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Newsletter serving the 4th Sustainment Brigade during Operation Iraqi Freedom IV

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Wrangler, The - 02.28.2015

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Second Edition of The Round Up Newsletter.
Wrangler, The - 12.20.2014

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This is the first edition of the new deployed Wrangler Newsletter...The Round Up.
Wrangler, The - 01.15.2013

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A Command Information digital newspaper highlighting the accomplishments of the Soldiers of 4th Sustainment Brigade.
Wrangler, The - 09.23.2011

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September 2011: A time for change
Wrangler, The - 09.01.2011

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The August 2011 edition of the Wrangler, highlighting 4th Sustainment Brigade operations in support of Operation New Dawn.
Wrangler, The - 07.31.2011

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July edition of The Wrangler, a deployment newsletter highlighting the mission of the 4th Sustainment Brigade during its deployment in southern Iraq.
Wrangler, The - 06.30.2011

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June edition of The Wrangler, a deployment newsletter highlighting the mission of the 4th Sustainment Brigade during its deployment in southern Iraq.
Wrangler, The - 05.25.2011

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2nd Edition of the Wrangler, an Army field magazine spotlighting the mission and the Soldiers of the 4th Sustainment Brigade during its deployment in southern Iraq.
Wrangler, The - 04.30.2011

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The first monthly edition of the Wrangler Magazine from COB Adder, Iraq.
Wrangler, The - 12.01.2009

467 hits


Three Crucial Weeks; Wrangler Command Team Message; Meeting A Former President
Wrangler, The - 01.21.2009

400 hits


A Hard Lesson To Learn; BTB Commander's Words; Wrangler Command Team Message
Wrangler, The - 01.15.2009

419 hits


JLTF 28 CDR's & CSM's Words; Wrangler Command Team Message; 1844th TC Prepare To Head Home
Wrangler, The - 01.05.2009

389 hits


Soldier Mariners sail through kuwait waters; 1498th Trans. Co: Maintenance All The Way; Sustaining The Convoy Support Team
Wrangler, The - 11.15.2008

429 hits


Wellbeing straight to wranglers; The Wrangler Dome; JLTF 28 Dominate The 5K STRONG Run/Walk; 129th Transportation Combat Kitchen
Wrangler, The - 11.01.2008

432 hits


Vanguard paymasters accomplish historic event; DOER chaplain Provides Ministry and gifts to convoy Soldiers; "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas"; Road Dawgs Prep For Elections
Wrangler, The - 10.15.2008

579 hits


Wranglers Run in annual Tradition; Coaching and Mentoring new Brigade; Soldiers Partnering with Students; HR Commander Speaks of Challenges
Wrangler, The - 10.01.2008

472 hits


Iron Wranglers Compete for gold; Task Force Gateway Visit by Top Army Civilian; A Long Deployment served by All; CFC Kicks Off Campaign across the Army
Wrangler, The - 09.15.2008

512 hits


Transformed into American citizens; Proposed changes to the family and medical leave act include new military family leave provisions; Hurricane season for deployed troops
Wrangler, The - 09.01.2008

504 hits


6th Transportation Battalion DOERS assume control of Theater HET Mission; Words from the REAR D Commander; Patrol boats get extreme makeover
Wrangler, The - 08.15.2008

497 hits


Farewell "Guardians of Victory"; Wrangler Webpage ropes in re-enlistment; LTF 10 MRAP Escort Team
Wrangler, The - 08.01.2008

583 hits


4th SB Soldiers inducted into Audie Murphy club; Joint Logistics Task Force 28 is added to the Zone Six Power Grid; A rich history follows the 10th Trans. Co.; Wrangler Trivia
Wrangler, The - 07.15.2008

706 hits


Road Dawgs Arrive at Camp Arifjan; 9th Finance Participates in July 4th 10 "Peachtree Run"; Purple Heart Awarded To JLTF 28th 11 Soldier
Wrangler, The - 07.01.2008

518 hits


The 1844th Transportation Company Deployed During Natural Disaster at Home; Official Praises Proposed Education Benefits; Mechanics Keep Trucks Rolling
Wrangler, The - 06.15.2008

547 hits


4th Sus. Bde. Receives New CSM; How to Cope Better With Army Challenges; Mechanic Looks Toward Homecoming; Father and Son Serve Side By Side
Wrangler, The - 05.18.2008

180 hits


4th Sustainment Brigade takes control, Our Colonel's Word, The CSM Remarks, 21 Soldiers Swear In As U.S. Citizens,
Wrangler, The - 05.10.2008

285 hits


Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Mourn One of Their Own; Our BTB Cdr's Words; Equal Opportunity
Wrangler, The - 05.10.2008

218 hits


Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Mourn One of Their Own Rollover Trainer Saves Lives Hemingway's Sports Highlights
Wrangler, The - 05.01.2008

169 hits


Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Mourn One of Their Own, Rollover Trainer Save Lives, BTB Cdr's Words, BTB CSM Remarks
Wrangler, The - 04.30.2008

202 hits


4th Sustainment Brigade takes control; 21 Soldiers Swear In As U.S. Citizens; Soldier Saves Life Of National; Sports Highlights
Wrangler, The - 04.30.2008

187 hits


4th Sustainment Brigade takes control 21 Soldiers Swear In As U.S. Citizens Working In A Hot Environment
Wrangler, The - 04.30.2008

331 hits


4th Sustainment Brigade takes control 21 Soldiers Swear In As U.S. Citizens Working In A Hot Environment
Wrangler, The - 08.09.2006

1,139 hits


Pajimula, spiders, and the art of losing; 18th CSB switches sides; Cargo chopper efforts save wear on road troops; FOB deliveries streamline supply, support processes; Landlord laws vary; financial penalties do not; PLS troops work to... more
Wrangler, The - 07.21.2006

767 hits


393rd earns convoy certification; Soldiering together unifies Army; Breast cancer walk a chance to support; Remember God in good times too; Early start essential for retirement funds; Taji celebrates new fire station; TRICARE now available for... more
Wrangler, The - 07.07.2006

744 hits


Medical care top priority for Alabama troops; Fog obscures physical, psychological goals; Choose any color so long as it's tan; Navy takes aim in IED fight; That bites!; Striker fuel yard troops pump it out; Divorce costly, involved process;... more
Wrangler, The - 06.23.2006

933 hits


Maintenance unit hits stride with increasing workload; Is there a doctor in the house?; Downunder supplies; Impromptu firemen
Wrangler, The - 06.09.2006

818 hits


Father watches daughter graduate via VTC; After rubber meets the road; STB goes Polish; If you are hot build a swimming pool
Wrangler, The - 05.26.2006

762 hits


Citizenship ceremony; Kings of the road; Car-buying tips; Melting pot; 'FOB' in a box
Wrangler, The - 05.12.2006

586 hits


Water water everywhere; Weapon repairers take aim; BAH ins and outs; Leagally teaching; Infantry truckers
Wrangler, The - 04.28.2006

523 hits


ATHP supplies Soldiers with ammo. Soldiers assist with Iraqi army medical equipment repair. Soldiers' morale on the rise with mail.
Wrangler, The - 04.14.2006

189 hits


Field Artillerymen turn wrenches for Sustainment Brigade mission. QRF keeps Camp Taji safe. USO comedian tour gives Soldiers a barrel of laughs.
Wrangler, The - 03.30.2006

316 hits


Iraqis declare independence; Troops phone home; Cut like glass; 530th sees stars; Yeehaw! Truck Rodeo
Wrangler, The - 03.17.2006

175 hits


Falcon fly-away takes off; NCOs formally welcomed to corps; COSCOM CG says 'hi' to Taji; Night-shift troops often overlooked; Air Defense zeros in on roads
Wrangler, The - 03.03.2006

171 hits


Iraq truck company hits the road; Platoon moves to contain fuel spill; Seitz endures heavy flooding; Caffeine myths explained
Wrangler, The - 02.17.2006

149 hits


California fuelers hit the road; Credit tips for Soldiers; Fighting fire with foam; Medics save Iraqi father, son; Laundry techs keep things fresh
Wrangler, The - 02.03.2006

184 hits


Shipping process takes cue from commercial carriers; Iraqis learn to cook...Army style; What's CRSP?; Welding foreman brings metal together
Wrangler, The - 01.20.2006

330 hits


HET drivers go on long haul; MLK tribute; Money tips for Soldiers; Medics train Iraqi doctors; Cargo specialists train on HETs
Wrangler, The - 01.06.2006

437 hits


Welders up-armor Iraqi army; Chute riggers run guns; Desert sleigh race; Christmas basketball; Humvee refits
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