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Iron Strong Daily - 11.19.2013

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Soldiers of the 104th Engineer Company, 62nd Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade are constructing seven new Functional Fitness courses at locations such as West Fort Hood, Division West, 48th Chemical Brigade, 11th Signal Brigade, III... more
Iron Strong Daily - 11.17.2008

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IP armed with combat life saving skills; 326th Engineer Battalion Reflects on Tour
Iron Strong Daily - 11.14.2008

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Iraqi judges polish Kirkuk's justice system; Iraqi police, Sons of Iraq discover numerous caches in Salah ad Din province; Kirkuk senior leaders interact with local shop owners
Iron Strong Daily - 11.12.2008

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Local Kirkuk NGOs gather, discuss future; 500 National Police recruits graduate from MPSA; Homefront and Sports news
Iron Strong Daily - 11.10.2008

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New unit, new weapons; Mosul, IP Recruiting drive gets big turn out; 727 Iraqi Police graduate in Diyala Province
Iron Strong Daily - 11.07.2008

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Aviation: asset to battlefield; Mosul company donates supplies, time to renovate school; Iraqi army brings school supplies to Mosul youth.
Iron Strong Daily - 11.05.2008

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Kings of the Mountain; Runners of the Equinox
Iron Strong Daily - 11.03.2008

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Iraqi Firemen receive EMT training; 25th ID swaps units to accomplish mission; Thunder Squadron Soldiers, confident progression
Iron Strong Daily - 10.31.2008

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1st Armored Division Band performs; 6-17 Cavalry Regiment covering troops '6'; Health news; Sports news
Iron Strong Daily - 10.29.2008

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Combat Camera: Footage from the frontlines
Iron Strong Daily - 10.27.2008

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Iraqi Army receive weapons training by Taskmasters; 3rd ACR tests new Army program for redeploying equipment
Iron Strong Daily - 10.24.2008

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Army observes 30th anniversary of integrating WAC's; Medical clinic gets much needed supplies; Businesses reopen, life returning to normal in Jazeera
Iron Strong Daily - 10.22.2008

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Bastogne artillerymen fall back on traditional role; U.S. Army South Chaplain rallies Salvadoran religious leaders
Iron Strong Daily - 10.20.2008

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President recognizes MP for Hispanic Heritage Month; IA and CF execute another 'good neighbor' mission; Iraqi pilots graduate, flight training wing opens
Iron Strong Daily - 10.17.2008

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Operation Deadbluff Takes Flight in Bayji; Spartan Soldiers 'drop in' on small fishing village
Iron Strong Daily - 10.15.2008

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With a new unit comes a new start in Diyala; Iraqi army, Iraqi police sweep city of insurgents; Gladiators...ready, contenders....ready.
Iron Strong Daily - 10.13.2008

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Iraqi Army delivers school supplies to primary schools; Thund-Her Struck strikes Contingency Operating Base Speicher; Health and Technology News;
Iron Strong Daily - 10.08.2008

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American Gladiators visit Warhorse; Germany Fuel Ration Card Fact Sheet; Shoulder-to-shoulder, no one stands alone;
Iron Strong Daily - 10.06.2008

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COB Speicher hosts Army Ten Miler; Mountainous terrain no longer threatens communication; Soldiers re-enlist in Mosul
Iron Strong Daily - 10.03.2008

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Morning prayers heard again in Samarra shrine amidst peace; Country singer croons favorites for Soldiers
Iron Strong Daily - 10.01.2008

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Chew on this: Mosul receives basic staples for Ramadan's end; IA delivers school supplies, hygiene items to children
Iron Strong Daily - 09.29.2008

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Task Force Soldiers compete; Former MLB players boost Dragoon morale; Oktober Feast
Iron Strong Daily - 09.26.2008

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Cav Soldiers hunt for insurgents; Kirkuk Police Academy graduates 3,000 IPs
Iron Strong Daily - 09.24.2008

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Gen. Ham visits Iron Soldiers; 1st AD chaplain continues mission after IED attack; From Howell to hero, medic saves IA Soldier life
Iron Strong Daily - 09.22.2008

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IP Stations set to open across Salah ad Din; Iraqi police take care of business; Bridging the way to a better infrastructure
Iron Strong Daily - 09.19.2008

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Bastogne Signal Company exudes warrior ethos, accepts combat role outside technical expertise; Dragoon Rugby Football Club trains for redeployment
Iron Strong Daily - 09.17.2008

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Operation Viper Pursuit; Turning over PCABS
Iron Strong Daily - 09.15.2008

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Talent: just a stone's throw away; Gen. Petraeus visits COB Speicher; Run in Remembrance
Iron Strong Daily - 09.12.2008

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Dragoon warriors test mettle; Female IP conduct weapons training
Iron Strong Daily - 09.10.2008

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Ramadan: fasting, prayer, celebration; Iraqi businesses resilient; 'Salsa in the Streets'
Iron Strong Daily - 09.08.2008

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'If you call, we haul!' - S&T troop resupplies displaced troops; IA, US sergeants major convene for the future; IA posts colors, CF retires colors; Iraqi Army receives mine detection vehicle instruction from 10th Mtn. Div. Soldiers
Iron Strong Daily - 09.05.2008

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Engineers bridge gap between old, new leadership styles; IA teams up with 2-320 FAR for safer Iraq; SoI put down guns, pick up pencils; Keeping COB Soldiers healthy; Iraqi, 3d ACR senior NCOs discuss Soldier training
Iron Strong Daily - 09.03.2008

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Sheik's support strengthens ties with with GoI; 164th MP Co. validates two IP stations; West Baqubah road reopens;
Iron Strong Daily - 09.01.2008

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Bastogne "sappers" conduct operatins to secure restive cities Tikrit, Owja: Class 08-04 IP trainees arrive at RTC; Homefront News
Iron Strong Daily - 08.29.2008

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Local Muqtar meet in Diyala Province; Kurds remember victims of Al-Anfal during ceremony; Physical therapy aids Soldiers in healing process
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