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The Anaconda Times is a weekly paper published by the 215th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, proudly serving Logistics Support Area Anaconda.

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Anaconda Times - 09.17.2008

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3d ESC makes voting 'too easy'; Shoulder to shoulder, suicide can be prevented; Q-West leaders promote economic opportunity, self-reliance for Iraqis; Bridging the gap; Ruff and tuff news flash: Our eye in the sky; Black Hawk Wingman;... more
Anaconda Times - 08.27.2008

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Resupply from the sky; Engineers work to rebuild, improve Iraq; 2nd/402nd AFSB has change of command; MQ-9 Reaper drops 1st bomb on anti-Iraqi forces; There's Voodoo in the air; 'Kips Bay' air assault brings security to Al Betra; IA, U.S.... more
Anaconda Times - 06.25.2008

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316th transfers authority to 3d ESC; LSAA changes to JBB; Operation to deter weapons trafficking, caches; Part One: Mission to Trebil; Operation Storytime: How loved ones keep in touch across the world; 1st SB makes battlefield promotions; 546th... more
Anaconda Times - 06.18.2008

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Romanians attend 7th Sus. Bde. CLP Academy, Iraqi Air Force enhances capabilities with instructor school, How about a nice cup of joe?, Dual Adjutants General visit the 165th, Where eagles dare: Chinook crew supports nighttime raid, 316th Commo... more
Anaconda Times - 06.18.2008

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Romanians attend 7th Sus. Bde. CLP Academy; How about a nice cup of joe? ; Iraqi Air Force enhances capabilities with instructor school
Anaconda Times - 06.02.2008

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Toby Keith entertains troops at LSAA; Golden T-Wall Award; Creepy crawlies kept contained;Iraqi Soldiers prove to be skilled mechanics; Indiana National Guard gets down to business; Building bridges to improve relations, economy; Soldiers can now... more
Anaconda Times - 05.21.2008

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Medical assessment keeps locals healthy; 153rd Med Det saves lives by distributing blood throughout Iraq; Small maintenance crew keeps trucks moving; Soldier keeps positive outlook despite stop-loss; Leadership, diversity, and harmony: The... more
Anaconda Times - 05.14.2008

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1st SB chaplain delivers school supplies to local village; SoI checkpoint helps keep locals safe; Smithsonian studies Iraqi birds to help reduce aircraft mishaps; Three brothers deploy, serve together; A traveler's log toTallil, Iraq; Running on... more
Anaconda Times - 05.07.2008

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Toby Keith entertains troops at LSAA; Golden T-Wall Award; Creepy crawlies kept contained;Iraqi Soldiers prove to be skilled mechanics; Indiana National Guard gets down to business; Building bridges to improve relations, economy; Soldiers can now... more
Anaconda Times - 05.07.2008

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Toby Keith entertains troops at LSAA; Golden T-Wall Award; Creepy crawlies kept contained;Iraqi Soldiers prove to be skilled mechanics; Indiana National Guard gets down to business; Building bridges to improve relations, economy; Soldiers can now... more
Anaconda Times - 05.07.2008

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Toby Keith entertains troops at LSAA; Golden T-Wall Award; Creepy crawlies kept contained;Iraqi Soldiers prove to be skilled mechanics; Indiana National Guard gets down to business; Building bridges to improve relations, economy; Soldiers can now... more
Anaconda Times - 05.07.2008

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Toby Keith entertains troops at LSAA; Iraqi Soldiers prove to be skilled mechanics; Indiana National Guard gets down to business; Building bridges to improve relations, economy; 'Punisher' partners with Muthanna IHP; Soldiers can now have... more
Anaconda Times - 04.30.2008

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Delta Co. keeps 2-147 flying; Fort Sill Soldiers awarded for valor; Buddy system provides lift to Academy; 168th Brigade Support Battalion aims to be the best; Soldier's aim to brighten Iraqi smiles; Airmen respond to fire; SLCR teams help... more
Anaconda Times - 04.23.2008

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America's Army Reserve: 100 years of tradition continues with 316th; 332nd ESFS brings justice for servicemembers at LSAA; 17th CSSB ensures all vehicles reach their final destination; Major takes to transition, fights for freedom with Army... more
Anaconda Times - 04.16.2008

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Operations at Habur Gate; 507th opens new Academy ; A day in a firefighter's boots; Reacting to disaster; Political rights may be more restricted than you think; New CSC yard accommodates MND-N convoy traffic; U.S. Army transfers humvees to... more
Anaconda Times - 04.09.2008

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Building hope in Assriya; Heroes visit LSAA troops; Al Asad holds movie premiere; Twins making an impression in Iraq; Bombs on target: guiding the bomb; Education Center offers more than classes; Forging friendships; Q-West recovery team on... more
Anaconda Times - 04.02.2008

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Soldiers keeping skills sharp; GT class opens education center in TQ; Female Soldier battles multiple deployments; Soldiers have reason to Breathe easy; Iraqi engineers take lead on fixing road craters; Bombs on target: loading the bomb; Iraqi... more
Anaconda Times - 03.26.2008

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VP Cheney makes surprise visit to troops at LSAA; Army Strong Women in OIF Minn. farm girl takes it to the air; Soldiers learn CPR to save lives; Balad servicemembers rescue U.S. teachers in Iraq; 546th's Emergency Response Team stays ready;... more
Anaconda Times - 03.19.2008

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IP on the road to self sustainment; DFAC 3 celebrates Chuck Norris' 68th birthday; Dental clinics provide top service, bring in numbers; Engineers continue path of Iraqi self-sustainment; Breaking news...we're winning; Master Sgt. creates,... more
Anaconda Times - 03.12.2008

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Operation MEPS; Celebrating Women's History Month; Get what you need at the FOB Depot; BHM Play provides excitement, entertainment; Repair shop keeps weapons operational; You can run but you can't HIIDE; Father travels to promote daughter to... more
Anaconda Times - 03.05.2008

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'Balls of the Eagle' graduate school of hard-knocks; From slavery to freedom: The story of Africans in the Americas; Big blast repair; Bombs on target; Music group brings 'InSoul'; NCOs take right of passage; West Virginia native gains life... more
Anaconda Times - 02.27.2008

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Paratroopers, Marines conduct historic slingload training; Born to run; Going the extra mile to keep troops mission-ready; Patriot citizens provide children of Iraq with soccer balls; Warrant breaking new ground; When others run out, they run... more
Anaconda Times - 02.20.2008

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CLC checkpoints set up near Jamboriah; Servicemembers compete during knowledge bowl; American, Iraqi Soldiers save lives after VBIED; Medical Evacuation Operations course enhances life saving skills; One man determined to make a difference;... more
Anaconda Times - 02.13.2008

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Soldiers strengthen ties through aid; 1st SB Soldiers get "patched" in ceremony; Flats are no match for tactical vehicle tire plant; Young pilot shares vision for Iraqi Air Force; Rustic Rustamiyah Soldiers do their part; Paving the way for new... more
Anaconda Times - 02.06.2008

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Paratroopers put weaponry skills to test; Air Force EOD uncovers intelligence in Samarra; Tactical controllers keep aircraft, troops safe; 1st SB's support, service can be counted on; Vaccinating watch dogs, keeping Soldiers, Iraqis healthy; LiTT... more
Anaconda Times - 01.30.2008

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Operation Fulton: the battle for Samarra; United through Reading, USO keep families connected; 316th Soldiers keep shot groups tight at Smith Range; Making munitions for the aerial warfighter; Flexibility is key for California Guard Soldiers;... more
Anaconda Times - 01.23.2008

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Offering aid to villagers builds strong alliances; 53rd MHD: first to document sustainment operations; Rapid Equipping Force brings ideas to life; C-130s vital in winning war on terrorism; Key leaders meet, discuss issues in southern regions;... more
Anaconda Times - 01.16.2008

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"Automatic" Soldiers give to Iraqis during holiday season; Mortuary Affairs Soldiers awarded for care of departed; Running for a reason: Army captain helps wounded warriors; Engineering assistants help FOB quality of life; Dr. King's dream still... more
Anaconda Times - 01.09.2008

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Fort Hood Soldiers prepare for new bridge mission; G8 tracks distribution of 316th money; Flight safety office brings Balad bird strikes down; Voting is not just your right, it's your duty; 2-320th seek weapons in Sheik Jamile raid; Women take to... more
Anaconda Times - 01.02.2008

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'King of Battle' doing much more than firing Howitzers; Army Reserve top leaders spend Christmas with troops in Iraq; Strengthening ties by fixing problems; Airman supports burn clinic for Iraqi children; Sergeant Major of the Army visits... more
Anaconda Times - 12.26.2007

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Trigger Course trains IP to stand on their own; NG Soldier uses civilian skills to cover down on all tasks; Custom flag stand unveiled; Frontline of assessing mild traumatic brain injury; Alert pilots: ready, set, go; Iraqi Bazaar reopens for... more
Anaconda Times - 12.19.2007

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403rd TC performs heavy lifting for FOB Grizzly; Air Force engineers improve Marine quality of life in Iraq; Task Force 49 takes charge of MNC-I aviation ops; Taji mail serves as lifeline to friends, family; Team stands ready for vehicle recovery... more
Anaconda Times - 12.12.2007

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240th QM: keeping supplies in Iraq; Airmen revamp Iraqi police training facility; How to handle a presidential phone call; Base defense operations cell drill at FOB Q-West; A first in OIF 07-09: H.R. Co. assumes PSB mission; California NG... more
Anaconda Times - 12.05.2007

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Soldiers keep Anaconda safe even through holiday season; Pool, pop corn, poetry promotes Soldier readiness; Support companies sustain aviation mission on ground; Gazebo built in memory of fallen Soldier; 'CSI in the sky': Joint team assesses... more
Anaconda Times - 11.28.2007

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Soldiers strengthen relations with local village; Terrain Management: Anaconda's land owners; Soldiers upgrade base communications; Peek into the dark side of communications; Precision Engagement: A-10s make history in Iraq; DFACs go all out for... more
Anaconda Times - 11.21.2007

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LSAA, 316th ESC host largest naturalization ceremony ever in Iraq; USO announces arrival in Iraq with luau; National Guard Soldiers use civilian skills, hobbies to build; Order of the Spur hopefuls compete for golden spurs; DFAC workers prep for... more
Anaconda Times - 11.14.2007

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School opening brightens future; Fallen OSI agents honored; Red Cross helps Soldiers serving in Iraq; From crown to combat helmet; Congressman Tim Murphy visits Soldiers in Iraq; Pocket change makes difference in children's future; Task Force XII... more
Anaconda Times - 11.07.2007

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Cooperative medical engagement helps hundreds of Iraqi patients; Maintenance team hands over mission; Iraqi, U.S. Paratroopers cordon, secure area; Pilot receives medal for valor; Anaconda provides jobs for local Iraqis; MRAPs phase out M114s;... more
Anaconda Times - 10.31.2007

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'VIP Company' transports Coalition Force's top leaders; 316th ESC team visits Kirkush, assesses readiness; Contraband: it's not worth your career; Taji Soldiers prepare for it all at Thunderdome; DPW: some assembly required; Art of Anaconda;... more
Anaconda Times - 10.24.2007

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Working together toward one mission; The longest serving safety officer in Iraq; 2-147th father and son pilots work together in Iraq; Airman sustains 'million-dollar' neck wound in combat; A new star has risen at Q-West; Convoy Café Wins... more
Anaconda Times - 10.17.2007

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Guard tower duty: securing Anaconda; COP closure shows improvement in Southern Iraq; Servicemembers celebrate faith together; Observing National Disability awareness month; Q-West celebrates Hispanic Heritage; State-of-the-art Dental Clinic,... more
Anaconda Times - 10.10.2007

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Moving cargo by air saves lives; Protecting the East Entry Control Point; Catfish Air gives LSA Anaconda Soldiers a lift; 82nd SB enhances Polish capabilities; Soldiers, Airmen make childhood dreams come true; Wrestling class opens at eastside... more
Anaconda Times - 10.03.2007

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Enhancements increase vehicle survivability; Paratroopers offer non-traditional education; Building relationships with local leaders, coalition forces; 1st BCT exceeds retention goal; Army officer educates on hearing loss; Soldiers prove younger... more
Anaconda Times - 09.26.2007

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CLP Academy prepares Soldiers for Iraq roads; 316th Soldiers visit the Ziggurat of Ur; Chief of Chaplains visits Anaconda; 316th ESC names NCO, Soldier of Quarter; Foreign-born Soldiers become Americans; 875th setting replacements up for success;... more
Anaconda Times - 09.19.2007

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'Wagonmasters' plan, move 3/9 IA armor to Basra; Curbing sexual assault takes more than signs or buddies; Rare reenlistment: 12th CAB CSM finally goes indefinite; LSA servicemembers look back on 9/11; Sherpas provide logistical support; British... more
Anaconda Times - 09.12.2007

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Pony Express - Looking to Old West for new solutions; President visits Al Asad; Convoy Guardians of 1-5 FA; 12th CAB vital to LSAA security; Task Force XII Sherpa carry Soldiers, supplies; 9-11 Reflections; Emergency responsders prepare for... more
Anaconda Times - 09.05.2007

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AMC supports Soldier survivability; Anaconda celebrates Women's Equality Day; Gen. Griffin visits LSAA; 316th authorized to wear combat patch; Military service: in the blood; Crate to concrete for Huskies; 316th motor pool keeps vehicles moving;... more
Anaconda Times - 08.29.2007

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EMRT treats injuries around Anaconda; Protecting the force one inspection at a time; Fallen heroes get final salute; Care packages help local Iraqis; Warrant officers meet for mentoring, professional development; Joint Network Node streches... more
Anaconda Times - 08.22.2007

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National Guard unit delivers playground equipment; Air Force takes over LSAA operations; 3rd SB memorializes Soldiers; Balad medical group moves from tents to pre-engineered facility; Australian partners focus on IA logistics; Paratroopers always... more
Anaconda Times - 08.15.2007

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New sustainment command continues logistics tradition; 15th SB Soldier decorated for valor; 5-82nd inducts new NCOs; War energy conservation; Armament Airmen keep weapons in air; T-wall art; MNF-I CSM visits 15th SB; Local Iraqis provide labor,... more
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