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    NCO Journal

    NCO Journal

    The NCO Journal is a professional publication for non-commissioned officers of the U.S. Army. The magazine is published monthly and distributed in printed form to an audience of more than 450,000 readers worldwide and is available online. The NCO Journal mission is to provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas and information to support training, education and development of the NCO Corps and to foster a closer bond among its members. To accomplish this mission we provide timely and factual information on topics about the Army and the NCO Corps to the Army's NCOs. Our audience includes active, National Guard and Reserve soldiers, sister and international services, retirees, civilian employees and family members.


    Unit: The NCO Journal
    Latest Issue: 09.01.2012
    Total Issues: 92


    NCO Journal - 09.01.2012

    Downloads: 948

    Hits: 825

    September 2012 issue featuring NCOs at the Olympics, Senior Leaders Combat Hazing and the Sgt. Audie Murphy and Sgt. Morales Clubs.

    NCO Journal - 08.01.2012

    Downloads: 1797

    Hits: 1507

    August 2012 issue featuring the Growth of Europe's NCO Corps, Career Counselors: Retaining the Army's Best, Technology + Stories = Advanced Training, and... read more

    NCO Journal - 07.01.2012

    Downloads: 1197

    Hits: 932

    July 2012 issue featuring U.S. Army Marksmanship unit, the U.S. Army Sniper School, USASMA's 40th Anniversary and the World Class Athlete Program.

    NCO Journal - 06.01.2012

    Downloads: 1628

    Hits: 1506

    June 2012 issue featuring Female Engagement Teams, SFATS: Working themselves out of a job, Army Bands: Rocking into the future and the Army team at the... read more

    NCO Journal - 05.01.2012

    Downloads: 660

    Hits: 565

    May 2012 issue featuring fueling the Soldier, the Armor history and Natick.

    NCO Journal - 04.01.2012

    Downloads: 571

    Hits: 1014

    Remembering SMA William O. Wooldridge, the first sergeant major of the Army; Recruiting adapts to build tomorrow's Army; ACAP helps Soldiers in transition;... read more


    Unit: The NCO Journal
    Latest Issue: 09.01.2012
    Total Issues: 92