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The Arctic Warrior newspaper is a weekly metro-format newspaper with a printed circulation of 14,000 and a home website at The newspaper is printed in the interest of the men, women and families of the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) community, located adjacent to Anchorage, Alaska. JBER, pronounced "J-Bear," is home to Air Force, Army, Alaska Army and Air National Guard, and Marine Corps Reserve units. The Arctic Warrior is the flagship print publication for commanders in the Alaska military community. Our mission is to tell stories using the highest quality of writing, photography, layout and design possible.

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Arctic Warrior - 02.05.2016

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USARAK's winter games, Wainwright, JBER troops battle in 7-event contest; EOD Airmen train for the job no one wants to need them for; Privately owned weapons on installation must be registered, secured; Service members turn out in force to assist... more
Arctic Warrior - 01.29.2016

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Tern migration, 249 AS takes their show on the road; Use caution when taking dietary, performance supplements; Air Force’s Trusted Care program comes to JBER; CENTCOM bringing theater course to JBER for two sessions; Security Forces Squadron... more
Arctic Warrior - 01.22.2016

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Paratrooper awarded Soldier’s Medal; Photo story: Into the wild blue yonder, 525th Fighter Squadron Raptors depart for Kadena Air Base for training; 176th Wing engineers return to JBER from Middle East deployment; Balikatan 2016 offers Airmen a... more
Arctic Warrior - 01.15.2016

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Fire for effect, 2-377 PFAR lobs steel downrange; Guard director tours rural areas, talks engagement; Photo story: Fire and Ice, 1st Battalion (Airborne), 501st Infantry Regiment mortar practice; Even in a warm winter, there’s still snow on the... more
Arctic Warrior - 01.08.2016

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Getting a move on, Army, Air Force team up to move gear to JRTC; Unapproved medical care could cost you; Customer service evaluation program effects change on JBER; Marine Highway System policies ease travel for service members; Throughout... more
Arctic Warrior - 12.18.2015

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Slow down, don't be a statistic; Top Class: Largest group of students graduates from PME Center; Slow down on winter roadways; December marks National Impaired Driving Prevention Month; Pets need extra care during the dog days of ... winter?;... more
Arctic Warrior - 12.11.2015

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Deputy Dragoon, Canadian officer in deputy position at USARAK; Airmen create works of art with metals technology; Jumping in a winter wonderland; Stop the world and melt ... the frost off the plane; Joint Commission names JBER hospital top... more
Arctic Warrior - 12.04.2015

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Very metal Airmen, Structural maintenance flight keeps JBER airworthy; Be outstanding – or be outprocessing; 525th FS crew chiefs honored at ceremony; Mongolian NCO attends course with USARAK troops; Photo, Weather flight: a meteorological... more
Arctic Warrior - 11.27.2015

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Making the grade, Initiative turns senior NCOs into officers; Polar practicality, USARAK troops brave subzero temps during Cold-weather Indoctrination Course ruck march, bivouac; Baking up holiday cheer; Honorary commanders receive immersion... more
Arctic Warrior - 11.20.2015

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Flight line brake check, winter weather keeps Airmen busy doing the math for aircraft safety; Birds of a feather ‘mock-board’ together; Stopping sexual assault before it starts; SFS conducts annual combatives training; Guard’s senior... more
Arctic Warrior - 11.13.2015

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Honoring Veterans, Community remembers those who have served; Guardian Angels rescue 2 near Skwentna; Carter: Alaska plays critical strategic role for America; Just drive – leave the talking and texting for later; From master sergeant to... more
Arctic Warrior - 11.06.2015

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Air Force NCO battles breast cancer with a will to win; Officials laud good training, swift response to hospital incident; A warm welcome home; Tops In Blue; How to mitigate illness this cold and flu season; Matters of Faith; U.S. Capitol... more
Arctic Warrior - 10.30.2015

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Doing time in Hell, Survivor speaks out about domestic, sexual abuse; Quest of the quarter, Dicemen defeat Bulldogs; It’s my aircraft; I just let the major fly it once in a while,Dedicated crew chiefs honored by 90th Fighter Squadron; Christmas... more
Arctic Warrior - 10.23.2015

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Search and rescue, 1-207th Aviation troops practice casualty evacuation; Acute Care clinic to open its doors wider; In honor of Alaska Day, 9th Army Band inspires,educates through concerts in Sitka; Alaska Guardsmen escort WWII, Korean War vets... more
Arctic Warrior - 10.16.2015

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A taste for service, Guatemalan-borne NCO relishes life as airborne cook; A visit to the Pentagon, JBER Airman meets senior Joint, Air Force leadeship; Marijuana remains illegal according to federal law; Pride of the Snow Team, 773d Civil... more
Arctic Warrior - 10.09.2015

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The Voice of the victims, Special victim counselor is independent attorney,advocate for victims of sexual crime; Alaska Air Guard rescue trains in Homer waters; A shot in the arm; Gladiators of the gridiron; Energy Action Month campaign kicks... more
Arctic Warrior - 10.02.2015

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Geronimo, 1st and 3rd Geronimos jump from helicopters; CFC season is here again – see how you can change a life; New AKNG command sergeant major hits the groud running; Best Soldiers; Dissimilar training for similar goals, Navy, Air Force hone... more
Arctic Warrior - 09.25.2015

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Yukla 27 rememered, Families mark 20 years since tragic loss of AWACS crew; Nations assemble for historic airborne SUSV drop; AWACS tragedy spurred safety improvements; National Preparedness Month: Volcano edition; Matters of Faith; 68 Years:... more
Arctic Warrior - 09.18.2015

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Reserve Raptor ready; JBER hosts memorial for Yukla 27 crew; A little grease doesn’t get C-17 Globemaster III crew chief down; Alaska Air Guardsmen rescue three from sinking boat; AFE Airmen provide lifesaving equipment on every JBER flight;... more
Arctic Warrior - 09.11.2015

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Aerospace ground equipment Airmen get base-specific training; Thefts on the rise; Disaster Preparedness Month series, Be ready for earthquakes; A state fair beef showdown; USARAK Soldier expands Chilean partnership; JBER pharmacy undergoes... more
Arctic Warrior - 09.03.2015

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The arctic executive, President Obama visits Alaska; Guardsmen compete in 2015 Adjutant General’s Match; Knowledge is power for AMYA graduates; JBER Airmen attend professional development seminar; Matters of Faith; National Preparedness Month
Arctic Warrior - 08.28.2015

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A common language, Royal Thai Air Force CCTs train at JBER; Pacific Airlift Rally brings 14 nations to JBER; USARAK commander sets out priorities for readiness; Off to Orient Shield, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division loads... more
Arctic Warrior - 08.20.2015

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Red Flag, Seven countries participate in exercise; Munitions Airmen blow doors off Red Flag; The guns of August; Elmendorf Fitness Center hosts 17-mile bike race; Matters of Faith; JBER Family Advocacy hosts Daddy Day
Arctic Warrior - 08.14.2015

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Taking the plunge, USARAK Soldiers conduct water survival training; What lies beneath, JBER upgrades water supply lines; Nepali troops attend Warrior Leaders Course at JBER; VA secretary visits JBER; There's an active shooter in the building,... more
Arctic Warrior - 08.07.2015

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SMA visits troops in the Last Frontier; Fire in the hole, JBER EOD troops get hands-on with IEDs; JBER medical personnel see patients as family; Top cover, Airmen maintain America's remote invisible armor; August marks Army's 5th Antiterrorism... more
Arctic Warrior - 07.31.2015

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Top sergeants and brothers in arms; Airman talks why she became victim advocate; Always remember: Family members, comrades celebrate lives of Sitka 43 fallen; Guardian Angel launch; JBER transition summit offers networking; Sports season means... more
Arctic Warrior - 07.24.2015

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Load crew competition; Marines in the mountains: 1st Recon Battalion in Alaska; Soldiers participate in CBRN training; Kayak training; Summer sports saftey; Matters of Faith; Mountain biking with FSS; The sun is out, and sor are the bears;
Arctic Warrior - 07.17.2015

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USARAK Change of Command; RED HORSE rebuild; 1/40th Cavalry redeploys; Veterans in Blue: Johnny "Bulldog" Hernandez; Matters of Faith; Arctic Warriors participate in Bear Paw festival
Arctic Warrior - 07.10.2015

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Spartans jump into Talisman Sabre; JBER Soldier dies in motorcycle accident; Black Hawk crews continue firefighting mission; Denali paratroopers hand off Kosovo mission to Guard unit; Failure can be a learning opportunity; Coast Guard aircrews... more
Arctic Warrior - 07.02.2015

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U.S., Australia partnership takes it to the Outback; F/A-18 Super Hornets: Lessons in communication; Commander's holiday safety message; No selfies: three steps to better leadership; Marine KC-130Js fuel Northern Edge; AACS tests upgraded AWACS;... more
Arctic Warrior - 06.25.2015

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Bulldogs bring some intimidation to Northern Edge 2015; JBER brings personnel, equipment to bear on wildfires; Colony Glacier remains recovery mission continues; Alaska Corps of Engineers assist Nepal with Operation Sahyogi Haat; Guardsmen battle... more
Arctic Warrior - 06.19.2015

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Joint U.S. forces kick off Northern Edge 2015 exercise; Aircraft arrest system protects planes, pilots;Guardsmen head to Ulaanbaatar for Exercise Khaan Quest; Arctic Oasis offers family fun; ATV safety course prepares riders for all terrain;... more
Arctic Warrior - 06.12.2015

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673d Fuels Management Flight best in Air Force; Fun doesn't have to include alcohol; DoD's EO policy changes; USARAK troops battle it out in combatives; Paratroopers visit Normandy for 71st D-Day anniversary; Victim Advocates lend a helping hand;... more
Arctic Warrior - 06.05.2015

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Angels of the Pacific, six nations take part in Pacific Angel 15-4; 176th Wing Civil Engineers deploy in support of OEF; New Air Force regulation bans tobacco use in outdoor areas; Civil Engineers conduct repair projects; First to fight, USARAK... more
Arctic Warrior - 05.29.2015

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Airman finds niche, family history in EOD career; Boniface gate closure due to maintenance; USB devices, fitness bands have no place on network; Driving on JBER's airfield requires training, caution; Trial by fire, USAFA cadets train with JBER... more
Arctic Warrior - 05.21.2015

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2nd Engineer Brigade inactivates; 3rd MUNS Airmen train to build munitions; Forward Observer doesn't quit; 3rd ASOS conducts joint 'jump week' with 1 Geronimo troops; Rendering honors to the flag; Boniface gate to close temporarily; Honoring... more
Arctic Warrior - 05.15.2015

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Soldiers from 725 Brigade Support Battalion (Airborne) and Air Force Pararescumen from the 212th Rescue Squadron conduct joint training; 477th Fighter Group maintainers channel NASCAR; Range Safety: JBER conducts controlled burns; University of... more
Arctic Warrior - 05.08.2015

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Engineer units deactivate; JBER humanitarian aid to Nepal; USARAK Best Warrior competition; Bronze Star awarded to creator of Afghan Air University; Retired Chief Master Sgt. retires once again from AFJROTC after an additional 20 years; Command... more
Arctic Warrior - 05.01.2015

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Pararescueman recounts 25 years of service; JBER man saves local dog; 52nd Aviation Regiment assists National Park Service prepare McKinley base camps for climbers; Grace under fire, Soldiers perform stress-fire exercises; Air Force PME center;... more
Arctic Warrior - 04.24.2015

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Troops conduct biannual 'ammo barge' mission; Warrior Transition Units in Alaska to inactivate; Everyone plays a critical role in preventing sexual assault; Judge Advocate offices release courts-martial, NJP results; 725th BSB Centurions qualify... more
Arctic Warrior - 04.17.2015

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297th Battlefield Support Battalion conducts training in Bethel; Cloudy with a chance of JDAM; Spartan sisters-in-arms conduct all-female jump; Airman aims high for the future; Alaska Air Guard members rescue stranded hiker on glacier; Matters of... more
Arctic Warrior - 04.03.2015

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Rapid Raptor; 477th Fighter Group new commander; USARAK brings new assets to Alaska Rescue Coordination Center; Pathfinder; Swinging for the fences; Alaska emergency preparedness;24-hour Challenge; Matters of Faith; Students learn disappearing act
Arctic Warrior - 03.27.2015

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Mass-tactical exercise; Alaska Army National Guard welcomes new commander; Exercise rock and a hard place tests civil response; Airman weds military/civilian careers; Firebirds visit Malyasia, build worldwide bridges; USARAK officer vies for slot... more
Arctic Warrior - 03.20.2015

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JBER Pain Clinic; Alaska Air National Guard SFS deployment prep; Diagnostic Imaging Airman; February Military justice proceedings;New Greatest Generation; High-intensity workout; Assistance Fund Campaigns begin; Matters of Faith; It's all about... more
Arctic Warrior - 03.13.2015

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Territorial Guard defense of Alaska recalls American Revolution; Spartan first sergeant earns master parachutist badge; Army researchers team up with Norwegian military for nutrition study; Marine analyst visits Spartan brigade; Don't be... more
Arctic Warrior - 03.06.2015

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Air Force Chief's path to success; 716th EOD deployment; Deadhorse drop tests paratroopers' arctic skills; Lives changed by military youth academy; Matters of Faith; Volunteer opportunities open new doors with BOSS
Arctic Warrior - 02.20.2015

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673 ABW Annual Awards; Alaska wings earn AF Outstanding Unit Awards; 525th Fighter Squadron commander hits 1000-hours in Raptor; JBER iSporstman policy change; OPSEC a state of mind; Cold Regions Military Mountaineering Collaborative; Sexual... more
Arctic Warrior - 02.13.2015

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Trailblazers mark redeployment from Afghanistan; 98th Maintenance Company prepares to deploy to Kuwait; U.S., Canadian air forces create integrated top cover; Cleaning up HAZMAT in the cold; Alaska Guardsman to address cyberwar conference; JBER... more
Arctic Warrior - 02.06.2015

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Guardian Angel recounts battle; Contributions to civil rights movement; Retired Maj. Gen. nears second retirement; Combat Alert Cell; Trap and skeet photo feature; Dental Health month; Super Bowl celebration
Arctic Warrior - 01.30.2015

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Celebrating 50; Spartan paratroopers graduate Finnish course; Canadian warrant officer recounts 29 years of service; Volunteer tax preparer shares experience; Matters of Faith; Staying safe while ice fishing;
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