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Warrior, The
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The Warrior is a monthly magazine published in the interest of the servicemembers of the 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

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Warrior, The - 11.30.2005

347 hits


The search for al Qaeda; Saber tankers out on the town; China and IA fight the terror; Civil Affairs and Iraqi Army conduct HA drop; Essential Services Update; 1-9 and residents stateside build relationships with Iraqis
Warrior, The - 10.31.2005

432 hits


3-15 Inf. takes it to the terrorists, Spartan NETOPS, Saber maintains security, Battlekings driving on, Iraqis vote, SPTT and POB, Rogue and Challenger deliver, Filling up the tanks
Warrior, The - 09.01.2005

307 hits


'Showtime!�; Shots from the field; Living outside the wire; Comics on Duty; Saber gaining local support; Cav. troops earn their spurs; Redlegs' Operation Double Steel; Medics in Action; Spartans, ACOE Rehabilitating Sadr City's Sewers...
Warrior, The - 08.01.2005

234 hits


'Are the people ready?�; Shots from the field; Operation Happy Feet; Medic!; Safer streets in Sadr, courtesy of 3-15th Inf.; Saber Troopers scout Tawaitha; Rogue's Buffalo joins hunt for IEDs; A visit to everybody's favorite place: The... more
Warrior, The - 07.01.2005

157 hits


Message from the command; Words from home; Personal Security Detail; 448th CA BN. aids Tawaitha; Joint raids net terror suspects; Battlekings search towns south of Baghdad; Acommon goal for Baghdad: Trash free streets, Improved Power; Bring on... more
Warrior, The - 06.01.2005

150 hits


Operation Squeeze Play; 3-7 Cav Hold MEDCAP; 443rd CA Bn. hand out soccer uniforms; FOB Loyalty Talent Show; Spartans Remember; SABER Checks The Town; Preserving A Heritage...
Warrior, The - 05.05.2005

211 hits


Headquarters mechanics keep Spartans mobile; TF Baghdad keeps water flowing; Battlekings on the hunt; Rogue and IIF meet, then hit the road; Saber in Salman Pak; Wolverine: Training one IP at a time; Never forget; Baghdad public works update;... more
Warrior, The - 04.01.2005

168 hits


'Can Do' troops tackle multi-faceted mission; 2-3 BTB engineer projects continue to improve infrastructure; Iraqis on Point; A prison story; Rogues on patrol; Battlekinds raid insurgents stronghold; 1-9 FA holds MEDCAP; challengers keep supplies... more
Warrior, The - 03.01.2005

65 hits


Groundbreaking in Kamiliya; This is Spartan Country; "Garry Owen" trains new Iraqi Army troops; 'Can Do' help the people of Sadr City; 1-9 FA establish TCPs; 3-15 works with Iraqi Army; OPSEC reminder; Long-distance relatinships...
Warrior, The - 02.01.2005

264 hits


Spartans deploy; Enemy at the gates; Rogue and 'can do' snipers; Roll 'em out; Sleeping with anger; Motor Pool safety; Iraqi Cultural tips
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