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The Long Knife is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Long Knife are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of the 4th Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office. This magazine is published by a private firm, which is not affiliated with the 4th BCT. All copy will be edited. The Long Knife is produced bi-monthly by the 4th BCT Public Affairs Office.

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Long Knife, The - 01.29.2014

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The FORTIFIER, created by the 16th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment contains stories and pictures from the Operational Contract Support Joint Exercise 2014 held at Fort Bliss, Texas.
Long Knife, The - 06.28.2013

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This installment of FROM GAMBERI magazine features photos of the recent visit by U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, the commanding general of the International Assistance Force. While at Gamberi, Dunford met with U.S. and Afghan National... more
Long Knife, The - 06.09.2013

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This installment of the FROM GAMBERI magazine features photos by Spc. Clayton of a female engagement team helping the Afghan National Security Forces providing humanitarian aid to students of and all-girl school in Nangarhar Province. A... more
Long Knife, The - 05.27.2013

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This installment of the FROM GAMBERI magazine features a story and pictures of how Security Force Advisory Assistance Teams are creating close bonds and provide valuable training for Afghan National Army soldiers assigned to the 201st Corps... more
Long Knife, The - 05.09.2013

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This installment of the FROM GAMBERI magazine features a set of pictures of the Jordanian Engagement Team. The Muslim scholars visited FOB Gamberi to meet with Afghan National Army 201st Corps soldiers. The JET presented the soldiers with... more
Long Knife, The - 04.29.2013

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This installment of FROM GAMBERI features pictures of Afghan National Army soldiers conducting a live fire training exercise using D-30 Howitzers at Forward Operating Base Shinwar. Military police officers make their mark at FOB Gamberi by... more
Long Knife, The - 04.21.2013

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This installment of FROM GAMBERI features 2 sets of pictures of distinguished visitors’ recent tour of FOB Gamberi. One set includes pictures of CJTF-101 senior enlisted advisor and the second is of a more recent visit by British Gen. Sir... more
Long Knife, The - 04.01.2013

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Welcome to the first installment of FROM GAMBERI March 2013. This monthly newsletter will provide news stories about soldiers and units currently based out Forward Operating Base Gamberi. It will also have news happening in Regional... more
Long Knife, The - 11.22.2010

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Long Knife Soldiers uncase colors; MPs Demonstrate K-9 training
Long Knife, The - 05.02.2009

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Enabling the Force; Spartans provide watchful eye in southern Iraq; Garry Owen troops train for victory in Fight House; Reinvestment Act of 2009; From The Pulpit
Long Knife, The - 03.01.2009

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Black Dragons find new home; Rough Riders dish out food handling techniques to Iraqi troops; Thunder Horse improves Iraqi airwaves; Head Hunters aid Iraqi village children; MI team teaches IA, IP CSI tactics; Iraqi army displays Live Fire in... more
Long Knife, The - 02.20.2009

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Ambassador visits Iraqis in Long Knife's Brigade's area of operations; Thunder Horse Soldiers relax in base they built by hand; Thunder Horse mechanics keep 2-12 Cavalry up and running;
Long Knife, The - 12.31.2008

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Long Knives, Coalition celebrate New Year; Long Knives discuss elections in Southern Iraq; IAs and IPs hold border security conference; Spartans and Romanians get fired up at the range
Long Knife, The - 12.13.2008

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Hunters use boats to halt smugglers; Long Knives, White Sharks teach Iraqis artillery; Troopers assist in food delivery
Long Knife, The - 10.12.2008

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Rough Riders deliver no matter the task; Garry Owen Troopers partner with Iraqi Army during aerial mission; Black Dragons receive new mission in Iraq
Long Knife, The - 09.05.2008

1,340 hits


Long Knives wake to boom, aid injured during rocket attack; Building FOB Hunter from scratch; Long Knives help locals with electricity issues; Iraqis learn from U.S. medics
Long Knife, The - 07.27.2008

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Battle handover; Commander's Corner; 2-7 Cav. secures Iranian border; 4BCT takes the HEAT
Long Knife, The - 03.12.2008

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Long Knives wear hearts on sleeves; 4BCT ready for Iraq; 4th BCT trains on combat medicine; Signal Soldiers maintain communication assets
Long Knife, The - 03.01.2008

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Cobras to become Long Knives; Cobra Brigade shoots rifles, carbines; Cobras scale rocks as team; Gunnery prepares Cobras for Iraq
Long Knife, The - 08.29.2007

665 hits


Deployed Soldier harvests fruit of his labors; Cobras conduct CLS re-certification; Iraqi officials lead Nineveh recovery efforts; Iraqi teen warns CF of bomb
Long Knife, The - 08.03.2007

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Gump-alike trains for marathon in Iraq; Blackfoot 6 vehicle runs on high morale; Trooper feels Army is right thing to do; Apache troop brings smiles to Iraqi children; B Troop builds relationships with locals; CF team up with IP, patrol city... more
Long Knife, The - 07.08.2007

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Criminals beware: CSI Mosul hits streets; K9 team brings special skills to the fight; Rough Riders mount up, hit dusty trail; Soldiers, Iraqis celebrate well openings; U.S. Soldiers give Iraqi boy chance of lifetime; 618th Engineer Company named... more
Long Knife, The - 06.07.2007

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UAV Soldiers "Always Ready"; SSA keeps troops ready; Mother's love stretches 'round the world; IA taking lead, 'doing what it takes'; Long Knife Edge competes in battle of bands; STB Soldiers keep missions rollin' along; HeadHunters teach... more
Long Knife, The - 04.27.2007

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2-12 Cavalry holds free health clinic in Baghdad; Soldiers train, keep aircraft safe; Iraqi leadership improves fuel distribution; POETTs walk their beat, help secure Iraqi-Syrian border; Father surprises son with unexpected visit; 403rd CA cases... more
Long Knife, The - 03.23.2007

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Black History Month celebration ends with fashion show fun; Army finds weapons cache in new AO; Rough Rider Soldier to continue minister's work; CSI Mosul debuts, not ordinary television; Military wives go the extra distance; MEDCAP treats more... more
Long Knife, The - 02.22.2007

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MPs play vital role in war against terrorism; Cavalry Soldiers transform to military advisors; Supply convoys keep Soldiers happy, combat ready; Iraq proves to have two Storeys
Long Knife, The - 02.12.2007

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IA taught 'Warrior Ethos' by Black Dragons; Air cavalry provides eyes over battlefield; 3-4 Cav trains Iraqis to monitor Syrian border; PJCC provides Mosul citizens with assistance; MEDEVAC crew delivers from remote corner of Iraq; Ninewa... more
Long Knife, The - 01.01.2007

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Fallen Soldier remembered at memorial; NINEWA VICE GOVERNOR OFFERS OPTIMISM; RUMSFELD GIVES FINAL FAREWELL TO LONG KNIFE TROOPS; 4th bct troops take over property in Baghdad; Maruaders prepare to party at toc; 'Rough Riders' take reigns from... more
Long Knife, The - 12.01.2006

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Troops prepare to head north to begin year-long missions; ROCK BAND 'SHINEDOWN'; JAMS FOR TROOPS; Garryowen troopers prepare for Iraq mission; Medics, combat lifesavers train for battlefield emergencies; Holiday Insight
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