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The Official Publication of Combined Joint Task Force Phoenix V Public Affairs. The Phoenix Patriot is a bi-weekly publication distributed to deployed Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines all over Afghanistan with a circulation of 3500.

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Phoenix Patriot, The - 02.16.2007

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ANA and ANP Train Together at Battle Staff Course; Karez System Brings Much Needed Water to Kandahar; AIT Brigade Held First NCO Promotion Board; Karzai Recieves Armored Hummvees for Afghan National Army; Local National Proud to Help Effort in... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 02.05.2007

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205th Soldiers Recieve Bronze Stars for Valor; Task Force Phoenix Eye Doc Gives Gift of Sight; No More "No Girls Allowed"; All In The Family - Mother and Son Serve Together; New Frenchmen Arrive to Train ANA; Medical Missions Succeed With Joint... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 01.22.2007

536 hits


Police Training Improves Professionalism; Coalition Forces Celebrate Saint Barbara; Task Force Phoenix ETTs Train Auxiliary Police in Andar; No More "No Girls Allowed"; Afghan Medics and Security Heal Home Country; Assistance Revitalizes... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 01.07.2007

560 hits


Unprecedented Trial In 201st Corps Sets Judicial Standards; On Point w/ the CSM; General Guidance; Female Soldiers In The ANA Learn To Shoot; Task Force Phoenix Training Up Afghan Police; New Soldiers Patrol The Block; Commanders Complete First... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 12.18.2006

398 hits


State Of The Art Hospital Opens In Gardez; ANA Teams With Coalition For Afghan Education; Hospital In Gardez Promises Hope For Healthcare; Embedded Trainer Uses NASCAR To Teach Maintenance; Task Force Soldiers Survive Enemy Attack; Dancing Barber... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 12.04.2006

522 hits


ANA Returns From Training With 82nd Airborne; 207th Combat Engineers Execute First Ever Mission; ANA Sucessfully Trains In U.S.; ETTs Proud of ANA Progress in Mountain Pass; State Generals Spend Thanksgiving With Troops; KMTC Graduates First... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 11.20.2006

449 hits


Corps Commanders Stress Recruiting and Retention; There Is A Doctor In The House; ETTs, Afghans, Germans Rebuild Oldest Kandak In Konduz; Remote School Makes Learning Accessible; ANA Transportation Soldiers Learn First Aid; Featured Patriot -... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 11.06.2006

405 hits


Afghan War College - Open for Training; On Point w/ the CSM; General Guidance; Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Visits; War College Begins Classes; Soccer Builds Team Spirit for Afghans and Americans; Afghan Medic - Teacher of Life's Lessons;... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 10.23.2006

570 hits


Guard Chief Visits Troops, Promotes Son In Combat; On Point w/ the CSM; General Guidance; Camp Phoenix Fire Department - Volunteers Are Smoking; ANA Officers Make Army Better With Technology; Afghan Medic - Patriotic Example To All; Command... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 10.09.2006

382 hits


First National Afghan Branch Conference Sets Standard; New Chapel Dedicated at Camp Phoenix; Navy ETTs On Deck At Camp Cobra; Humanitarian Missions Shape Future; Featured Patriot - Master Sgt. David Blow
Phoenix Patriot, The - 09.25.2006

474 hits


CJTF Phoenix Mourns Three Fallen Brothers; Medics Overcoming Gender Barriers in Afghanistan; Training and Teamwork; Stabilize SECFOR; Sons of Soldiers; CFC-A Commander Visits Oldest Kandak in Afghanistan; The Mission of a Lifetime; Featured... more
Phoenix Patriot, The - 09.11.2006

585 hits


CJTF Phoenix V: One Team, One Fight; CJTF Phoenix V: One Team, One Fight; Afghan National Army Drill Sergeants Take the Lead; Unprecedented; Combat Power; Walisar Secondary School Starts New Chapter; ANA Drill Sergeants: Symbols of Strength and... more
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