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"Dispatch" is the official publication of Task Force Liberty/42nd Infantry Division and is published weekly.

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Dispatch - 10.02.2005

111 hits


Task Force Liberty Soldiers support Iraqi referendum preparations; Turkmen conduct peaceful demonstration at Kirkuk Government Building; Task Force Liberty hosts forum in Kirkuk
Dispatch - 08.28.2005

67 hits


Task Force Liberty, Iraqi Soldiers Share Success, Setback and Loss; Rebuilding Iraq, one province at a time
Dispatch - 08.21.2005

63 hits


Task Force Liberty Soldier Fights to Return to War, PLDC Graduation: Iraq's Future Leaders look to Ensure Iraq's Future, Iraqis Taught Tactics
Dispatch - 08.07.2005

74 hits


Task Force Liberty transfers Operating Base to Iraqis and Arab leaders sign "Declaration Against Terrorism."
Dispatch - 07.31.2005

74 hits


Task Force Liberty provides medical treatment for Iraqi girl; Task Force Liberty keeping cool in Iraq; The game Soldiers play
Dispatch - 07.24.2005

86 hits


Iraqi police determined to defend Iraq; Iraqi town moves towards democracy
Dispatch - 07.17.2005

70 hits


Task Force Liberty sees progress in North Central Iraq; Task Force Liberty keeps supply routes safe while training Iraqi Army; Task Force Liberty medics making the rounds
Dispatch - 07.10.2005

85 hits


Iraqis up front - Liberty Soldiers take backseat; Band adds music to Independance Day; Close shaves, great cause
Dispatch - 07.03.2005

21 hits


Suspected terrorists captured in joint operation; Tip From Iraqi Civilian Leads Troops to Weapons Cache; 'Five Cs' simplify improvised explosive device fight
Dispatch - 06.26.2005

26 hits


Task Force Dragoon Soldiers net insurgents; Patrolling with the Iraqi Army; "Rocket Man" nabbed
Dispatch - 06.19.2005

63 hits


Rainbow troops mourn loss of comrades; Rainbow Patch Seals Bond Between Neighbors and Soldiers; Task Force Liberty Soldier Charged in Deaths of Unit Officers; Fallen Soldiers rememberred
Dispatch - 05.29.2005

41 hits


Task Force Liberty Soldiers make 'special' stop for Iraqi children; Task Force Liberty Engineers clear Iraqi farm of UXOs; Soldiers watch for Improvised Explosive Devices...
Dispatch - 05.22.2005

32 hits


Task Force Liberty Soldiers celebrate Mother's Day away from home; New filtration system provides clean water for Task Force Liberty Soldiers; Army campaign focuses on Soldier IED awareness; Aviation unit completes 5000 combat flying hours...
Dispatch - 05.08.2005

27 hits


Task Force Liberty Guardians that never sleep; Soldiers provide medical care to local Iraqis; Suspected terrorist cell leader surrenders to Iraqi army...
Dispatch - 05.01.2005

30 hits


Task Force Liberty trauma medics save lives; Iraqi linguists receive Titan Heart awards for injuries in line of duty; Local Iraqi artisans celebrate liberation; Rainbow remembers Dachau...
Dispatch - 04.24.2005

23 hits


As-Sulayminayah Province Hosts Iraqi Governors Conference; Task Force Liberty and Iraqi army conduct night air assault; Tiger Battalion leads the way in military transition operation...
Dispatch - 04.17.2005

32 hits


Three Task Force Liberty Soldiers receive Bronze Star Medals; Iraqi bomb company efforts save lives; Why is this Man Smiling?...
Dispatch - 04.03.2005

23 hits


Movie Armory established for Soldier Morale; Civil Affairs Soldiers assist in the reconstruction of Iraqi office facilities; New communications system advances signal abilities, reduces manpower...
Dispatch - 03.27.2005

29 hits


Task Force Liberty Soldiers provide guidance to Iraqi forces; Task Force Liberty's 116 BCT Soldiers provide medical assistance to Iraqi village; Task Force Liberty Soldier creates home away from home...
Dispatch - 03.13.2005

26 hits


Task Force Liberty Soldiers roll on with up armored vehicles; Iraqi soldier's heroism earns coveted Cavalry Spurs...
Dispatch - 02.20.2005

28 hits


Rainbow 'stretches' over Iraq; Over the Berm Again - OIF 1 Veterans Return for OIF 3; Task Force Liberty Soldiers Focus on Training Iraqi Security Forces...
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