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    Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame is a monthly, one page photojournalism tip sheet produced by Headquarters, U.S. Army Reserve Command Public Affairs, Fort Bragg, N.C. It is published in-house and distributed in online format to the 38 Army Reserve public affairs detachments, mobile public affairs detachments, public affairs operations cells and broadcast operations detachments. Distribution is through monthly emails to the field units as well as posting on Army Reserve social media platforms to include Facebook and Twitter.

    Audience Demographics:
    The intended audience is all TPU and AGR Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians working in the public affairs field in either the 46Q MOS or the GS-1035 series respectively.

    Information Strategy:
    Freeze Frame serves as a tool to educate Army Reserve public affairs Soldiers and Civilians in ways to improve their photojournalism by writing on topical photojournalism issues, current trends and photo editing. The information provided each month is easy to understand and presented in a helpful, personable and nonjudgmental tone. While it is not an end-all-to-be-all tip sheet, it provides Soldiers and Civilians with examples from the field of what right looks like and encourages them to try the techniques outlined each month in order to improve their photojournalism products.

    Point of Contact:
    The publication is researched and authored by Timothy L. Hale, an award-winning Army and Department of Defense photojournalist for the U.S. Army Reserve Command Office, Fort Bragg, N.C. He may be reached via email: timothy.l.hale@us.army.mil or by telephone: 910-570-8149.


    Unit: U.S. Army Reserve Command
    Latest Issue: 08.03.2012
    Total Issues: 13


    Freeze Frame - 08.03.2012

    Downloads: 21

    Hits: 20

    August 2012: Archive your years of hard work and save yourself from heartache and pain in the event of data loss by archiving, archiving, and archiving.

    Freeze Frame - 07.05.2012

    Downloads: 30

    Hits: 44

    July 2012: Publishing your publications on DVIDS. Getting the most out of your publications by posting them to DVIDS and then sending the links via email,... read more

    Freeze Frame - 06.01.2012

    Downloads: 33

    Hits: 41

    June 2012: The key(word) to success. Using keywords effectively when captioning images for better image searches and improved marketing.

    Freeze Frame - 05.02.2012

    Downloads: 29

    Hits: 46

    May 2012: Fill 'em up with flash! Improving your day and night photojournalism with fill flash.

    Freeze Frame - 04.02.2012

    Downloads: 19

    Hits: 25

    April 2012: Cutting to the chase. Improving your caption writing.

    Freeze Frame - 03.01.2012

    Downloads: 33

    Hits: 55

    This month's Freeze Frame discusses shooting stock military photographs and why we should be compiling an archive.


    Unit: U.S. Army Reserve Command
    Latest Issue: 08.03.2012
    Total Issues: 13