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The Mountain View is a publication serving Task Force Mountain.

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Mountain View, The - 02.02.2011

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First Aid Faceoff; Seabees give back; Sibling Service;
Mountain View, The - 05.19.2009

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Iraqi border police hone skills; 34th Infantry Division commander visits 41st Fires Brigade; Headline Round-up.
Mountain View, The - 05.14.2009

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IPs, MPs partner to improve community relations; Long Knives complete marathon in Maysan; Weapon safety: every Soldier's concern
Mountain View, The - 05.13.2009

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ISF, U.S. partner for community clean-up; 63rd EOD passes reins to 84th
Mountain View, The - 05.12.2009

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IA, U.S. EOD detonate weapons cache in Basra; Hazards present on COB Basra; IG Corner: Common Uniform Violations
Mountain View, The - 05.11.2009

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MND-S hosts open house for local VIPs; Soldiers, Civilians pay tribute to Bataan Death March
Mountain View, The - 05.07.2009

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Childhood friends reunite in Iraq; Families join together to get the job done
Mountain View, The - 05.05.2009

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Red Bulls continue to arrive in Basra; 54th Engineer Brigade receives Department of the Army award; Headline Round-up.
Mountain View, The - 05.04.2009

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Battle hand-off between 10th Mountain, Red Bulls...again; Cholera: a risk in Iraq; Headline Round-up
Mountain View, The - 04.30.2009

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Rough Riders demonstrate new-found combat skills; The show must go on; Sisters on the battlefield: Deployment strengthens bond
Mountain View, The - 04.28.2009

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IA, U.S. Soldiers on road to brighter future; Long Knives receive Purple Heart in Iraq; And they're off...
Mountain View, The - 04.25.2009

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New school opens in Diwaniyah; A look at British officer rank; Iraqi army, U.S. Soldiers work to end smuggling.
Mountain View, The - 04.24.2009

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Iraqi police graduate medic training at Forward Operating Base Delta; Long Knife Soldier re-enlists in the skies of Iraq; Falahea Iraqi police show steady progress.
Mountain View, The - 04.23.2009

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Deployment brings brother, sister together; Swift to command 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division; Dietician gives Soldiers information to chew on.
Mountain View, The - 04.22.2009

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Iraqis, Long Knives unleash 'Lion's Roar'; Iraqi security forces lead the way for Dujaylah Pride Day; Headline Round-Up.
Mountain View, The - 04.22.2009

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Iraqis, Long Knives unleash 'Lion's Roar'; Iraqi security forces lead the way for Dujaylah Pride Day; Headline Round-Up.
Mountain View, The - 04.21.2009

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Military Police shed some light on Iraqi police operations; Safety essential when conducting Physical Training; Headline Round-Up
Mountain View, The - 04.20.2009

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Soldiers attend light fighter combatives course; Multi-National Division – South headquarters stands fully equipped
Mountain View, The - 04.18.2009

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Iraqi army, Iraqi police and U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal conduct massive controlled detonation; New sustainable training approach for Iraqi police;
Mountain View, The - 04.17.2009

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Iraqi police train to provide Babil province better security; Rough Riders challenge Iraqi army on the soccer field; Headline Round-Up
Mountain View, The - 04.16.2009

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Soldier descends from the fence on Sept. 11; Warhorse University brings education, opportunity to Soldiers; Headline Round-Up;
Mountain View, The - 04.11.2009

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Coalition, Iraqis 'jazz up' Ziggurat; British CDS visits MND-S; Iraqi army gathers intelligence in Maysan
Mountain View, The - 04.10.2009

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The hand of the most powerful man in the world; Soldier's responsibilities in dependent support;
Mountain View, The - 04.07.2009

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IA delivers toys, freezer, message to local school; Iraq Campaign Medal questions answered;
Mountain View, The - 04.06.2009

90 hits


Iraqi police dog handlers begin training; Patrolling the streets of Tunis; Engineers help 'plant' a better future in southern Iraq
Mountain View, The - 04.04.2009

93 hits


Iraqi army receives step-by-step instruction at Cedar; Chaplain receives Bronze Star Medal; New Iraqi mortar men graduate with a bang
Mountain View, The - 04.02.2009

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8th Iraqi army Div. familiarizes with the Shadow; Romanian contingents swap out at Delta; Spartans attend Signal University while deployed
Mountain View, The - 03.31.2009

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10th IA Division locates weapons cache in Maysan marshes; Liberation training instills confidence in IA troops; Building education for future of Iraq
Mountain View, The - 03.26.2009

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U.S. government seeks justice in Iraqi court; Cowboy Mouth pays last visit to MND-C Soldiers;
Mountain View, The - 03.20.2009

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Iraqi Soldiers train on detainee operations; Kalamat village now has fresh drinking water; End to Stop Loss announced;
Mountain View, The - 03.18.2009

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Iraqis celebrate International Women's Day, empower local women; Long Knives receive comic relief in Iraq; Iraqi security forces take helm of JSS 2 in Diwaniya
Mountain View, The - 03.16.2009

118 hits


Iraqi army provides humanitarian assistance in Maysan; Iraqi army commandos train to lead; Iraqi doctors share knowledge
Mountain View, The - 03.14.2009

108 hits


Joint officials work to restore history; Iraq-Chinese oil deal kicks off in Wasit
Mountain View, The - 03.13.2009

90 hits


Combat engineers conduct air MedEvac training; Prayer breakfast held to observe World Day of Prayer; Task Force Mountain prepares for reintegration;
Mountain View, The - 03.12.2009

120 hits


U.S. Army Chaplains: Solid as a Rock; Operation Catch Fish hosts second annual Baghdad Fishing Derby
Mountain View, The - 03.10.2009

97 hits


New school brightens female students' futures; Iraqi Army Soldiers bag new medical skills; Chaplain's Corner: Uniform Accessory Not Without Cost
Mountain View, The - 03.09.2009

115 hits


'Rough Riders' provide physical therapy to Iraqis; First tile laid at future Hayy courthouse; Central Laundry Facility accomplishes big job
Mountain View, The - 03.09.2009

83 hits


Iraqi Police 'land' joint training; Opportunity Fair sews seeds of success for Agri-business in Wasit; Iraqi water plant rejuvenated
Mountain View, The - 03.07.2009

112 hits


Operation Elmoski brings joy to Iraqi children; U.S. service members become American citizens; Chaplain's Family Life Minute
Mountain View, The - 03.04.2009

89 hits


Husband passes Phoenix guidon to wife; Brotherly love: deployment brings family closer; A Soldier first: Soldier fulfills Army needs
Mountain View, The - 03.03.2009

116 hits


Black Dragons: new home, new partners; Sheik works to improve community; Blackstreet gives concert to thank Troops
Mountain View, The - 03.02.2009

77 hits


Comanche Soldiers turn Joint Security Station 2 into a 'crown gem'; Iraqi security forces drop into history; Headline round-up
Mountain View, The - 02.24.2009

115 hits


Deep Strike Soldiers reach out to local hospital; Truth be told: dispelling Basra rumors; Soldiers share highlights of African-American history
Mountain View, The - 02.23.2009

84 hits


Iraqi Army displays Live Fire in Amarah; Women's Initiative improves Iraqi quality of life; A Proclamation for African-American History Month; College basketball facing exciting March
Mountain View, The - 02.21.2009

90 hits


Grandmother finds it's never too late to live a dream; MI team teaches IA, IP CSI tactics; Recycling provides jobs, hope for Iraqi people
Mountain View, The - 02.20.2009

94 hits


Muthanna SWAT learns from Thunder Horse; Tae kwon do teaches self control, discipline; Dishing out food handling skills to Iraqi troops
Mountain View, The - 02.19.2009

83 hits


Making the most of 90 days; Soldier finds freedom in U.S., fights for freedom in Iraq;
Mountain View, The - 02.17.2009

66 hits


1-4 ARB adapts aviation support to theater conditions; Black History: The long road travelled; Showtime at Camp Victory
Mountain View, The - 02.13.2009

93 hits


EOD member drops bomb on Guinness World Record; Fuel, ammo specialists keep aircraft in the fight; Rules, Standards and Policies; 14 Soldiers compete for the title of Kalsu Idol
Mountain View, The - 02.12.2009

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MNF-I CSM visits Warhorse Soldiers; Deployed father, Son aviators spend time together; Senior NCO makes difference in Bedouin community
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