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Army AL&T's mission is to serve the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology community by educating, informing, motivating and instructing the AL&T Workforce with topical and useful information on AL&T processes, policies, best practices and lessons learned, in support of the ASA(ALT) and Principal Military Deputy and with guidance and direction from the Army AL&T Editorial Advisory Board.

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Army AL&T Magazine - 04.04.2016

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The April – June issue of Army AL&T magazine is two in one. First, experts from acquisition, logistics and technology delve into sustainment: what it means and how to do it better. Also, the new AAE lays out her priorities: people, products and... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 01.04.2016

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Army AL&T January – March 2016 issue - The Army's big business of small business With billions in contracting dollars going to small businesses for both products and services, there's no question that small companies are big business for the... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 09.30.2015

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Innovation is often assumed to be the next big thing, but more often, it’s incremental upgrades to the way things are done, built or contracted. That’s why Army AL&T’s Editorial Advisory Board wanted us to focus on innovative approaches to... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 07.01.2015

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All Of Acquisition Starts With Requirements, Which Lay The Ground Rules For Every Aspect Of A System, Program Or Service—And For How Government And Industry Work Together To Make Them A Reality. From The AAE: Achievable Requirements,... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 04.06.2015

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The facets of Army acquisition are many, and not all of them are within the Army’s control. Revamping it will require teamwork, professionalism, planning, precision and skill. In this issue: Progress Report - A Q&A with the Hon. Frank... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 01.06.2015

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There is much we can’t know about the future, even as we spend tremendous energy and intellect trying to envision it. From its new operating concept to Better Buying Power 3.0, the Army is planning for what the future will look like, a task... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 10.01.2014

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Twenty-five years ago, then-Army Chief of Staff GEN Carl E. Vuono signed a letter formally creating the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC). With this issue, we celebrate 25 years of Army acquisition excellence, and the professionalism that the AAC... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 07.07.2014

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For more than a decade, the U.S. Army has had serious on-the-job training in theater. As that comes to an end, the Army still needs to train and prepare for the conflicts of the future, even as budgets are slated for decline. To meet the needs of... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 04.07.2014

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The new issue of Army AL&T magazine, with the Army’s 30-year modernization planning strategy as its theme, is online now. The Army does not use tea leaves, Ouija boards or crystal balls to do its 30-year planning. Instead, it has lots of... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 01.06.2014

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MoBs and FaCs, STEM and FMS—these are just a few of the ways that the U.S. Army, along with DOD and others, is working to preserve the knowledge, skills and capabilities that make up its industrial base. Keeping the industrial base... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 10.21.2013

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RETROGRADE, RESET, REDEPLOYMENT, REDISTRIBUTION, AND DISPOSAL (R4D) Robots, medical supplies, UAVs, wheeled and tracked vehicles—the effort to scale down our materiel in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 is a monumental task, and it has already... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 07.08.2013

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Day in and day out, year in and year out, the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Workforce performs feats that superheroes might only dream of. Articles include: FROM THE AAE: A workforce to be reckoned with, Army Acquisition must... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 04.01.2013

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The Power Of Better Buying; Riding Out The Storm; BBP In Focus; Kick These Tires; Better Waveforms, Better Value; More Capability For Less; Looking Ahead With JLTV; Beyond QRC; Avoiding Environmental Risk; Fielding Made Simpler; Same Standards,... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 01.01.2013

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Maintaining The Edge; Planning Ahead; Taking ‘Agile’ To The Next Level; Beyond JTRS; Evolving The Network; Aiming For ‘Agile’; Intel At The Tactical Edge; Adaptive Electronic Warfare; Quick-Response Mission; A Fast-Moving Cloud; Safety... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 10.01.2012

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Planning For The Future; The Leading Edge; Building The Network Baseline; Top–Tier Solution; Live Training Goes Mobile; Concealment Capability; Network Security, Smarter And Faster; Birth Of An Enterprise; Delivering Technology; From Concept... more
Army AL&T Magazine - 07.01.2012

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‘Portfolio’ Perspective; Demystifying The CPR ; A Strong Lens; Maturing The Agile Process; Buying A Better Radio; JTRS Enterprise Business Model Seeks To Ensure Cutting-Edge, Interoperable Joint Equipment; The ‘New’ Acquisition... more
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