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WARRIOR-CITIZEN Magazine, the official magazine for the U.S. Army Reserve is a 48-page quarterly published magazine. The intended audience is all TPU and AGR Soldiers, civilians and their families. Circulation is 320,000. Target/secondary audience (prospects) includes non-prior service Soldiers as this magazine is provided to recruiting stations and Soldiers scheduled to ETS from the active component. Target audience (influencers) includes family members of prospects. Target audiences also include current TPU and IRR Soldiers as high retention rates positively impact overall recruiting mission. The magazine serves as a tool to educate recruiting prospects, non-prior service Soldiers as well as active component Soldiers scheduled to ETS. By conveying interesting stories which tout the relevance of the Army Reserve, it shows that being a member of the Army Reserve is a worthwhile endeavor. This has a positive impact on the opinions of Family members and other influencers of our various prospect groups. Articles also contain command messages which outline the many benefits associated with membership. The editor-in-chief of Warrior Citizen is Melissa Russell, 703-806-7629, melissa.garcia 1

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Warrior Citizen - 12.30.2015

83 hits


America's life saving and life-sustaining force, through the lens of history.
Warrior Citizen - 01.30.2014

186 hits


2013 Brumfield Competition Volume 58, Number 2 Issue of Warrior Citizen magazine Top Stories: Teaching how the health of humans, animals and ecosystems are interconnected in a tiny village in Uganda; Combat Support Training plays out in the... more
Warrior Citizen - 04.04.2012

222 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Winter 2012: Operations: Hawaii Five-O, The Legacy, Voices Behind the Veils, The Tunnel
Warrior Citizen - 12.16.2011

83 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Fall 2011: Remembering 9/11, Delta Blues, Frontline Riggers, Sky is the Limit, Breathe
Warrior Citizen - 07.29.2011

50 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Summer 2011: Sustaining the Force, Supplying Afghanistan, Turning the Gears of War, Flying Apache Family, Gathering Pieces, Best Warrior Sneak Peak
Warrior Citizen - 03.31.2011

34 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Spring 2011: Future Focus 2020, One Army One Team, Greetings from Puerto Rico, Get Real, Drop Zone
Warrior Citizen - 02.28.2011

28 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Winter 2011: Down the BRAC Roads, Jet Training Soars, In the Fast Lane, Floating Hope
Warrior Citizen - 09.30.2010

52 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Fall 2010: Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition
Warrior Citizen - 06.18.2010

21 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Summer 2010: Beyond the Edge: Building Confidence One Battle Assembly at a Time
Warrior Citizen - 04.30.2010

43 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Spring 2010: Cooking up Gold
Warrior Citizen - 03.08.2010

28 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Winter 2010: Hauling for Haiti
Warrior Citizen - 12.18.2009

32 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Fall 2009: Honoring the Fallen at Fort Hood
Warrior Citizen - 08.03.2009

30 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Summer 2009
Warrior Citizen - 03.31.2009

59 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Spring 2009: Jumping for the Bosses, Year of the NCO, 100th Army Band Rocks, Foiling a Bank Robber
Warrior Citizen - 01.12.2009

30 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Winter 2009: Spc. David Obray named Army Soldier of the Year
Warrior Citizen - 09.01.2008

49 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Fall 2008
Warrior Citizen - 07.31.2008

65 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Summer 2011
Warrior Citizen - 04.02.2008

63 hits


Army Reserve Warrior Citizen, Spring 2008, Celebrating 100 years of the Army Reserve
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