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The official publication of the 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support). This magazine is a semi-annual publication detailing the major events and missions of the 807th MDSC. The Pulse also has an online edition that is published bi-monthly that focuses more on the internal communications of the command.

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The Pulse - 10.01.2015

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The official magazine of the 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support), 2015 printed edition, digitally uploaded.
The Pulse - 10.03.2014

500 hits


The official magazine of the 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support), headquartered at Fort Douglas, Utah, and managing all Army Reserve Medical units from Ohio to the west coast.
The Pulse - 05.30.2014

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Spring/Summer 2014 DIGITAL Edition of The Pulse, the official magazine of the 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support).
The Pulse - 12.26.2013

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In this issue: first-hand stories from EFMB candidates, making a difference in Panama, bone marrow matching in the Army and more.
The Pulse - 08.01.2013

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he Summer/Fall 2013 issue of The Pulse. Features the Best Warrior competition, Arctic Care 2013 in Alaska and training conducted in Belize and Panama.
The Pulse - 10.08.2012

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The Summer/Fall 2012 issue of The Pulse. Features include the 807th MDSC change of command, as well as international missions in Belize, Guatemala, and Peru. Also training features on Canadian cooperation, and field blood draws. Personal... more
The Pulse - 04.09.2012

816 hits


Print version of The Pulse from Winter/Spring 2012. Features include the 94th CSH training Malian Soldiers, a cataract repair mission to El Salvador, and biomedical repair at a public hospital in Honduras. The focus of the magazine is... more
The Pulse - 03.30.2012

57 hits


The March 2012 Online Edition of The Pulse, featuring missions to Belize and Mali, as well as Army biathlon champion, 1st Lt. Barbara Blanke.
The Pulse - 02.01.2012

417 hits


The December/January 2012 edition of The Pulse Online, features from Afghanistan and the Dental Sustainment Training Site in California.
The Pulse - 11.21.2011

191 hits


Online version of The Pulse for August-November 2011. Includes the 325th CSH in Kuwait, Biomed repair in Honduras, 1st Lt. Ware wins Marine Corps Marathon, Vets working at charities, and much more.
The Pulse - 11.01.2011

116 hits


Summer/Fall 2011 print edition of The Pulse. Features include Arctic Care 2011, biomedical equipment specialists, agreement with General Electric, pediatric training at Columbus Children's hospital, veterinarians in South Africa, training with... more
The Pulse - 07.28.2011

40 hits


June/July 2011 online edition of The Pulse.
The Pulse - 04.01.2011

48 hits


Winter/Spring 2011 edition of the print version of The Pulse, the official magazine of the 807th Medical Command.
The Pulse - 10.01.2010

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Medical Diplomacy in South & Central America; 807th MDSC Soldiers win national awards, Best Warrior; Soldiers on the USNS Mercy
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