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Falcon Flyer, The
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The Falcon Flyer is published for the Soldiers and Families of the Falcon Brigade.

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Falcon Flyer, The - 02.20.2011

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The Falcon Flyer
Falcon Flyer, The - 01.17.2011

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The Falcon Flyer
Falcon Flyer, The - 08.01.2007

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Falcons take the fight to the enemy; Rescued Pilots; Real Military Intelligence; Carpenters build morale; Corrective training straight from the regulation; Private Prissy: More to life than Gucci sunglasses; Extreme construction: soldiers build... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 08.15.2005

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Two Aviation Brigade Soldiers become America's newest citizens, Commander's Column, Tiger sharks pony up skills in vehicle rodeo, Medevac Co. trained, ready, Avn. Bde. Soldiers: new U.S. citizens, Aviation Brigade in action, Marne Express:... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 07.25.2005

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Tiger shark milestone: One million gallons and counting for 3-3 AHB, COMMANDER: 'UNSUNG HEROES�, Aviation medics respond during exercise, Ground support maintenance: Keeping aviation's wheels rolling, 1-3 Supply reps provide essential... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 06.22.2005

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Camp Taji celebrates Army's 230th birthday, 2-3 GSAB Pilots put Blackhawks to test, AMC keeps Brigade Soldiers combat-ready, Renegade: Troop, 1-3 Reap Benefits, Medics save Lives, Prevent future illness, Army announces new Sexual Assault Policy...
Falcon Flyer, The - 05.31.2005

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Assault Battalion transports 25,000th passenger; Camp Welcomes Superman; Modern day Riveters: 3-3 Attack Bn Mechanics keep Apaches flying high; 603rd Sgts sponsor 'Taji fight night'; Aviation Soldiers in Action; 2-3 General Support rewarded in... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 05.08.2005

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Working together with the Iraqi National Guard; Iraqi National Guard Visits Brigade: Falcon Brigade welcomes ING Generals; Bde provides Church services, morale for Butler Ranger Soldiers; Iraqi army receives training on disease prevention,... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 04.21.2005

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Brigade holds record setting re-enlistment ceremony; Commander: use discretion during hot tempatures; 177 Brigade Soldiers 'stay Army'; Brigade HHC protects officials; Aviation Soldiers in Action; Commo shop keeps 3-3 attack wired; Monitoring the... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 04.01.2005

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Multi-National Corps-Iraq Commander visits brigade; Commander: safety essential during leave; Brigade ceremony celebrates Women's History Month; Airfield expansion near completion; 4/3 AHB Air Assault makes Div. history; All in a day's work; HHC... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 03.15.2005

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Mailroom Delivers Thoughts From Home; Commander's Column: Making Safety Your Top Priority; Apaches Pilots Achieve Mission Success; Let's Get Physical: Aviation Soldier Instructs Camp Taji Aerobics Class in Spare Time; Alpha Co., 603rd 'Keeps 'em... more
Falcon Flyer, The - 02.28.2005

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Falcon Brigade Takes Charge; Commander's Column; New Home for Aviation Brigade; Camp Taji (Photo Essay); Aviation Soldiers Save Lives; 4/3 Aviation Convoys into Iraq; Falcon Brigade Ready to Take the Reigns; Battalion Pre-Deployment Reports...
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