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    The 1796 Podcast

    The 1796 Podcast

    Audio | Tennessee National Guard Public Affairs Office


    Podcast Pilot for the Tennessee National Guard


    • The 1796 Podcast - 10 September - 20th Episode

      October 3rd Is the 30 year anniversary since the battle of Mogadishu in Somalia.

      We will take a little history journey and talk about the conflicts that led to the battle, the events during the fighting, and we will also talk to a Tennessee Guardsmen that was on duty at the Mogadishu Airport that fateful day.

      And, as always, check out our B.L.U.F. or Bottom Line Up Front news segment.

      Join Co-Hosts Lt Col Malone, Captain Hall, and MSgt Hamm for interesting histories, evocative interviews, and relevant news.


    • The 1796 Podcast - 6 August 2023 - 19th Episode

      It’s the 19th episode of The 1796 Podcast and we are extremely thrilled to be joined by some amazing guests.

      First off… You will get to hear from Command Sergeant Major Dale Crockett, the Senior Enlisted Leader for the Tennessee National Guard. He’s going to tell us about leadership, mentorship, and let us know some of the emerging priorities from the top echelons of leadership.

      We will also chat with Mr. James Saunders, the Integration Primary Prevention Officer. He will let us... read more


    • The 1796 Podcast - 28 June 2023 - 18th Episode

      It’s the 18th episode of The 1796 Podcast and we are extremely thrilled to be in the European nation of Bulgaria for Thracian Sentry 23.

      This month we come to you with several short interviews with Air and Army National Guard members, each one participating in the exercise titled Thracian Sentry 23.

      Thracian Sentry served to highlight the 30-year-long partnership between the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense and the Tennessee National Guard.

      And as global threats continue to... read more


    • The 1796 Podcast - 6 June 2023 - 17th Episode

      It’s the 17th episode of The 1796 Podcast and we are going to take a look at the ways Tennessee supported D-Day and WWII. We will hear from General Eisenhower from his address to the troops from the night Operation Overlord was to start. We tell you a little bit about the Tennessee Maneuvers and Patton’s Second Army. And we will also highlight some of the accomplishments of the 30th Infantry Division and the 117th Infantry Regiment.

      It’s a special D-Day episode of The 1796 Podcast.

      Join co-hosts Lt. Col. Marty Malone and Capt. Taylor Hall as they bring you inspiring interviews and exciting news from the Tennessee Military Department.


    • The 1796 Podcast - 18 May 2023 - 16th Episode

      It’s the 16th episode of The 1796 Podcast and we are extremely thrilled to be joined by General Duke Richardson.

      General Richardson is the commander of Air Force Materiel Command.

      The General will tell us all about Air Force Materiel command, what they do, and all the people that provide warfighting capabilities and equipment. He will fill us in on how Materiel Command delivers integrated capabilities while amplifying a warfighting culture. He will give us his leadership advice and… tell us what brought him to Tennessee.

      Don’t miss episode 16 of The 1796 Podcast.

      Join co-hosts Lt. Col. Marty Malone and Capt. Taylor Hall as they bring you inspiring interviews and exciting news from the Tennessee Military Department.


    • The 1796 Podcast - 4 May 2023 - 15th Episode

      On Episode 15 of The 1796 Podcast we head to Clarksville, Tennessee and Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

      We talk with Colonel Andy Jordon, and Command Sergeant Major Chad Stackpole. They are the garrison command team for Fort Campbell.

      We get to hear about all the great men and women that work and serve at Fort Campbell. They dedicate tremendously to the defense of the nation.

      You get to hear about lessons learned from many years of military experiences and a little history thrown in as well.

      ...On Episode 15 of The 1796 Podcast.


    • The 1796 Podcast - 19 April 2023 - 14th Episode

      14th Episode of The 1796 Podcast:

      We are elated to host Colonel Randy “LAZ” Gordon, Commander of Arnold Engineering Development Complex Headquartered at Arnold Air Force Base in Tullahoma, Tennessee. He is a fighter pilot, a test pilot, a PhD and an all-around great guy. He will give us practical and historical information about Arnold Air Force Base, talk about what’s coming to the military by way of technology, and tell us about leadership and mentorship.

      You don’t want to miss episode 14 of The 1796 Podcast.

      Join co-hosts Lt. Col. Marty Malone and Capt. Taylor Hall as they bring you inspiring interviews and exciting news from the Tennessee Military Department.


    • The 1796 Podcast - April 2023

      It’s the lucky 13th episode of The 1796 Podcast and the team is excited with our lineup. We talk with Colonel Brandon Evans, the Commander of the 164th Airlift Wing in Memphis. He tells us about how the Air Force moves cargo all over the world and how the 164th does it with excellence. We also sit down with Colonel Cory Kinton, he is the commander of the 194th Engineering Brigade Headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee. He educates us on the awesome missions of the Tennessee Army National... read more


    • The 1796 Podcast - March 2023

      March's episode of The 1796 Podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

      We are honored to have with us Mr. Randy Boyd. He is the president of the University of Tennessee System which includes every campus in the system across the state. We talk with President Boyd about education and how that relates to those in the national guard.

      We also sit down with state representative Jerome Moon. He represents state district 8 which includes the airmen and soldiers at McGhee Tyson Air... read more


    • The 1796 Podcast - February 2023

      The 1796 Podcast... The podcast by the Tennessee National Guard.

      But this one goes to eleven! You guessed it. It’s the eleventh Episode of The 1796 Podcast. This month we dial it all the way up with the help of our most fascinating guests and instead of hosting new interviews this month, we have compiled some of the tastiest tidbits of leadership advice we have received over the last ten episodes. With an exceedingly capable assist from our engineer & editor, Technical Sergeant Hamm,... read more


    • The 1796 Podcast - January 2023

      All Aboard to Chattanooga! On the 10th Episode of The 1796 Podcast, we chat with Major Chris LaBanca, Commander of the 241st Engineering Installation Squadron located in Chattanooga, to discuss the 241st‘s enduring mission and the outstanding men and women who perform it. We also talk with Mr. Steven Thomas from the Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center. He is the center’s Director of Operations and tells us all about the interesting history of the Medal of Honor, links to... read more


    • The 1796 Podcast - December 2022

      Assistant Adjutants General - On the 9th Episode of The 1796 Podcast, Lieutenant Colonel Malone sits down with the Tennessee Air National Guard’s Assistant Adjutant General-Air, Col Jason Glass. Captain Hall gets in some talk-time with the Tennessee Army National Guard’s Assistant Adjutant General-Army, Brigadier General Warner Ross, II. They both talk about the status of Tennessee’s service members and what they see in the National Guard’s future. Join The 1796 Podcast team as they bring you inspiring interviews and exciting news about the military and the Tennessee National Guard. You do not want to miss hearing from Tennessee’s Military leaders in the 9th installment of... The 1796 Podcast.


    • The 1796 Podcast | November 2022 | 8th Episode

      VETERANS - On the 8th Episode of The 1796 Podcast, as we approach Veterans Day, the team sits down with a true American hero. Captain (Ret) Jerry Neal was a B-24 and B-17 pilot during WWII who flew about 100 missions, 35 of which are considered "combat missions." His 3rd mission was ... D-Day where he ended up ditching in the English Channel. You'll want to listen to his amazing account. We then sit down with Tennessee's Commissioner of Veterans Services, Major General (Ret) Tommy Baker, to discuss the great services that his team brings to the table for Tennessee Veterans. Join co-hosts Lt.Col. Malone and Capt. Hall as they bring you inspiring interviews and exciting news about the military and the Tennessee National Guard.


    • The 1796 Podcast - October 2022

      On the 7th episode of The 1796 Podcast we talk all things... Cops.
      We first sit down with Command Sergeant Major Michael Plemons in Etowah, Tennessee to discuss Army National Guard Military Police. We then go to Memphis to chat with Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Harvey about Air National Guard Security Forces. Whether you are interested in law enforcement, base defense, or combat patrol... sit down with a snack (box of donuts?) and a cup of coffee and enjoy this episode.


    • The 1796 Podcast - September 2022

      FITNESS - On the 6th episode of the 1796 Podcast, we talk all things fitness. We sit down with Captain Owens who was one of the first soldiers to score a 600 (100%) on the new Army Combat Fitness Test. We also discuss the National Guard Endurance Team with Technical Sergeant Eckel one of the members of this elite team. So, lace up your running shoes and get your PT gear on as they tell us about tactics, techniques, and procedures to maintain a fit lifestyle.


    • The 1796 Podcast - August 2022

      The 1796 Podcast... Tennessee's own podcast by and for the Tennessee National Guard and all those interested. In the August 2022 episode, we talk about the education benefits that come with membership in the Tennessee National Guard. We also "get to" hear from Brigadier General Tommy Cauthen as he reflects on his 38 years of service. You do not want to miss all the valuable information in the fifth installment of... The 1796 Podcast.


    • The 1796 Podcast - July 2022

      On this episode of The 1796 Podcast, we talk with Blackhawk Helicopter crew chiefs about quenching wildfires and rescuing stranded hikers in the Smokey Mountains. We also chat with Colonel Lee Hartley about the 134th Air Refueling Wing's new hangar and what that means for their future.


    • The 1796 Podcast - June 2022

      On this episode we sit down with Patrick Sheehan, the Director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, and discuss their role as a helping agency in Tennessee. We also talk to Sergeant Major Harold Cook about the importance of exercises to readiness and response.


    • The 1796 Podcast - May 2022

      Episode 2 of the 1796 Podcast hosted by Lt. Col. Marty Malone and Capt. Taylor Hall from the Tennessee National Guard Joint Public Affairs Office. This month they interviewed the 118th Operations commander, Col. Ted Geasley, and Col. Jimmy Reed, Joint Chief of Staff, Tennessee National Guard. Col. Geasley discussed the incredible mission of the 118th. Col. Reed discussed the partnership with the Scouts and the Merit Badge University.


    • The 1796 Podcast - April 2022

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