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The Krab Kronicle is the official newspaper of the 506th Air Expeditionary Group, located at Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq. The mission of the 506th AEG is to facilitate the reconstruction, operation, maintenance and base defense of Kirkuk Regional Air Base in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Kirkuk is strategically located in the central portion of Northern Iraq and plays a key role in the effort to maintain air dominance in this portion of the country.

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Krab Kronicle, The - 12.18.2006

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Erbil hosts Iraq's fi rst scheduled airline service; Battle uniform available to deploying Airmen this spring; Making the best of the holidays while deployed; USCENTAF commander sends holiday message; Foods that boost your moods; An Air Force... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 11.20.2006

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U.S. Airmen help Iraqis take fl ight again; Squadron 3 achieves mission success; USCENTAF commander: Thank you; Dream a little dream, ways to improve your sleep; NCOs have a shot at school through AFIT; A diet for all seasons: Part Two
Krab Kronicle, The - 11.06.2006

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Leadership Focus: A Moving Experience; Moves, changes in the future for Kirkuk; Air Force's top civil engineer pays visit to Kirkuk; AF incorporates 0-0-1-3 principles; A diet for all seasons: Part One; Nine career fi elds open to AF prior... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 10.23.2006

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Leadership Focus:E-mail phishing: Don't take the bait; Medics saving lives, right here, right now; Going the extra mile to make things better for all; Healthy food choices key to fitness; Two new programs guide enlisted force shaping...
Krab Kronicle, The - 05.08.2006

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Photo contest winners announced; KRAB mission is 'Bodacious�; Chief McKinley selected as 15th CMSAF; News from around the Air Force; CROWS gets Airmen out of the turett; Iraqi pilots will fly again; Seargeant creates works of art; Teacher,... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 04.24.2006

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506th ECS Photo Contest, Redeployment is in the works, What's in a diamond?, Network passwords soon a thing of the past, News from around the Air Force, Airmen train Afghan Soldiers for first mission, Air Force Engineers support the fight, EMEDS... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 04.10.2006

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Eye in the sky keeps Airmen safe; Respect, the tie that binds the NCO corps; Airmen voice opinions in 2005 climate survey; News from around the Air Force; Response teams prepare for CBRN threats; Base defense mission goes beyond perimeter; Bird... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 03.27.2006

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Plan brings patrols to base; Don't just float through your career: Be a swimmer; Air Force puts CAC on track; SARC services available locally; ABU finalized, ready for production; News from around the Air Force; Fuels Airmen train Iraqi Air... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 03.13.2006

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CENTAF commander visits base; KRAB must focus on the mission; ELRS adopts a road, cleans up trash; Beginning Again - Iraqi AF spreads its wings; Air Force releases 2006 posture statement; Military working dogs; Civil engineers rebuild Iraq; Make... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 02.27.2006

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Fitness center gets new equipment, General Buchanan bids farewell to Airmen, Critical in today's, tomorrow's war, HQ Air Force realigns similar to 'J-staff' model, Guard unit keeps an eye on the sky....
Krab Kronicle, The - 02.27.2006

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Fitness center gets new equipment, General Buchanan bids farewell to Airmen, OPSEC Critical in today's, tomorrow's war, HQ Air Force realigns similar to 'J-staff' model, Guard unit keeps an eye on the sky, ...
Krab Kronicle, The - 02.13.2006

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506th AEG changes command; Commitment to mission, taking care of each other top priorities for 9/10 team; News from around the Air Force; Military parents send Arizona heat; Airmen get back to basics; Utilities shop works around the clock; Photos... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 01.30.2006

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Security forces transformation: More than meets the eye; The future of security forces; Makin' it happen at the KRAB; Around the Air Force; Airmen pitch in, support Civil Affairs; Hamas and the vote...
Krab Kronicle, The - 01.16.2006

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Staying out of the way; Not just for Airmen; Infrastructure team makes the 'POInT�; Army beats Air Force, refs help; Islamic Ritual: Aqiqah; Warrior Team Spotlight...
Krab Kronicle, The - 01.02.2006

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Members of the Profession of Arms; Bringing a Piece of Iraq Back Home; Homecoming trials: Redeployment phase can be difficult; Counting the boots and knowing who owns them; An Idol on the KRAB; Christmas - Krab Style...
Krab Kronicle, The - 12.19.2005

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Thankful for being here with you; Air Force releases new mission statement; SECAF visits KRAB: new mission; Wing Commander visits AEG Airmen; Stressing in the AOR; KRAB IDOL: making of a star; TAC-P/CE team crowned ultimate Frisbee Champions;... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 12.05.2005

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Planning ahead for your trip home; Traffic control; Make a joyful noise; History of the Air Force Song; Keeping the KRAB in water; Painful Lesson; Thanksgiving Day - Krab Style; Arab Christianity; Mortuary Team...
Krab Kronicle, The - 11.21.2005

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A fallen Soldier, a fellow Soldier: a true honor to serve; The Enlisted Force, Without Exception the Most Educated, Highly Skill Enlisted Force in the World!; Visit from above; AEG Commander gets clipped by cops; A Veteran's Day for all veterans;... more
Krab Kronicle, The - 11.07.2005

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I Salute the warrior in you; Moving an Army-twice; Color me confused... Understanding alarms conditions; Dog gone Keeping the base free of stray dogs; Dodge ball free for all; Culture Gram; warrior Team Spotlight: Airfield Management...
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