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The Desert Mesh, an Army publication, is the only authorized installation publication for Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar. The editorial content is the responsibility of the Third Army/U.S. Army Central Area Support Group - Qatar public affairs office.

The ASG-QA executes Army Title 10 responsibilities, providing force protection and base operations services to U.S. and coalition forces and agencies.

General comments should be addressed to, or call DSN 318-432-2572.

Desert Mesh layout and design by Levi Spellman. Comments should be addressed to or by telephone to DSN 318-432-2572.

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This work, Desert Mesh, is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.

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Desert Mesh - 03.06.2015

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Competence & character in leadership; Solarium 2015: Developing Agile, Adaptive Leaders; American school of Doha honored service members with a military appreciation days;PTSD: What you chaplain can offer;Captain captures photos out of this... more
Desert Mesh - 11.18.2014

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Soldiers Face Reclassification or Separation for Losing MOS Qualification; Troops, CiviliansStill Face Consequences for Marijuana Use Despite Alaska Legalization; And Why it Matters; Veterans Day; Inside the Uniform; Earning Your Degree; Smoking... more
Desert Mesh - 10.09.2014

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Senior enlisted promotion boards; Army helps fight worst ebola outbreak in history; And why it matters; Unfaded /unfated: honoring the fallen; Individual and team resilience; Is it consent?; U.S. army reserve soldier nominated for the Nobel... more
Desert Mesh - 09.01.2014

194 hits


Syrian Militants Organizing, Becoming Deadlier; And Why it Matters; Thinking Like The Enemy: A Look in the Mirror; Changing the Game; No Limits; Ask a Civilian
Desert Mesh - 07.25.2014

87 hits


Desert Mesh 97
Desert Mesh - 06.25.2014

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Desert Mesh Issue 96
Desert Mesh - 05.25.2014

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Desert Mesh 95
Desert Mesh - 04.07.2014

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Issue 95 of the Desert Mesh. Sister's in Arms: Going Viral.
Desert Mesh - 03.08.2014

326 hits


Eastern Action 2014 is highlighted in the latest issue of the Camp As Sayliyah Desert Mesh.
Desert Mesh - 02.04.2014

715 hits


Desert Mesh Issue 93, February 2014
Desert Mesh - 01.04.2014

691 hits


Issue 92 of the Desert Mesh
Desert Mesh - 12.02.2013

282 hits


Issue 91 of The Camp As Sayliyah Desert Mesh.
Desert Mesh - 11.04.2013

466 hits


Issue 90 of the Camp As Sayliyah Desert Messh
Desert Mesh - 10.06.2013

375 hits


Supporting the Defenders of Freedom; MEDLOG Wins Quarterly Competition
Desert Mesh - 09.01.2013

324 hits


Edition 88, September 2013 issue of The Desert Mesh
Desert Mesh - 08.01.2013

226 hits


CAS hosts RESST/PREP- relationship building program for deployed troops; Protecting the force: food safety; Women’s Equality Day 2013; Going green!; The Provost Marshal Office: what is it and what do; Camp As Sayliyah welcomes 1st female... more
Desert Mesh - 07.01.2013

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Area Support Group-Qatar said farewell to its commander, Col. Wayne C. Grieme so be sure to check that out as well as all the other news from all across Camp As Sayliyah in Desert Mesh 86.
Desert Mesh - 06.03.2013

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Check out the news from all across Camp As Sayliyah in Desert Mesh 85 including Camp As Sayliyah: A small camp with a big footprint, Be prepared and Who lit my fire?
Desert Mesh - 05.06.2013

261 hits


Check out the news from all across Camp As Sayliyah in Desert Mesh 84.
Desert Mesh - 04.01.2013

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From Mauthausen to Korea: The Tibor Rubin story; Team USA leave their mark at Qatar's Commander-General Shooting Competition; Traits of being a desk sergeant; Bringing the fight to Camp As Sayliyah; Hero where are thou; Camp As Sayliyah hosts Boy... more
Desert Mesh - 03.01.2013

121 hits


Religious leaders meet to discuss Soldiers needs; ITT Exelis teaches Incident Command System Course; Camp As Sayliyah hosts German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge; WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 2013; U.S. Forces volleyball team shine in Qatar; Camp... more
Desert Mesh - 01.01.2013

195 hits


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! The 80th issue of The Desert Mesh, Camp As Sayliyah's official post publication.
Desert Mesh - 12.01.2012

150 hits


President recognizes veterans’ service, sacrifice; Warrior Transition Command launches ‘Hire a Veteran’ campaign; CAS Fall triathlon sheds blood, sweat, and tears: Okay, really just a lot of sweat; November campout for Boy Scout Troop 970;... more
Desert Mesh - 11.01.2012

53 hits


Suicide Prevention: A healthy force is a ready force; CAS Soldiers support local Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts; ARCENT chief of staff visits CAS; Suicide Awareness events promote mental health; Patriot Day observance at CAS; Odierno says National... more
Desert Mesh - 09.14.2012

182 hits


Are You Army Strong Edition: Ambassadors At The Gates: The Soldiers who protect us; Ramadan In Qatar; New Army NCOs
Desert Mesh - 04.22.2012

276 hits


Conerly reflects on her role models historic contributions to Black History,and her appointment to the United States Peace Corps Director post
Desert Mesh - 01.24.2012

494 hits


Welcome home signals end of war in Iraq; 379th Expeditiionary Security Forces leave Camp As Sayliyah; Camp As Sayliyah Soldiers man pits for H1 hydroplane races
Desert Mesh - 11.20.2011

88 hits


A brief look at Third Army history; Brother and Sister make military a family affair; Actor De Niro visits Camp As Sayliyah
Desert Mesh - 09.20.2011

52 hits


Remembering 9-11; Building Resilience in the Army Family; "Goin' For The Gold"
Desert Mesh - 07.07.2011

67 hits


Wildlife visits CAS; Honoring our fallen
Desert Mesh - 05.01.2011

541 hits


Desert Mesh 70. ASQ-QA vFRG page keeps homefront informed; commander, CSM columns; airmen keep speeds down, security up at CAS; getting to know some Georgia Guardsmen; R2P2 program closes down; CAS organizational day pics; ASA visits CAS; APS-5... more
Desert Mesh - 03.01.2011

415 hits


Arm in arm to honor Dr. King On target with Qatari forces Father, son weld together in Qatar Commander's, CSM's columns Repair facility gets Strykers back in fight Contracting even run for area bases Soldier volunteers for expectant dad's deployment
Desert Mesh - 01.01.2011

225 hits


Desert Mesh Issue 68 Jan-Feb 2011
Desert Mesh - 07.18.2010

386 hits


Qatar Base Relay for Life Raises Cancer Awareness; Third Army general greets Florida guard; Top-ranked pool players visit troops in Qatar; Hines completes year as top CENTCOM medical logistician; Soldiers celebrate Army birthday at Qatar hotel
Desert Mesh - 05.13.2010

265 hits


Washington welder tackles Strykers; Third Army heats up Hellfire; Airmen rush medical supplies to Bishkek; Florida Guard upholds federal readiness; Medal of Honor recipients meet troops; Olympians share medals
Desert Mesh - 03.04.2010

277 hits


Somerset Soldier receives Bronze Star; Urgent medical items shipped to support troop surge; Troops find four-day pass effective; Third Army bids farewell to senior leader in Qatar; Qatar sheik invites troops to fastest full-body drag race;... more
Desert Mesh - 01.06.2010

291 hits


Soldier rewrites standard in satellite reliability; Central Command H1N1 vaccine shipments complete; Qatar passes provide war fighters a needed respite; A family reunion of sorts: the three Weichel brothers; Origins of Arab falconry; Troops... more
Desert Mesh - 11.02.2009

344 hits


Airman recalls 9/11 from Arlington; Strykers adopt desert tan color; Qatar facility helps expedite Humvee safety upgrades; Battlefield coordination leader redeploys, liaison to Shaw; Base bike patrols increase officer presence in Qatar; Rams... more
Desert Mesh - 09.02.2009

329 hits


Thompson earns top leadership award; Qatar base fundraiser proceeds, participation doubles; War fighters support social networking sites; Basketball coaches travel overseas to say 'thanks'; Gulf countries start religious fast; Qatar general... more
Desert Mesh - 06.24.2009

303 hits


What does the Army NCO mean to you?; Senior leader explains Army birthday celebration; Soldier inspired to sing at Army birthday celebration; Commanderís spouse reflects on two years in Qatar; Qatar base maintains premier safety record; Soldiers... more
Desert Mesh - 04.29.2009

381 hits


Mind over matter in weight loss; Troops teach basic self defense using military training; Hollywood ambassadors start overseas tour in Qatar; Qatar military dog show enhances bilateral relations; Medal of honor recipients meet war fighters... more
Desert Mesh - 03.04.2009

328 hits


Troops talk politics during pass * Astronauts Arrive at Qatar * Tae Bo creator back on tour for troops * Overseas fundraising results peak despite recession * Deployed Soldiers battle rising suicide trend * Troops attend Qatar camel races * Top... more
Desert Mesh - 01.07.2009

373 hits


Off-post sponsor boosts respite program success; Off-post sponsor boosts respite program success; USO Qatar recognizes greatness in uniform; Qatar dining competes for repeat honors; Reserve general visits Soldiers in Qatar; ASG-QA Soldier and NCO... more
Desert Mesh - 11.01.2008

468 hits


Soldier begins fourth fundraiser overseas; Soldiers help voters beat state deadlines; USO Qatar increases support for family connections; New ambassador to Qatar honors 9/11 with troops
Desert Mesh - 09.06.2008

480 hits


Soldiers celebrate right to vote; Ramadan affects everyone at Camp As Sayliyah; Dingo promotes pet adoption overseas; Williams promotes a stronger community; Mixed marital artists meet war fighters; Ramadan Mubarak; Qatar enters fasting period;... more
Desert Mesh - 06.30.2008

552 hits


Qatar base provides best Army safety program; Army medics share life-saving concepts in Qatar; College football coaches visit fans in Qatar; Medical opticians hit milestone in Qatar
Desert Mesh - 05.04.2008

474 hits


Qatar air ambulance available to rush military casualties; From 'lean' concept to ribbon cutting – in 18 months; USARCENT troops win safety award; Firefighters provide real-life training in Qatar
Desert Mesh - 03.11.2008

291 hits


Third Army name changes to USARCENT, CAS Push up challenge, Qatar Military Sports.
Desert Mesh - 01.07.2008

212 hits


150,000th R&R Arrives in Qatar; Looking Back at 2007; Spiritual Resolutions; Dining Facility Earns Connelly.
Desert Mesh - 11.01.2007

213 hits


Desert Mesh out of Qatar.
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