos help wounded
Coalition Chronicle, The - 09.30.2007

329 hits


U.S., Estonian troops team with ISF to clear Sab Al Bor; Citizens stand up to insurgents; Indirect fires in Diyala
Coalition Chronicle, The - 08.27.2007

350 hits


Iraqi communities get local policing under new recruiting program; Brits help 10th Mountain troops train Iraqi soldiers; Air assault leads to capture of insurgent
Coalition Chronicle, The - 07.24.2007

236 hits


Seizing the initiative: MPs, IPs support Arrowhead Ripper in Kirkuk Province; Marines island hop Euphrates; Exercise tests medics
Coalition Chronicle, The - 06.23.2007

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Standing up: Three northern provinces take responsibility for their own security; Missing: 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division Soldiers continue search for lost comrades; Plotting a course: Iraqi sergeants major meet to discuss corps' future
Coalition Chronicle, The - 05.26.2007

322 hits


Protecting Sadr City IA medics in Abu Assaf Diwaniyah security IA tanks
Coalition Chronicle, The - 04.19.2007

717 hits


Marine armor, infantry team up to keep HIT insurgent-free; Estonians mark national milestone; Forensics helps Marines fight
Coalition Chronicle, The - 03.16.2007

517 hits


Leading The Way: Iraqi army's junior leaders finish NCO course; Bombs Away: Bosnian EOD team keeps ordnance out of insurgent's hands; Building Bridges: Western Euphrates River Valley moves toward economic, social development with bridge opening
Coalition Chronicle, The - 02.22.2007

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Courage under fire: U.S. Forces, Iraqi National Police fight together for freedom; Korean hospital reaches landmark; Iraqi, U.S. Forces demolish abandoned buildings to deny use to insurgents
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