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The USF-I Chronicle (formerly Coalition Chronicle) is a product of United States Forces - Iraq Public Affairs, located on Camp Victory, Iraq. The publication features stories, news briefs and photos focusing on the partnership efforts between U.S. and Iraqi forces in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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USF-I Chronicle - 02.01.2011

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----FINAL EDITION---- XVIII Airborne Corps returns to Iraq; New system provides sunny outlook on Iraqi weather; Iraqi, U.S. forces search for extremists in Mosul; Tadreeb Al Shamil includes live-fire exercise
USF-I Chronicle - 01.01.2011

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Wounded Warriors return to combat zone for Proper Exit; U.S. trains Iraqi forces in air-to-ground intergration; U.S. military doctors partner with Iraqi delivery room nurses; U.S. Security Forces Squadron trains Iraqis in advance confrontation... more
USF-I Chronicle - 12.01.2010

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Medical partnership: U.S. training program assists Iraqi doctors; U.S. Soldiers instruct Iraqi Soldiers in checkpoint operations; Iraqi Security Forces learn defensive driving techniques; Joint Base Balad sponsors Iraqi Kids Day
USF-I Chronicle - 11.01.2010

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Strengthening communities, building partnerships; USF-I CSM Joseph R. Allen offers advice to troops; Provisional training site deals with surge in Iraqi Army recruits; Uniting through Scouting; U.S. Soldiers train Iraqi trainers
USF-I Chronicle - 10.01.2010

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Iraqi, U.S. Forces - joint partnership provides aid; Iraqi Police learn EOD fundaments; Iraqi medics hone life-saving MEDEVAC techniques; HTAT-S uses social science to save lives
USF-I Chronicle - 09.01.2010

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Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III returns to Iraq, takes command of USF-I as Operation New Dawn begins; JBB welcomes new partner; New Iraqi Army general arrives in Diyala; Iraqi CET Course conducts first graduation
USF-I Chronicle - 08.01.2010

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Change of Mission: Operation New Dawn; U.S., Iraqi forces make transition; U.S. military, Iraqi Security Forces open refurbished school in Taji; PRT provides advice, assistance to local community, GoI
USF-I Chronicle - 07.01.2010

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USF-I Celebrates Army’s 235th Birthday; Peshmerga begin basic infantry training; Deployed parent watches live graduation ceremony; Iraqi Army and Iraqi Air Force train jointly
USF-I Chronicle - 06.01.2010

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U.S., Iraqis partner in Forward Observer Training; EOD technicians honor their fallen; MASCAL exercise held at Joint Base Balad; USAF helps Iraqi Air Force rebuild
USF-I Chronicle - 05.01.2010

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28th CSH welcomes visiting Iraqi doctors; Iraqi Soldiers train to solve transmission troubles; Baqubah QRF disperses mock riot; And the bands played on....
USF-I Chronicle - 04.01.2010

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MPs get Iraqi Highway Patrol Ready to Roll; Soldiers help Iraqis make electrical advancements; Ohio Scout NCO leading the way; SoI families get assistance from U.S. Army medics
USF-I Chronicle - 03.01.2010

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Iraqi security forces provide protection for National Elections; Combined Security Force highlights partnership; Iraqi firefighters show skills; Vendor Fair aims to improve Iraqi economy
USF-I Chronicle - 02.01.2010

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Marines Transfer Authority in Ramadi; Love Results from Combat Injury; Iraqi Headquarters Gets New Home; Daughters of Iraq doing their part and making a difference; Soldiers helping Iraqis in need; U.S. Corps of Engineers bringing good things to... more
USF-I Chronicle - 01.22.2010

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