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JSTO in the News highlights the scientific accomplishments and breakthroughs of DTRA CB, as we work to find and deploy technologies against chemical and biological agents facing our military and civilian populations.

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JSTO in the News - 05.24.2016

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'Skin in the Game' with the Individual Protection System Performance Model; Big Data to Forecast Threats Before They Happen; Advancements in Laser Research Lead to Better Stand-off Detection
JSTO in the News - 04.29.2016

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Fighting Ebola with Human Antibodies, Blueprinting the Way to Warfighter Safety, Chemical Agent Trajectory Patterns
JSTO in the News - 03.30.2016

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Baiting Mosquitoes for Smarter Vector Surveillance, Revolutionizing Protein Design for Warfighters, Mammoth Milestones for Synthetic Biology, A Cocktail of Biology: Shakin' up the Space with Synthetic Ingredients
JSTO in the News - 02.28.2016

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Successful Human Trials Give Hope for Ebola Countermeasures, Key to Stopping Disease in its Tracks is Early Detection, Detect and Protect: New Research Increases CB Sensor Capabilities, Microbial Kill Switches ‘DEADMAN’ AND ‘PASSCODE’... more
JSTO in the News - 01.25.2016

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Precious Metals Saving Warfighter Lives; DTRA Research of Indoor Dispersion Methods, Key to Protection in Urban Subsystem Models; Toxicant Penetration and Scavenging Study, Key to Effective Ion Channels Blocking Therapies
JSTO in the News - 12.30.2015

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Skin Decontamination; Antimicrobial Resistance; Metal Organic Frameworks
JSTO in the News - 12.07.2015

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Brussel Sprouts to Bio-Weapons: What’s the Link?; Folding Protein-Mimetic Shapes Assisting in Detecting, Decontaminating Chem-Bio Agents; Camouflaged Nano-Sniper Targets Deadly Toxins
JSTO in the News - 10.15.2015

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DTRA Leads U.S. Government Transition of TaCBRD; New Genetic Advances Aim to Protect Warfighters; Transporting Life Saving Drugs by Micromotors; “On-Off” Switch For Detection and Point-of-Care Countermeasures
JSTO in the News - 09.15.2015

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Ebola Vaccine 100% Effective, Forensic Liquid Analysis Kits Delivered, Knowledge Powers Countermeasure Development
JSTO in the News - 08.20.2015

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Tracker Jacker of Bacteria: Quorum Sensing used to Defeat Deadly Agents; Stealth Nanogels Attack, Defeat Their Target; Harnessing Synthetic Biology to Combat Bacterial Pathogens
JSTO in the News - 07.17.2015

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Get a Jump on Diagnosing Infection; A Repurposed Drug Provides New Treatment for Old Threat; New Pharmaceuticals Change Paradigm
JSTO in the News - 06.24.2015

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The Next Superpower: New Shapeshifting Polymers and Plastics; Rapid Destruction of Soman; Advanced Concentrator Materials; and Novel Protein Therapeutics to Reduce Deadly Chemicals
JSTO in the News - 05.20.2015

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Modeling and Analysis to Advance the Fight Against Ebola, GSK-944 Proving to be a Winner Against Biological Threats, Designing Smart Materials: Polymers to Save Warfighters
JSTO in the News - 04.22.2015

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Ebola & Marburg Binding Process, Blood Brian Barrier Countermeasures Defeat Infections, Paper Diagnostic Device for Ricin
JSTO in the News - 03.18.2015

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DNA ‘Cops’ and ‘Bus Drivers’ Make for More Effective Nerve Agent Protection; Like Decoy Ducks, Nanosponges Draw, Defeat Dangerous Toxins; Harvesting Energy at Nano Level Can Lead to Advances in Warfighter Protections
JSTO in the News - 03.02.2015

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Man-made Micromachines in a Mouse’s Stomach: In Vivo Use of Synthetic Motors;Understanding Dengue Virus Molecular Basis Key to Enabling New Countermeasures; Seek and Destroy: Micromotors Eliminate Biothreats
JSTO in the News - 01.20.2015

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A publication highlighting the accomplishments in DTRA Chem & Bio Technologies Department.
JSTO in the News - 12.31.2014

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December 2014 edition of JSTO in the News, a publication highlighting achievements by Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Chemical and Biological Technologies Department.
JSTO in the News - 12.16.2014

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An enterprise reporting publication focusing on Chemical and Biological Defense Program research and development.
JSTO in the News - 10.16.2014

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Oil and Water is the Right Mix for Better Chem-Bio Detection; Self-Powered Micropumps Open Door to Power-Free Diagnostics; Opening the (Protein Logic) Gates to Better Sensing, Identifying and Reporting of Infectious Agents; Dual-enzyme... more
JSTO in the News - 09.19.2014

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Years of Preparation Pay Off with Assay Used in Current Ebola Outbreak; New Technique to Deposit Multifunctional Biofilms Helps Keep it Clean; New Work Suggests Improved Treatment for Toxic Nerve Agent; Using Electronics to Control “Smart”... more
JSTO in the News - 09.05.2014

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Cadets and Midshipmen Characterize Key Molecules for Toxicant Sensing, Countermeasures; New Stimuli-Activated Polymers Rapidly Establish Exclusion Zones in Response to Threats; I Can See Clearly Now — Underpinnings of New Biothreat... more
JSTO in the News - 07.25.2014

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International Team Partners to Create Artificial Cells Able to Sense and Defeat Pathogens; Progress Made Toward a Vaccine Against Western, Eastern, and Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus; New Smartphone Detectors Put Chem-Bio Protection in... more
JSTO in the News - 06.11.2014

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Utilizing Quantum Dot-Based Molecular Logic Devices for Smart Biosensing; DRAPE Covers Window of Micron-Scale Lateral Chemical Gradients; RASR Cuts to the Chase and Gets Feedback from Warfighters; New Alligator-based Peptides Chomping at the... more
JSTO in the News - 05.21.2014

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It Takes Guts … and Science … to Detect and Defeat Deadly Agents; Building Better Self-Detoxifying Barriers Against Chemical Weapons; Printing Organs to Help in Fight Against Chemical and Biological Threats; Good Things Come in Micro Packages
JSTO in the News - 04.25.2014

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“Ships of the Desert” Could Soon Provide Better Protections against Biological Weapons; Runnin’ on Near Empty with Hydrazine as Fuel Source for Catalytic Micromotors; Mining the Literature to Improve Our Ability to Counter... more
JSTO in the News - 03.28.2014

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System to Rid Syria of Chemical Weapons Ships Out; Biosurveillance Measures Being Beefed Up; C’mon In! The Water’s Threat-Free; Research Looks to Go More than Skin-Deep in Warfighter Protection; “Lightening the Load” for Defense... more
JSTO in the News - 02.24.2014

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Binding-Molecules-on-Demand to Counter Chem-Bio Threats; Performers Issued Patent for Materials Incorporating Antimicrobial Polymers; Computer-Designed Binding Protein Could Lead to Better Protection for Our Warfighters; Performers Cited for... more
JSTO in the News - 01.10.2014

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3-D Structure Prediction for Biomimetic Functional Plastics; Nanoswimmers to Make Fantastic Voyage to Deliver Countermeasures; Immunosignaturing to Help Determine Vaccine Efficacy; New Synthetics Lead to New Ways to Destroy Nerve... more
JSTO in the News - 12.23.2013

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Biomimetric Functional Plastics Sense and Degrade Chem Bio Threats; Nanomachines Accelerate Chemical Threat Elimination; Unraveling the Secrets of Protein Stability; Polymer Coatings Could Protect Warfighters from Chem/Bio Threats; New... more
JSTO in the News - 11.22.2013

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Important Milestone for Multi-threat Countermeasure; Molecular Baskets and Claws Look to Detect and Grab Nerve Agents; New Tool Gives Better Reachback, Collaborative Capabilities; Reengineered Bacterial Protein Could Serve as Broad-spectrum... more
JSTO in the News - 10.25.2013

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Custom-Designed Binders for Small Molecules Could Counter Chem-Bio Threats; ECBC Lab Sequencing Pathogens from IEDs Celebrates Key Accreditation, Five-Year Anniversary; Pathogen Project Looks to Fight Fire with Fire; New Material to Remember... more
JSTO in the News - 09.30.2013

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Multi-threat Countermeasure Clears First Testing Hurdle; Next Generation Bio Detectors, Less Expensive, More Efficient; Barcodes Could Ring Up Better Tracking of Biowarfare Agents; International Effort Finds New Method of Identifying... more
JSTO in the News - 08.30.2013

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Developing Photodegradation-Resistant Biocides; Action Teams Bridge DTRA CB-FDA Gap; Catching Nerve Agents Before They Get to Nervous System; Developing Enzymes to Neutralize VX Nerve Agent; DNA TRAX Recognized with a Top R&D Award
JSTO in the News - 08.26.2013

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Better, Faster, Cheaper –NBTIs Move as New Class of Antibiotic; On the Fast Track with New Antibiotics; Ebola Survivors Could be Key to New Countermeasures; Universal Vaccines AND Better Testing
JSTO in the News - 08.02.2013

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Ricin Detection Sensitivity Improved up to 1,000 Times; Artificial Nucleotides Help Identify Multiple Real Biothreats; Seawater-driven Micromotors Clean Up Warfighters’ Environments; Reducing Residual Hazards from Contaminated Human... more
JSTO in the News - 06.10.2013

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Next Generation Chem-Bio Detection? Yep, There's an App for That SHARC Takes Bite Out of Fukushima Disaster Llama-Derived Antibodies Rise to New Heights to Catch Ebola
JSTO in the News - 03.01.2013

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Custom Designed Molecules Could Battle Chem-Bio Threats; Why Some Things Stick With Us Better Than Others; Webinar Features Future of DTRA CB “Travel”; Eye in the Sky Launched As “Dirigible” Looks to Fight Diseases; Loaded Up and... more
JSTO in the News - 01.04.2013

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Plans in Place to Respond to Real-World Threats; Reptile Serum Bites Back to Fight Infections; Big Pig Saver Takes Tops at BIOMOD Competition; ‘Beyond Fukushima’: DTRA CB /JSTO Contribution Briefed by Former Secretary of the... more
JSTO in the News - 12.20.2012

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Second Skin for Warfighters; Electric Fields Produce Shocking Results in Detecting, Countering Chem-Bio Threats; Designer Chem-Bio Threat Countermeasures; Organic Materials that ‘Self-Detoxify’; World Champions ‘Spoil’... more
JSTO in the News - 11.20.2012

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DTRA Has a New ‘JEM’; Nanomaterials Provide Big Help In Small Packages; HaMMER Nails Down Harmful Agents; Seed Money Helps Grow Development; SAEB Helps Researchers See Real-World Effects of Bioaerosols; New Report Shows Potential of... more
JSTO in the News - 10.19.2012

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International Partnerships Combat Global Threats; Bioscavengers Hunt for New Ways to Combat Nerve Agents; Innovations in Simulations – All Reward, Low Risk; ‘Hackathon’ Challenges Experts; $5K DTRA Research Challenge
JSTO in the News - 09.10.2012

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Soil Could be Key to Fighting Nerve Agents; Sensors Can Help Discover New Drugs; Shedding New Light on Biosensors; Joint Science and Technology Institute educates students, teachers; Defects lead to Improved Sensors, Barriers
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