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A weekly publication from the 1st Marine Logistics Group's Public Affairs Office.

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The Convoy - 12.31.2010

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Corps' top leaders visit Marines; Marines remembered for dedication, sacrifice
The Convoy - 12.24.2010

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Mark Wahlberg visits 1st MLG; ‘Secret Santa’ delivers Christmas cheer; Nickle bids farewell to CLR-15; Beast wins ‘Best of the West’;
The Convoy - 12.18.2010

55 hits


Secretary of Defense visits troops in Afghanistan; Marine awarded Purple Heart Medal in Afghanistan; Marine combat meritoriously promoted to sergeant
The Convoy - 12.10.2010

97 hits


Paving the way: Marines improve road in southern Afghanistan; New counseling hotline aims to “DSTRESS” Marines, families; 1st MLG Beast wins championship
The Convoy - 12.01.2010

94 hits


Family and friends gather to pay final respects; Engineers improve security in Sangin; CLB-1 conducts safety stand-down; Afghan National Army logistics unit begins independent operations; Marines prepare for cook-off challenge; Sgt. of Marines,... more
The Convoy - 11.24.2010

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Embedded partnering team mentors Afghan National Army to operate independently; Donors screen for Walking Blood Bank; Dubbs takes reins of 7th ESB.
The Convoy - 11.22.2010

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A birthday message from the commandant; 235th Marine Corps birthday messages; CLR-17 celebrates the 235th Marine Corps birthday; 1st MLG FWD celebrates Marine Corps’ 235th birthday; CLB-3 continues the birthday tradition from Afghanistan;... more
The Convoy - 11.19.2010

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EOD Marine remembered for heart, selflessness and courage; Heroes return home from 7-month deployment; Marine engineers inhibit IED placement through road improvements; CLB-3 minimizes risk to maximize support; 1st MLG Marines support Murrieta... more
The Convoy - 11.12.2010

73 hits


Commandant of the Marine Corps holds town hall meeting; Motor Transport keeps Marines in the fight; Bridge Marines gather valuable information during recon mission;Bulk fuel Marines simulate fuel farm; CLB-3 enhances forward operating base;... more
The Convoy - 11.04.2010

548 hits


Coalition forces honor fallen EOD Marine, firend; Family, friends welcome fallen Marine home; CLB-3 constructs bridge, aids Afghan community.
The Convoy - 10.29.2010

116 hits


CLB-3 begins independent operations; CLB-3 Marines take the reins; CLB-5 returns after 7-month deployment; Deployed Marines keep patriotism high in Afghanistan; Marines participate in Enhanced Mojave Viper training; CLB-3 begins independent... more
The Convoy - 10.22.2010

92 hits


7th ESB activates Bridge Co.; Landing Support detatchment; Transportation Support Co. B contributes to big picture missions; 101 Days of Summer Challenge CLR-17 takes first place; Corporals attend course to brush up on leadership skills
The Convoy - 10.15.2010

153 hits


Sailors celebrate 235th Birthday; Marine receives Bronze Star for heroic actions; CLB-3 and CLB-5 conduct missions together during relief in place; Globally Sourced: Medical personnel from around the world join for combat training; CLR-1... more
The Convoy - 10.05.2010

128 hits


Surgical Co. saves baby's life; 7th ESB Celebrates 60th Anniversary; Mortuary Affairs Marines awarded for dedication; Building provides new stomping grounds for 1st MLG Marines; Dedication and the art of mastering time; Brother duo reunited in... more
The Convoy - 09.28.2010

651 hits


2nd MLG leaders visit Afghanistan; 9th ESB Marines construct largest bridge in Afghanistan; Bridge: aimed to benefit coalition, Afghans; Motorcyclists ride to honor fallen brothers; More 1st MLG Marines, sailors deploy; 10.2 begins operations... more
The Convoy - 09.21.2010

187 hits


‘Heartbeat’ of combat operations; CLR-1 Sports Day builds camaraderie; 9th ESB Marines build up Kajaki base; Page 6 Female engineer helps improve base; Photos from around 1st Marine Logistics Group;
The Convoy - 09.07.2010

715 hits


Memorial honors fallen warriors, Route recon keeps enemy guessing, CLR-17 hosts cook-off, CLR-15 Marines never ‘tire’ of hauling supplies
The Convoy - 09.01.2010

152 hits


Treating ‘invisible wounds; Marines graduate Corporals Course; MWR centers boost morale of deployed Marines; 1st MLG moves into new building
The Convoy - 08.24.2010

54 hits


Commandant visits 1st MLG; Engineers build center for Afghan police; Mechanic innovates repair of 7-ton trucks;
The Convoy - 08.19.2010

188 hits


Volunteers teach Afghan kids; MCCS Marines shatter sales record; MCCS: Boosts morale of deployed troops; School: Helping shape Afghanistan’s future; Medical Training;
The Convoy - 08.10.2010

129 hits


Marines partner with Afghans; Marine awarded medal for ‘superior performance’;
The Convoy - 08.03.2010

142 hits


Covered this week is the funeral for GySgt Christopher Eastman, CLB-6 Marine awarded for valor, Wounded Warrior facility: helping injured Marines get back to the fight and CLB-6 passes the reigns to CLB-2 during a transfer of authority.
The Convoy - 07.27.2010

350 hits


Fallen EOD Marine ‘laid down his life for others’; Many gather to mourn the loss of fellow Marine; Alpha Company trucks gear to Sangin-based 3/7 in preparation for turnover; Two of 7th ESBs top enlisted leave the Corps; MP receives award for... more
The Convoy - 07.20.2010

453 hits


Moving toward the sound of the guns; Tip of the spear: Marines graduate Corporals Course in Afghanistan; CLR-1 and CLB-5 enjoy family-fun day
The Convoy - 07.14.2010

559 hits


Family, friends and fellow service members gather to pay their final respects; Former DI reunites with legacy recruits during Afghanistan deployment; CLB-13 practices disaster response; CLB-6 Marines, sailors enjoy food and fun during field meet
The Convoy - 07.07.2010

697 hits


Happy Anniversary, 1st MLG; Marines, sailors celebrate anniversary; 63 years of excellence; Independence Day Beach Bash
The Convoy - 06.29.2010

184 hits


Commandant honors 1st MLG, 1st Marine Logistics Group anniversary message, engineer hopes to ‘spark some innovation’ against IED threats and July 4th Safety Message.
The Convoy - 06.22.2010

212 hits


Hospital Corpsmen celebrate 112 years of service; CLR-15 celebrates Asian Pacific Heritage Day; ‘Myles’ from home: Twin brother, sister reunite in Afghanistan;
The Convoy - 06.15.2010

226 hits


1st MLG corpsmen team up to save lives at British hospital in Afghanistan; Kosovo-born Marine becomes US citizen in Afghanistan; ‘Life is only as good as the road you live on:’ Marine engineers improve roads in Marjah; Marine mechanics repair... more
The Convoy - 06.08.2010

618 hits


CLB-6 Honors Purple Heart Recipients during Memorial Day service; 7th ESB Marines awarded for ‘heroic actions’ during Leatherneck fire; 9th ESB joins 1st MLG for support; Dawn Blitz
The Convoy - 05.25.2010

748 hits


1st Marine Logistics Group bids fairwell to seinor leader; 1st MLG hosts annual 101 Days of Summer expo; Corpsmen ensures Marines stay healthy.
The Convoy - 05.18.2010

568 hits


Annual Multi-Cultural Day celebration displays diversity; Corps helps wounded troops collect extra money; Marines and sailors reunite with families; Accomplished CLB-6 bagpipe player laces Afghan air with musical motivation; Like a good neighbor:... more
The Convoy - 05.18.2010

209 hits


7th ESB returns home at last from Afganistan; Corps helps wounded troops collect extra money; beAnnual Multi-Cultural Day celebration displays diversity; Marines and sailors reunite with families; Accomplished CLB-6 bagpipe player laces Afghan... more
The Convoy - 05.11.2010

314 hits


Wrecker teams recover military vehicles from Afghanistan desert; 7th ESB Marines train for urban warfare; Military Spouse Appreciation Day essay contest; Operational Stress Control and Readiness Program implemented to I MEF
The Convoy - 05.04.2010

322 hits


Family and friends gather to pay final respects; Mobile Trauma Bay brings medical care closer to battlefield; After Marine leaves work, the apron stays on; Food service specialist cooks his way to the top; Marine engineers construct SWA huts,... more
The Convoy - 04.27.2010

154 hits


Marines receive training from world renowned culinary institute, No Marine left behind:Mortuary Affairs Specialist bring angels home, Tobacco-Free Initiative, Red Patchers walk under the danger zone, Service members help build the dreams of many
The Convoy - 04.20.2010

205 hits


CLR-17 and CLR-15 share commanding officer, Postal Marines keep morale high, Combat Logistics Battalion 1 Marines, sailors 'will go down in Marine Corps history,' general says, Pocket-Sized Pieces of Mind: Deployed Marines keep reminders of home,... more
The Convoy - 04.12.2010

326 hits


Marines resupply ground troops by air, Combat Docs: 'We fix them up and get them back on duty', NMCI jumps on social media bandwagon, Marines improve combat skills
The Convoy - 04.06.2010

390 hits


Commandant visits EOD Marines; 3rd Annual Motor-T event; conduct Marine Fights Fires and Terrorism in Afghanistan; United Through Reading program helps deployed service members stay connected with families; CLR 17 hosts All Hands Sports and... more
The Convoy - 03.30.2010

355 hits


Traditions held by Bronze Star recipient;Family readiness officers unite with beach walk
The Convoy - 03.22.2010

701 hits


1st MLG deploys to Afghanistan; 7th ESB spends day competing and building camaraderie; Marines pay Afghans back for battle damage; Preplanning, results in joyous ride; The true history of a Mess Night; CLB-13 builds camaraderie through mess night
The Convoy - 03.16.2010

278 hits


Marines remember fellow comrade, Marines take aim during shooting competition, SMP's trip to San Fran, At Afghan outpost: Marines leading the fight
The Convoy - 03.09.2010

728 hits


Bulk fuel specialist conduct full scale training operation; FROs welcomed to 1st MLG; Marines held to higher MCMAP standards; March is Women's History Month; 1st MLG Marines leave for Afghanistan;
The Convoy - 03.02.2010

591 hits


FRSS capability helps response time for injured service members on front lines; Conover takes reins as Regimental Sgt. Maj.; 7th ESB Marines participate in excavator licensing course; Food Service Company stands on their own; Carr wins Marine of... more
The Convoy - 02.23.2010

573 hits


Wearing Wayne's boots: Jane shoots target, throws genades then jumps off the deep end; Iron Fist beats death with health care; 14 Area chow hall takes the gold in quarterly competition; Famous flag raising photo not the original
The Convoy - 02.16.2010

988 hits


Marine Engineer Survive Marjah Blast, Operation Moshtarak, U.S. Marine walks away from shot to helmet in Afghanistan, financial classes help during economic low
The Convoy - 02.09.2010

508 hits


Air delivery for troops on the ground; 7th ESB Gunnery Sgt. receives Bronze Star; Home is where the pack is: Marines set up Camp in Southern Afghan Desert; Class gives important nutritional enlightenment for Pendleton occupants staying fit.
The Convoy - 02.02.2010

511 hits


New water purification system for GI's; Marine ranks change over 234 years; USO host care packaging party; Identity theft-what to do when it happens to you; New Sgt. Maj. for 1st MLG
The Convoy - 01.26.2010

307 hits


Marines step into virtual battlefield; MARADMIN clarifies new tattoo trends; Marines honored at heroes luncheon.
The Convoy - 01.19.2010

469 hits


Spending time with students: Marines participate in school's annual Jog-a-Thon; Marine saves choking man's life; Bringing home the gold: 1st MLG wins 1st Place in Division III USAA Cup; 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit deploys to Haiti; Welding... more
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