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The Scimitar is a weekly paper published by the Multi-National Force - Iraq and Multi-National Corps - Iraq Joint Public Affairs Office. It is distributed throughout Iraq alongside the Stars & Stripes every Friday

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Scimitar, The - 03.03.2006

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Training Iraq's Future Leaders; Iraqi Army assumes more battlespace responsibility; Civility over civil war; 1st Armor Div.: We are watching; Blackhawk pilot makes suggestion, wins big; Police force bolsters strength; U.S. ARMY CORPS OF... more
Scimitar, The - 02.24.2006

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DoD helps launch financial program; Iraqi Soldiers learn land navigation; Adding up the miles in Iraq; Where is 'old Army' of yesterday?; Twin brothers meet in Iraq; Protocol provides red carpet service; Iraqi Army making strides; We build, we... more
Scimitar, The - 02.17.2006

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Certifying Iraq's future; 332nd ECES firefighters save lives; No one is more professional than NCOs; Iraqi NCOs train their own; To sleep! perchance to dream ' ay, there's the rub; Worst case scenario; Blood of a Nation...; Marines prevent... more
Scimitar, The - 02.10.2006

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M*A*S*H no more; Iraqi SWAT team trains for success; Medic becomes mom, cares for Soldiers; Army captains share cockpit, bedroom; Service held for members of Joint Contracting Command; 8th Iraqi Army HQ opens; Rebuilding Iraq; The making of... more
Scimitar, The - 02.03.2006

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Mosul grows peacefully; One year later, success in Mosul; Gospel choir sings in harmony at Warhorse; Iraqi Army confident in future; Doing it for themselves; EOD works to protect others; Civil Affairs makes a difference; Soldiers help Iraqi... more
Scimitar, The - 01.27.2006

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V Corps takes over; Are you ready for the Super Bowl?; Mind games at the cyber perimeter; Iraq ripe for democracy; 'No Mercy' Reenlistment Leads Division; Greyhawks celebrate birthday in Iraq; Mortarmen hit their targets; How Big Is Your God?;... more
Scimitar, The - 01.20.2006

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Smaller guns ... Artillery Soldiers turn infantrymen Big role; MLKs words still ring true; Scimitar Pulse; Wisconsin native works alongside Iraqi troopers; Marine teaches Iraqi Soldiers 'tricks of the trade' in warfare; Aqua-palooza; Four million... more
Scimitar, The - 01.13.2006

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Mantle passed: 4th ID takes over for Marne Division; Army Secretary approves body armor reimbursement; No longer a civilian, now a veteran; Predators keep skies safe; Holding the line ...148th Support Battalion Soldiers maintain continuity; A... more
Scimitar, The - 01.06.2006

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Iraqi Police celebrate new station opening; Last night I met a hero; Aviation Brigade Soldiers bid farewell to fallen comrade; Detachment unites: Marines, civilians work as one; Night watchman sees bright future; Baby departs Baghdad: Spina... more
Scimitar, The - 12.30.2005

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DETAINED: Air Assault mission nabs terrorists; Paladins fire from Speicher; Loose lips sink ships Loose keyboards risk lives; Wing Marine flys Helps Iraqi women vote; Engineer learns from experience in Iraq; Treasure hunters of Balad;... more
Scimitar, The - 12.23.2005

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Elections set milestone for Iraqis; Making the best of your situation; Back in the saddle; Coming together as one; Iraqi port opens docks for trade; Surprise! Cheney visits troops in Iraq; Airmen, volunteers spend hours sorting holiday mail;... more
Scimitar, The - 12.16.2005

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VOTE!: Iraqis flock to polls, take part in democracy; Task Force Baghdad Soldiers keep Yusufiyah streets safe; Shots ring out after soccer shootout; Hitch a ride; 3rd ACR troopers earn Bronze Stars; Saving lives at Big Bob's; Sustainment Brigade... more
Scimitar, The - 12.09.2005

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Iraqi flag raised in a secure Husaybah; Iraqi girl's school receives needed supplies; Going full circle; Iraqi citizens, U.S. Soldiers boost economy; RED HORSE Airmen improve Army outpost Qayyarah-West; On The Hunt With Desert Wolves; U.S. troops... more
Scimitar, The - 12.02.2005

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3rd ACR troopers receive valor medals; Arabic linguist aids in searching females; Saddam Hussein's many palaces: Legacies of a warped perception; Cooks serve thousands; Soldiers seize 'gun show' caches; New Soldiers provide smiles, security to... more
Scimitar, The - 11.25.2005

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Killer Blogs: Posting on Internet may endanger troops; Task Force Baghdad maintenance keeps armor rolling along; Turkey with the troops a noble tradition; U.S. Soldiers, firefighters help their Iraqi counterparts; South Iraqi students reap... more
Scimitar, The - 11.18.2005

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Bush: America will not back down in war on terror; Rice stands up first Provincial Reconstruction Team in Iraq; Perspectives: Learning history through 'The Grand Old Man of the Army'; AAV mechanics keep tracks rolling throughout Iraq; Airborne... more
Scimitar, The - 11.11.2005

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DoD announces next Operation Iraqi Freedom troop rotation; Operation Steel Curtain continues through third day; 101st unit takes over Baghdad sector; Veterans Day has a whole new meaning now; The modern Veteran; Airmen perform non-traditional... more
Scimitar, The - 11.04.2005

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Despite media battle, terrorists fail to stop progress in Iraq; Procurement training boosts Iraqi contracting skills; The wish I wish I didn't have to wish for; Army cooks whip up more than food in Iraq; Marine Maintenance Company recovers one of... more
Scimitar, The - 10.28.2005

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Hotels in Baghdad rocked by three car bombs; Iraqi referendum seen as security success; Avian flu poses no danger In Iraq; Halloween: scaring away the evil spirits; 'Makos' in sky support warriors on ground; Army, Marines sweep desert for enemy... more
Scimitar, The - 10.21.2005

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Rice, Khalilzad: Iraqis win, no matter referendum results; Iraqi voting strikes blow for freedom, Bush says; One giant leap for mankind starts with our own two feet; Logistics Marines deliver more than 'the goods'; Proud to serve:: Michigan... more
Scimitar, The - 10.14.2005

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Iraq commander: reserve, guard at 'ramming speed'; Service members receive reimbursement approval for gear bought out-of-pocket; Influenza: preventing, controlling transmission; A school subject neglected later recollected; Aviation mechanics... more
Scimitar, The - 10.07.2005

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CENTCOM commander details al Qaeda's long-term goals; Anthrax vaccine now available; Turning a 'hootch' into a home; Forcing security: Airmen keep contraband off Kirkuk streets; New American proud to serve in great Army; Smuggling mail not worth... more
Scimitar, The - 09.30.2005

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Army's latest weapon: more effective with less collateral damage; Anaconda opens Matt Maupin Computer Lab; Home is where...; Double take: Identical twins cross paths in Iraq, reunite for first time in a year; Building dreams: engineer seeks to be... more
Scimitar, The - 09.23.2005

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Combat operations begin in Tall Afar; IA conducts first independent operation; Georgia unit gets first combat awards since World War II; There is always room for beer!; Anaconda Airmen serve as explosive countermeasure; Alaska guard Soldiers... more
Scimitar, The - 09.16.2005

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Deployed service members, civilians remember 9/11 victims; FOB Hotel celebrates keystone anniversary, transfer of authority; Football: more than just a game?; Ninjas at dawn, 'docs' by day; Double duty Double duty: husband, wife pilots serve... more
Scimitar, The - 09.09.2005

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Iraqi Forces to provide bulk of election security; U.S. Army colonel receives Distinguished Service Cross; Aviation Brigade celebrates Women's Equality Day; Turning tragedy into opportunity; Movement control team: 'Gate keepers' for fuel; Fuels... more
Scimitar, The - 08.19.2005

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One-week extension granted for Iraqi Constitution, Partnership between U.S., Iraqi logistics forces yielding results, commander in Iraq says, Insurgents feel 'Quick Strike' of Task Force 3/2, Perspectives, Scimitar Pulse, Airmen earn Army police... more
Scimitar, The - 08.12.2005

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KBR pays tribute to lost, departed employees, Iraqi engineers construct Baghdad's future, Top Iraqi, American officials honor Iraqi Army martyrs, GODS OF TOW: Marine maintenance detachment rescues disabled vehicles, Airmen provide exams before,... more
Scimitar, The - 07.22.2005

552 hits


Suicide bomber captured, attack thwarted; Soldiers charged with assaulting suspected insurgents in Baghdad; What are you worth?; Scimitar Pulse; Coalition remembers London bombing victims; News in brief; 'ER' of the skies saves lives; Chaplain's... more
Scimitar, The - 07.15.2005

227 hits


$300 Million marked for Basra reconstruction; Iraqi forces on track to provide Baghdad election security; Ranking Iraqi general reflects on year of progress, change; Scimitar Pulse; Tiger Brigade disable huge bomb in Rusafa area restaurant;... more
Scimitar, The - 07.08.2005

112 hits


Sexual assault victim advocate training comes to Iraq; Five 'Cs' simplify improvised explosive device fight; Who I'd be if I weren't a Soldier; Scimitar Pulse; MNF-I commander testifies before Senate committee; Operation Bald Head; Gulf Region... more
Scimitar, The - 07.01.2005

288 hits


World community pledges to support free Iraq; Timetable for troops to go home would be mistake; Scimitar Pulse; Deployed troops volunteer for Anthrax vaccine; News in brief; Military working dog handlers; Gas-n-go: Rock of the Marne style; You... more
Scimitar, The - 06.24.2005

305 hits


Australian hostage grateful to Iraqi, U.S. Army; Kentucky Soldiers decorated for gallantry in firefight; I wanna be like Mike; Scimitar Pulse; Pentagon does not favor troop withdrawal deadline; News in brief; Iraq's first year of sovereignty;... more
Scimitar, The - 06.17.2005

339 hits


NATO establishing Iraqi training center outside Baghdad; Coalition transfers Raider Base to Iraqi Army; Cheney praises 'Silent Professionals' of Special Operations; Where did Father's Day come from?; Scimitar Pulse; Programs aim to reduce... more
Scimitar, The - 06.10.2005

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Iraqi foreign minister: trial of Saddam to boost security; Coalition foils 8 attacks in Iraq, detain 116 terrorists; Scimitar Pulse; Iraqi females; uncovered, joining police ranks; Robots, Airmen defuse unexploded ordnance; NIAC programs target... more
Scimitar, The - 06.03.2005

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Myers: 'Trend Lines' up in Iraq; Board results release detainees from Abu Ghraib; Memorial Rolling Thunder ride focuses on POW/MIA cause; Scimitar Pulse; Advisory Support Teams help shape Iraqi Army; Iraqi military Academy trains future leaders;... more
Scimitar, The - 05.27.2005

195 hits


Iraqi, Coalition joint operation detains 285 in first 24 hours; Iraqi Army opens Ground Forces Command Headquarters; Rumsfeld gives memorial message; Scimitar Pulse; IED hits 3 armored Humvees; News in Brief; Armed Forces Day 2005; Buffalo... more
Scimitar, The - 05.20.2005

180 hits


'Matador' ends, Marines monitor area; Services explain realignment, closure changes; Scimitar Pulse; Wanted terrorist leader surrenders to Iraqi Army; Army Corps of Engineers' Gulf Region welcomes Iraqi interns; News in Brief; Marine saves Iraqi... more
Scimitar, The - 05.13.2005

274 hits


Leaders aim to improve mail delivery in Iraq; Essentials continue improving in Baghdad; Scimitar Pulse; News in Brief; Civil Affairs unit helps build relationships; 364th Supply keeps troops-mission ready; Caldwell Air Medevacs: Responding to FOB... more
Scimitar, The - 05.06.2005

99 hits


Iraqi desert yeilds more mass graves; Desert critters: more than just a nuisance; Scimitar Pulse; News in Brief; CA unit wins hearts, minds through vet care; C 1/5 undaunted by terrorists' evil attacks; Scimitar Slapstick; Coalition Corner...
Scimitar, The - 04.29.2005

97 hits


Iraq, MNF-I observe Iraqi Air Force birthday; Understand heat stress, avoid heat injuries; Forward deployed troops offered chance to show Mom they care; Law Day and Iraq; Scimitar Pulse; Aussies teach logistics to Iraq Army; News in brief;... more
Scimitar, The - 04.22.2005

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NIAC provides alternative medical solutions; Iraqi, U.S. Soldiers detain more than 65 terrorists; Iraqi woman-owned company wins construction contract bid; While enjoying operations in Iraq, it's natural to miss things at home; Special delivery;... more
Scimitar, The - 04.15.2005

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Sgt. Matt Maupin is not forgotten; New medals recognize Iraq, Afghanistan service; Troops repel insurgent attack at Abu Ghraib; Robots help save countless troops' lives in Iraq; Vehicle safety, awareness improves in Iraq; Motomail service not... more
Scimitar, The - 04.08.2005

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First Medal of Honor awarded for Operation Iraqi Freedom; Information warriors arm troops; 'Opening Day' like wars before; Civilian medic in Iraq relays 'thanks' to troops; School doors opening again for Iraqi children; CROWS keep gunners out of... more
Scimitar, The - 04.01.2005

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MPs thwart ambush, kill 27 terrorists; PCO director relinquishes position to deputy; Service members, civilians celebrate Easter in Iraq; Time for us to ignore the naysaying media; Secretary of Army visits troops at Camp Liberty; Medics hold... more
Scimitar, The - 03.25.2005

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Operation Iraqi Freedom two years later; Iraqi Soldiers train with U.S. forces despite danger; From combat to rebuilding: A Soldier's view; Rumsfeld praises troops' 'hard work' on Iraq's 'positive changes'; JCS Chairman visits 3rd ID; Searching... more
Scimitar, The - 03.11.2005

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Iraqis begin rebuilding healthcare; Officials give update on rebuilding Iraq; Wolfowitz: Iraq, Afghanistan show U.S. determination; Military life inspires comic strips; Coalition gears up to reinforce safety; MP's catch AAFES theives red-handed;... more
Scimitar, The - 03.03.2005

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3rd ID assumes Task Force Baghdad mission; Myers: Troops got 'very close' to Zarqawi; Drive and ride to arrive alive; Stress: The other battle in Iraq; Guard helps restore 'village' of orphans; 3rd ID Soldiers help ready Iraqi Forces; Changes... more
Scimitar, The - 02.25.2005

164 hits


Iraq's 40th NG brigade takes over area, future; American unit rotations continue in Iraq; A Black herstory reflection; Deployed Soldiers get tax-free 'out of window' reenlistment bonuses; 42nd ID takes over ops for 1st ID; 2nd BCT transfers... more
Scimitar, The - 02.18.2005

153 hits


XVIII Airborne takes lead role in Iraq; Visit gives Rumsfeld firsthand look at Iraqi Forces; The Importance of Black History; Army rights wrong to first African-American Chaplain; Elections boos Iraqi Security Forces' confidence; U.S. military... more
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