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The Daily Charge is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents of The Daily Charge are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or the First Cavalry Division. All editorial content of Crossed Sabers is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs Office.

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Daily Charge, The - 11.08.2009

180 hits


Aviators have unique way of saying 'thanks'; New Texas traffic and criminal laws; New living quarters at JSS Rasheed.
Daily Charge, The - 11.07.2009

154 hits


New school supplies in Mahmudiyah; Making new friends in Baghdad
Daily Charge, The - 11.06.2009

157 hits


IA led joint patrol protects Aqur Quf; New Texas traffic and criminal laws; MND-B troops find outlets during deployment;
Daily Charge, The - 11.04.2009

119 hits


Officials welcome new Army secretary; New Texas traffic and criminal laws; State officials show appreciation; The "Pegasus Pursuit" is here
Daily Charge, The - 11.04.2009

169 hits


Searching for caches and criminals; Raiders search for weapons; Changing from tanker to chaplain;
Daily Charge, The - 11.02.2009

146 hits


U.S. EOD, IA build the 'perfect shot'; Construction at JSS Istiqlal; Climbing the walls at COP Meade; The "Pegasus Pursuit" is here
Daily Charge, The - 10.31.2009

124 hits


U.S. NCOs develop their Iraqi counterparts; 30th HBCT on track to return home
Daily Charge, The - 10.30.2009

98 hits


Engineers close out successful tour; Soldiers prepare for withdrawal
Daily Charge, The - 10.29.2009

99 hits


U.S., Iraqi Army take part in historic air assault; Soldiers conduct training to become certified; Celebration marks girls' summer school end.
Daily Charge, The - 10.28.2009

91 hits


1st ACB assists in joint air assault; Livestrong 10k run honors cancer victims; Refresher training aids Iraqis to take lead;
Daily Charge, The - 10.27.2009

91 hits


Warrior Academy gives Iraqi army options; Air Cavalry spearheads joint air assault; The illusionist of Baghdad;
Daily Charge, The - 10.26.2009

43 hits


Air Cav, IAF fly joint mission over Baghdad; 101st Engineers praised for job well done; First class of IA Strike Soldiers graduate
Daily Charge, The - 10.24.2009

91 hits


New weapon for the fight against IEDs; Federal Police learn hands-on techniques; Baghdad brothers train Iraqis
Daily Charge, The - 10.23.2009

83 hits


Cav medics rush to aid local man; Engineers construct new control center; Three P's for Peace campaign in Yusifiyah
Daily Charge, The - 10.22.2009

84 hits


Joint clearance operation south of Baghdad; Reaching out to Salman Pak; Fitness videos find niche with Soldiers.
Daily Charge, The - 10.21.2009

91 hits


Soldiers prepare carriers for shipment home; Quartermasters keep it clean; U.S., IA provide aid to Mahmudiyah citizens; Organizational day for 1st Air Cav
Daily Charge, The - 10.20.2009

95 hits


Reaping the benefits of strong relationships; Paratroopers, FP secure Nahrawan; Keeping the mail going throughout Iraq; Teaching combatives to Iraqi police
Daily Charge, The - 10.19.2009

86 hits


School refurbishment brightens future; Joint aviators train IA air assaults; Wounded warrior reunited with comrades;
Daily Charge, The - 10.17.2009

99 hits


Situational training tests IA capabilities; Operation Proper Exit visits 1st ACB
Daily Charge, The - 10.16.2009

94 hits


Teaching Iraqi Army first responders; Soldiers teach IA medical procedures; Mechanic's Corner: Check your vehicle's status
Daily Charge, The - 10.15.2009

85 hits


Brighter day ahead as Twin Schools open; A new mission for Soldiers and IP; Tournament promotes unity across Ma'dain; Engineer commander pledges future training
Daily Charge, The - 10.14.2009

93 hits


1st ACB fuelers hit half a million mark; Celebrating Hispanic Heritage; Engineers help with classroom supplies
Daily Charge, The - 10.13.2009

85 hits


Maverick Soldiers take medic training class; Making friends while ensuring security; Mada'in Academy prepares Iraqi army soldiers.
Daily Charge, The - 10.12.2009

80 hits


U.S. troops help stock Radwaniyah clinic; Bridging the gap north of Baghdad; ACB soccer teams prepare for tournament;
Daily Charge, The - 10.10.2009

90 hits


Drilling Iraqi police on core medic skills; IA engineers train on heavy equipment; Maintaining SoI security north of Baghdad; Mechanic's Corner: Checking the half shafts;
Daily Charge, The - 10.09.2009

80 hits


Incoming Soldiers learn features of MRAP; Knock, talk mission with Iraqi Army; Maintaining SoI security north of Baghdad; Sheikh council meeting brings resolve
Daily Charge, The - 10.08.2009

79 hits


Thousands of mission miles pay off; Military Transition Team advises Iraqi Army; Cavalry medics focus on crucial training;
Daily Charge, The - 10.07.2009

90 hits


Cavalry Soldiers give shirts off their back; Building relations during assessments; "Mandatory fun" for Old Hickory Soldiers; Micro-grant assists Iraqi renovations
Daily Charge, The - 10.06.2009

28 hits


Apaches provide overwatch, firepower; Paratroopers receive Purple Heart; Soldier chooses to walk a different path.
Daily Charge, The - 10.05.2009

33 hits


Crews keep Apache ready to fight; Army 10-miler run on Forward Operating Base Hummer; Raiders continue mission left by Dagger.
Daily Charge, The - 10.03.2009

100 hits


Paratroopers hone trademark skills; Joint U.S., Iraqi military medical conference; Engineers improve living conditions; Engineer Soldiers receive Combat Action Badge
Daily Charge, The - 10.02.2009

98 hits


Ironhorse medics adapt, never rest; Engineers improve ammo dump; Weekly air filter maintenance a must
Daily Charge, The - 10.01.2009

102 hits


Air Cavalry maintains ground equipment; Engineers train to combat IEDs; Junior enlisted Soldier fills leadership void.
Daily Charge, The - 09.30.2009

94 hits


Engineer call with spicy twist; Troopers offer Iraqis soldiers combat skills; Moroccan-born Soldier serves as a communicator.
Daily Charge, The - 09.29.2009

84 hits


Air tower crew essential to aviation mission; Hispanic-American medic cares for children; Soldier serves second tour after call to duty.
Daily Charge, The - 09.28.2009

103 hits


Mavericks simulate combat to sharpen skills; Softball highlights Hispanic Heritage Month; Joint mission disrupts insurgent activities.
Daily Charge, The - 09.26.2009

81 hits


U.S. mechanics help IA maintain vehicles; First Air Cavalry prepares for flight; Combat training takes skills to next level
Daily Charge, The - 09.25.2009

70 hits


U.S., Federal Police, gives gift of clean water; Crazy Horse Soldiers receive recognition; Phase maintenance ensures aircraft readiness
Daily Charge, The - 09.24.2009

79 hits


Cavalry trooper survives Sadr City sniper; Cache search yields sweat, experience; Keep visibility high during rainy season.
Daily Charge, The - 09.24.2009

26 hits


U.S., Federal Police, gives gift of clean water; Crazy Horse Soldiers receive recognition; Phase maintenance ensures aircraft readiness
Daily Charge, The - 09.23.2009

37 hits


Together again almost two decades later; Air Cavalry conducts presence patrol; Cavalry medic trains first responders.
Daily Charge, The - 09.22.2009

85 hits


Soldiers travel to celebrate Jewish New Year; Honoring Hispanic-Americans; Sun's rays power clinic in Ghazaliyah.
Daily Charge, The - 09.21.2009

86 hits


Warrior Academy helps Iraqis improve skills; Old Hickory Soldiers deliver school supplies; Closed vents keep vehicles cooler
Daily Charge, The - 09.19.2009

89 hits


Air Cavalry partners with MiTT on IA mission; Partnered patrol in Salman Pak; Nation's Oldest earns combat patch
Daily Charge, The - 09.18.2009

94 hits


Work with different languages, same skills; Biden surprises troops in Baghdad; Daggers end tour, enter Audie Murphy Club
Daily Charge, The - 09.17.2009

95 hits


Dragons assess Twin Schools project; Paratroopers, Iraqi security forces in Salman Pak; U.S. partnership aids Iraqi dairy farmers.
Daily Charge, The - 09.15.2009

111 hits


Dragon platoon sustains mission; Troops improve skills at joint live fire range; Project awards classroom achievements.
Daily Charge, The - 09.14.2009

76 hits


Air Cavalry host top Iraqi general; Commander receives first Apache flight; Paratroopers enter elite non-commissioned officers club.
Daily Charge, The - 09.12.2009

93 hits


X-Game athletes soar over Baghdad; Mechanics swap engine one bolt at a time; Celebremos Hispanic Heritage month
Daily Charge, The - 09.11.2009

80 hits


Maverick fuelers fill important daily functions; Old Hickory troops reduce footprint; Stallion Battalion compete on Sports Day
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