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ESC Today is a publication featuring the 143rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary).

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ESC Today - 04.03.2016

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ESC Today quarterly publication. Highlighting news in and around the 143d ESC footprint.
ESC Today - 12.01.2014

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December 2014
ESC Today - 08.27.2014

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HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!!! The 143d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) 2013-2014 Deployment Yearbook has arrived. Take a look inside and experience the journey of the 143d ESC as they progressed through their deployment. Learn more about the men... more
ESC Today - 04.05.2014

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; What does the SOC say? ; Engines of Efficiency; Mr. I.T.; Lessons on Logistics; Patching the 108th
ESC Today - 03.02.2014

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Armored up: ; From scratch; 108th SB takes over sustainment operations in Kuwait; Sailor, Soldier, agent, attorney; Sharpening the SHARP program; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 02.01.2014

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Messages from the top; Engineers smooth out ammo operations; Bucks for bullets; Reserve Soldiers save millions; Around the ESC, 143d ESC safety message; A turn for the best
ESC Today - 01.04.2014

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Soldiers on deck; 861st Quartermaster Company rigs up for Southwest Asia; 847th Human Resources Company manages postal operations in Qatar; Army Reserve plays key role in Manas operations; 8 teams, 2... more
ESC Today - 12.06.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Harboring savings; Army Reserve helps close OEF gateway; Forging desert leaders; Faith, family, duty: A Muslim Soldier's unique path; The legal assistance mission in Kuwait; A past together, a world... more
ESC Today - 11.02.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Taking the reins (135th ESC and 143d ESC transfer of authority); Service under the surface: 86th Engineer Dive Team conducts salvage dive in the Persian Gulf; 143d ESC turns in excess vehicles; Financing... more
ESC Today - 10.04.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Supporting the defenders of freedom; YLEAD Summit in Puerto Rico; 873rd Quartermaster Company activates; Sustaining friendship; Around the ESC; 'Droit et avant:' How IG sustains victory; 143d ESC safety... more
ESC Today - 08.08.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Culminating success; Riggers over Puerto Rico; Synchronizing strategy; A new beginning; Diversity breeds results; The quiet professionals; Quartermaster unit trains up in Pennsylvania; Complying with the... more
ESC Today - 06.22.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Until we meet again: 143d ESC HHC bids farewell to Florida; Soldier looks to leader for life focus; Weapon of Choice: M249 Squad Automatic Weapon; National Safety Month; Army Reserve Family Programs;... more
ESC Today - 04.18.2013

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Inside this issue: 941st Transportation Company takes to the skies; 143d ESC Best Warrior Competition; 362nd Quartermaster Battalion builds confidence; 849th Quartermaster Company trains Soldiers during annual exercise; 650th Transportation... more
ESC Today - 03.14.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Brig. Gen. Bryan W. Wampler takes command of the 143d ESC; Army Reserve Family Programs; Moving history forward: women in the U.S. Army; Introducing: Mama T’s Angelz; Florida motorcycle safety laws for... more
ESC Today - 02.05.2013

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Messages from the top; 143d ESC hosts warrant officer workshop; 489th TC makes the mission move; DOD opens combat roles to women; Around the ESC; Freedom's Fortress: A history of Fort Monroe; Your legal readiness checklist; ... more
ESC Today - 01.08.2013

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; 143d ESC 'rocks out' with Great White for wounded warriors; 912th AG is no ordinary company; A long distance proposal; Around the ESC; New Year brings change to Warrior Leadership Course; Your rights... more
ESC Today - 12.03.2012

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Inside this issue: Messages from the Top; A new way to serve: Army Reserve embarks on historic mission to relieve Hurricane Sandy victims; New commander takes charge of 207th RSG; 352nd CSSB changes command; Fit for duty: 414th TC exercises mind,... more
ESC Today - 10.16.2012

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; 824th Quartermaster Company packs in competition at 2012 Rigger Rodeo; 460th, 482nd AG Replacement Companies leave lasting legacies; 421st Quartermaster Company jumps into history; Zombie safety... more
ESC Today - 09.11.2012

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Inside this issue: Palzer bids a fond farewell; Messages from the top; 576th MCT to deploy to Afghanistan; Suicide prevention; Hero happy to say, "Home at Last;" 849th QM Company receives 34 NATO medals; Around the ESC; Beat the cold and get away... more
ESC Today - 08.07.2012

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; The truth behind public affairs; Soldier on the street; Anatomy of an ESC; Around the ESC; DA Photo Lab in Orlando; Horsepower Heroes: HEMTT; Tiny but deadly: Naegleria fowleri; Combating unemployment
ESC Today - 07.11.2012

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Soldiers of the Caribbean; In for the long haul; Weapons of choice: M16A2 Rifle; Soldier on the street; Personally owned weapons safety; Around the ESC; Horsepower heroes: M916A3 truck
ESC Today - 05.06.2012

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Messages from the top; ‘Chute’ for the sea: Army Reserve conducts joint service airdrop and maritime battle assembly; Access control: Army mission control team; Field trip to the Apple Store; Soldier on the street; Swimming safety; National... more
ESC Today - 04.03.2012

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; Home at last; Month of the Military Child; 196th TC drives down the 'Road to Victory'; Coming soon: new Army APFT; Electrical safety during deployment; Around the ESC; Horsepower Heroes
ESC Today - 03.07.2012

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Messages from the top; Best Warrior Competition; Silver Scimitar; 143d ESC Soldiers win intel officer of the year award; Women in the Army; Child care options for military families; Sun exposure: good, bad or both?; Horsepower Heroes; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 02.08.2012

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Messages from the top; 641st RSG expands exciting training; Puerto Rico hosts YLEAD summit; Army's best-kept secret floats; 207th Warrior Spouse Day and Best Warrior Competition; Success at WLC; Horsepower heroes; African American/Black History... more
ESC Today - 01.10.2012

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Messages from the top; Reserve Soldier cuts costs in Afghanistan; 196th TC returns from Iraq; 941st TC heads home for the holidays; 824th QM Co. "packs it in" for Operation Toy Drop; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 12.04.2011

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Inside this issue: Messages from the top; 365th CSSB prepares for deployment; 489th TC rolls into Stuart Air Show; Making safety happen; 642nd RSG Soldier thrilled about new mission; Universal honors 143d ESC's veterans; How to enjoy a safe... more
ESC Today - 11.07.2011

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Messages from the top; Air Force awards 642nd RSG Soldier “Warrior of the Week”; 81st Transportation Detachment enters new era; Troops in Iraq head “home for the holidays” (for good); 207th Regional Support Group conducts Warrior... more
ESC Today - 10.02.2011

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Messages from the top; Lights! Cameras! Action! (143d ESC units appear on Fox & Friends); 143d ESC lays down the law in South Korea; Old Glory: Honoring our flag; WIC: What Moms should know; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 09.11.2011

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Messages from the top; 365th trains for deployment; 640th cases colors for the last time; Sleeping with dinos; 375th prepares to deploy; 642nd takes over mission; Soldier on the Street; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 08.08.2011

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Messages from the top; 143d commander promoted; 257th Trans Bn. holds deployment ceremony; The nerve center of CSTX; The Long Haul; 143d welcomes new CSM; Puerto Rico welcomes TRANSLOTS 11; Chaplain candidate program fills need; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 06.04.2011

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Orange County remembers its fallen; Operation Giveback kicks off, supports wounded warriors; Leaving behind a 128-year legacy; Resiliency, deployment and a change of command; Around the ESC; Hurricanes-Are you prepared?
ESC Today - 05.18.2011

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Osama bin Laden dead; 824th wins Philip A. Connelly competition; 143d hosts mobilization workshop; 207th prepares for AT; Girls are the future of Afghanistan; NASA holds education summit for military families; Soldier on the Street; Shades of... more
ESC Today - 04.09.2011

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Le Tour De Army, Best Warrior Competition, Mini-JLOTS, Road dogs support the troops, a D-Day reunion, Around the ESC
ESC Today - 03.06.2011

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Silver Scimitar trains for deployment; CYSS holds first Child and Youth Camp in Puerto Rico; 210th MPAD brings home the awards; Around the ESC; Soldier Spotlight; Why I Serve
ESC Today - 02.06.2011

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Messages from the top; 319th MPAD trains tough for Afghanistan; Reserve represents at Law Enforcement Car Show; 352nd CSSB mobilizes; The word from the soldier on the street; Improvements to the Warrior Leader Course; 518th SB battles it out; CAR... more
ESC Today - 01.09.2011

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The first diversity symposium, your pay in 2011, DVIDS and what it means to you, keeping your clearance-clear, and much more in the year's first edition of the 143d ESC's premiere publication, the ESC Today.
ESC Today - 12.05.2010

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Kicking off National Adoption Month: Heroes and Horsepower; Leaving behind a legacy of sustainment; Philip A. Connelly competition; New PT for Soldiers; Photos from around the ESC; 287th TC comes home
ESC Today - 11.05.2010

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UPARs start strong; 207th RSG changes commanders; CAR announces Reserve realignment; Paying agents and fraud; Post 9/11 GI Bill in review; Around the ESC; News from the Front
ESC Today - 10.01.2010

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143d ESC passes the guidon; An exclusive interview with the CAR; Reserve Soldiers learn combatives; USAR Best Warriors to compete; Around the ESC; News from the Front; Ultimate Challenge Mud Run
ESC Today - 09.09.2010

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Brig. Gen. Schultz says farewell; 824th TC facilitates Red Cross exercise; Synergy 2010 held in Orlando; 641st RSG changes command; Striving and thriving on the roads of Afghanistan; Supplying the surge; Women's Equality Day; Around the ESC
ESC Today - 08.01.2010

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Warrior 78, 2010; 204th PAD train in Germany; Reservist rescues others from flood waters; Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition
ESC Today - 07.01.2010

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296th TC returns safe and successful, Reserve readiness director visits 143d ESC headquarters, Philip A. Connelly competition, A new phenomenon: Social media, Diamond Saber 2010, 640th RSG changes command
ESC Today - 05.01.2010

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2010 Best Warrior Competition; Sgt. Owens...Above and beyond the call; Month of the military child
ESC Today - 04.01.2010

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2010 Best Warrior Competition; 207th RSG war fighter training; Silver Scimitar 2010
ESC Today - 11.02.2007

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143rd ESC Soldier killed in Iraq Unit Safety Awards are no accident AR-RAP opens to AGR Soldiers
ESC Today - 10.01.2007

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143rd hosts Strong Bonds Soldier retreat Unit receives heroes' welcome Transportation company inactivates 1182nd Transportation BN Trains for Iraq Mission
ESC Today - 09.06.2007

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Army Boat Supports Dive for Russian Sub Volunteers Show True Colors Postal Team Returns from in Iraq
ESC Today - 08.06.2007

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Ceremony Marks New Organization, New Era Army Thinks Outside the Box in Reserve Transformation Reserve Soldiers Represent Army at Pepsi 400
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