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    ARMOR Magazine

    ARMOR Magazine

    ARMOR is a professional-development magazine published by the U.S. Army Armor School. The Chief of Armor provides the magazine as a forum for the Soldiers and leaders under his proponency to explain, digest or debate Army and Armor Branch doctrine, policy or other career-related issues or information. ARMOR focuses on Armor and Cavalry Soldiers up to the battalion and brigade level as well as on Army-wide concerns and issues that affect Armor and Cavalry formations. The Chief of Armor's proponency includes:

    • armored, direct-fire ground combat systems not serving primarily as infantry carriers;

    • weapons used exclusively in these systems or by career management field (CMF)19-series enlisted Soldiers;

    • miscellaneous items of equipment armored and armored cavalry organizations use exclusively;

    • training for all 19-series officers and CMF 19-series enlisted Soldiers;

    • and information concerning the training, logistics, history and leadership of armor and armored cavalry units at a brigade/regiment level and below, including threat units at those levels.


    Unit: U.S. Army Armor School
    Latest Issue: 08.09.2019
    Total Issues: 202


    ARMOR Magazine - 08.09.2019

    Downloads: 15

    Hits: 232

    • Features: Page 5 - Reconsidering Division Cavalry Squadrons Part IV by MAJ Nathan Jennings; Page 11 - Integrating the Dismounted Reconnaissance... read more

    ARMOR Magazine - 04.01.2019

    Downloads: 17

    Hits: 198

    Issue's theme: "If the tanks succeed, victory follows." Features • On the Employment of Armor by MAJ Amos C. Fox • Force Modernization of... read more

    ARMOR Magazine - 01.03.2019

    Downloads: 16

    Hits: 234

    Issue's theme: Shaping the Fight Features • It’s Time for the Cavalry to Get Serious About Cyber Reconnaissance by COL Curt Taylor •... read more

    ARMOR Magazine - 09.24.2018

    Downloads: 9

    Hits: 129

    Features: • Accelerating Multi-Domain Operations: Evolution of an Idea by GEN Stephen Townsend; • Reconsidering Division Cavalry Squadrons Part I by... read more

    ARMOR Magazine - 02.01.2018

    Downloads: 26

    Hits: 304

    Features • Our Readiness Problem: Brigade Combat Team Lethality by LTC Bradford T. Duplessis • Initial Commander’s Critical Information... read more

    ARMOR Magazine - 09.07.2017

    Downloads: 29

    Hits: 300

    ARMOR, Summer 2017 Theme: "Operationalizing Cross-Domain Maneuver" Features: • The Lethality Imperative: Training Cavalry Squadrons to Fight... read more


    Unit: U.S. Army Armor School
    Latest Issue: 08.09.2019
    Total Issues: 202