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    The DisruptiveAF Podcast

    The DisruptiveAF Podcast

    Audio | AFWERX


    The DisruptiveAF Podcast highlights defense changemakers and intrapreneurs who
    are dedicated to improving their organizations and providing value to their communities.


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast S2:E6 Spark Tank 2022 Winners | Brent Kenney and Matthew Connelly

      Season 2: Episode 6 of The DisruptiveAF Podcast meets the WINNER of Spark Tank 2022: Brent Kenney and his Project ARCWATER along with its Innovation Mentor Matthew Connelly from the 52nd Fighter Wing. Winning Spark Tank is so much more than just a good idea, it takes the drive, vision, support, funding, and foresight to see what is, what can be, and what must be done to get to the finish line of implementation and sustainment. Join us as we learn from Brent and Matthew just what the path the... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast S2:E5 SrA Noah Morales | Intelligent Locker

      Season 2: Episode 5 of The DisruptiveAF Podcast gets Intelligent with SrA Noah Morales from Robins AFB and his game changing integration of the Intelligent Locker. What started as potential fix to an everyday problem through a simple “how would we do that?” led to the establishment of a brand new rapid package delivery capability for our Airmen across the Air Force. No more waiting 9 days for your Amazon package to arrive on base, thanks so SrA Morales and the efforts of his team-life... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast S2:E4 Col. Don "Stryker" Haley - EVTOL and DET 62

      Season 2: Episode 4 of The DisruptiveAF Podcast steps into the Future with Detachment 62 Commander, Col. Don “Stryker” Haley. Through AFWERX’s Agility Prime EVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) initiative, Col. Haley and his DET 62 team are launching an industry through the research and development of EVTOL capabilities and training. Join us as TRIGGER Jordan and Stryker Haley explore the ecosystem and the challenges around growing an Industry from scratch on this Future... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - S2:E3 Fighter Country Spark with Capt. Wes "Rock" Reid

      Season 2: Episode 3 of The DisruptiveAF Podcast learns from THE Wes “Rock” Reid, Chief of Innovation at Fighter Country Spark and F-16 Instructor Pilot. Rock, brings his words of wisdom from the tactical edge of Fighter Country as he shares the innovation challenges of Fighter Training as well as his recent experience from the recent Nellis Hackathon event. Subscribe now to never miss an episode on the edge of innovation with The DisruptiveAF Podcast!

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    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast-S2:E2- Design Warfare with Andrew Caprio

      Season 2: Episode 2 of The DisruptiveAF Podcast brings the power of Andrew Caprio of Morpheus as he discusses the creation, concept and capabilities of Design Warfare! This isn't your design thinking session, but a power packed catalyst. Join us as we dive into how Design Warfare can transform your organization innovation culture. Subscribe now to never miss an episode on the edge of innovation with The DisruptiveAF Podcast!

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    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast-S2:E1 Gen. David Allvin, VCSAF

      Season 2 of The DisruptiveAF Podcast is LIVE and starting out power packed! The Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General David W. Allvin, joins Disruptive AF host Kinsley "TRIGGER" Jordan to discuss the importance of Innovation across the United States Air Force, what success looks like, and we continue to grow a culture which champions the capabilities and processes of growth and change! Subscribe now get every new episode!


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 17) Jessica Rees: Knowing when and how to disrupt the status quo

      Jessica Rees: "The time to disrupt is when I ask, 'Am I getting a product to the warfighter fast enough that it's staying relevant?'"

      Jessica Rees is the Chief Ecosystem Officer for the 309th Extreme Digital Development Group Enterprise (EDGE) at Hill Air Force Base, UT, where she delivers war-winning, radical innovation that resolves the most complex software engineering challenges. She's been a farmhand, a corrections assistant, a gym staff, an exercise physiologist, a configuration... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 16) Jason Rathje: Facilitating problem-solution matches through AFVentures

      Jason Rathje: "Anybody can be an innovator--any Airmen can innovate, but it does have to be connected to outcomes. That's the separation between what innovation theater might be and what I would consider true innovation within the process."

      Maj. Jason Rathje is AFWERX's AFVentures Director, where he implements novel initiatives to mature and transition "dual-use" technology ventures by building relationships between commercial solution-providers and Air Force problem-owners to scale... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 15) Trish Marshall: Setting the foundation for enterprise-wide innovation

      Trish Marshall: "Now we're trying to build those tell the story of how we're maintaining and growing our competitive edge in relation to our peer and near-peer actors."

      Trish Marshall is the Chief of Strategy for the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC). At the time of this recording, she was an Innovation Project Manager at AFIMSC where she developed and managed projects that focused on providing solutions, innovative technologies, and comprehensive... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 14) Jay Vizcarra: Cultivating a network for rapid problem solving and collaboration

      Jay Vizcarra: "Observe your landscape and simply see where you fit into that landscape while coevolving yourself and your community."

      Lt. Col. Jay Vizcarra is the 461st Air Control Wing Innovations and SPARK chief at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. He's been involved in a number of AFWERX projects including the COVID-19 National Response Team and collaborative manufacturing efforts. Outside of work, he enjoys drone photography and snowboarding.

      During this episode, Viz joins our hosts... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 13) Cherrod Overbey: Leveraging technology to resolve pain points

      Cherrod Overbey: "If you really believe in it, go for it. To make these things happen, you have to really not be afraid of failure."

      Tech. Sgt. Cherrod Overbey is a personnelist with the Air Force Personnel Center and has started AFPC’s Robotic Process Automation Journey. Cherrod recently competed in the AFWERX Spark Tank 2020 competition where he was able to pitch the power of RPA to Air Force senior leadership and guest judges. Cherrod is passionate about improving Airmen everyday... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 12) Kaylee Schanda: The art of purpose-driven communication

      Kaylee Schanda: "Take a good, hard look in the mirror. You can't change your perspective if you don't understand your perspective."

      Kaylee is an experienced Public Affairs officer with a demonstrated history of working in the both the public and private sector. She has a background in media and communication analytics and is working toward a Master of Science (M.S.) in Strategic Communication at Troy University with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Literature/Creative Writing from New... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 11) Tom Burden: Remaining persistent in the face of uncertainty

      Tom Burden: "People often avoid adopting new solutions for fear of it leading to future hazards without understanding the hazards presented by the status quo."

      Tom is a former Air Force F-16 maintainer who went on to found the company Grypmat and pitch on the show Shark Tank. He's dedicated to developing innovative products that incorporate complexity and simplicity to increase efficiency and user friendliness.

      During this episode, Tom joins our hosts Kinsley "TRIGGER" Jordan and... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 10) Jon Margolick: Keeping your eye on the problem with warfighter-centered design Pt. 2

      Jon Margolick: "In the innovation space, it's really easy to end up focusing on processes or tools more than the purpose of the process or tool."

      As the former Director of the Centers for Adaptive Warfighting at NavalX and now the Truman National Security Project Executive Vice President, Jon Margolick has pursued ways to adapt the Department of Defense to a changing world. He is experienced in the ways of design thinking, agile scrum, lean start-up, and the ways they teach us to know and... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 9) Ralphie Short: How customer discovery sets the foundation for successful projects

      Ralphie Short: "We talk about agile, we talk about doing things in minutes, hours and days--but don't go so fast that you miss something. It really pays to be slow and methodical, which will just help you go faster in the future."

      Maj. William "Ralphie" Short is a Senior Air Battle Manager and Intrapraneur, who creates bleeding edge technology that directly impacts warfighters. He attended and pitched at the first-ever AFWERX Spark Collider in August 2019, and has taken his project... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 5. Christian Brechbuhl: Empowering teams to tackle problems head-on

      Christian Brechbuhl: "The thing I really love about the innovation space is the Airmen in it and people do amazing stuff like this all the time. If I had one message to people it's that you can do it too."

      Capt. Christian Brechbuhl is the Director of Innovation for Joint Base Charleston in S.C. and a C-17 Instructor Pilot. He's has attended multiple AFWERX events and is active in the Air Force Software development space. He is passionate about spending Airmen time on things only humans... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 4. Todd Simmons: Creating Safe Spaces to Share Experiences and Explore Your Passions

      "I've wanted every person who has worked with me to have a passion that is not associated with the U.S. Air Force. Not a hobby--A passion that gives you a purpose because it lights a fire in you that will only benefit us as an institution."

      Todd Simmons is a Business Coach, Leadership Expert, and the Founder and President of Courageous Leadership Alliance. He served 25 years in the U.S. Air Force nurturing and developing the leaders of tomorrow. As a seasoned educator and business leader,... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 3. Stacie Shafran: Be Brave, Share Your Story and Take Chances

      "When I first came in the Air Force, it was tough to embrace this ecosystem and for people to feel like they could be vulnerable and they could have the courage to try something and now we really are encouraging people to do that."

      Stacie Shafran is a public affairs officer with the Air Force Personnel Center and has been involved in the defense innovation ecosystem for a little while now and has attended at least one AFWERX Spark workshop. She recently completed the AFVentures fellowship... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 1. Kickoff withHosts Kinsley Jordan and Daniel Hulter

      The DisruptiveAF Podcast highlights defense changemakers and intrapreneurs dedicated to improving their organizations and providing value to their communities with hosts Kinsley "TRIGGER" Jordan and Daniel Hulter.

      In this introductory episode, our hosts describe their own innovation journeys inside the U.S. Air Force and explain what buzz words like "disruptive" and "innovative" actually mean.

      Follow our hosts on LinkedIn via the links below:
      - Kinsley "TRIGGER" Jordan:... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 2. Tony Perez: Growing a Community of Defense Innovators

      "Just to see these folks react and their ability to operate in nebulous environments and be comfortable with that...that's exactly what this Spark Cell concept and empowering grassroots innovation does."

      Tony Perez is the director of AFWERX's Spark initiative, a grassroots innovation program designed to create unique opportunities for the military’s operational experts to collaborate with the top problem solvers in industry, academia, and the government. He started the first cell at... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - Teaser

      The DisruptiveAF Podcast highlights defense changemakers and intrapreneurs who are dedicated to improving their organizations and providing value to their communities. Listen as our hosts, Daniel Hulter and Kinsley "TRIGGER" Jordan, give a highlight of what's to come.


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 10) Jon Margolick: Keeping your eye on the problem with warfighter-centered design Pt. 1

      Jon Margolick: "Design thinking is the antidote to all the things you hate most about meetings. It's nothing more complicated than just being able to converse with other people in a way that makes it possible to actually communicate."

      As the former Director of the Centers for Adaptive Warfighting at NavalX and now the Truman National Security Project Executive Vice President, Jon Margolick has pursued ways to adapt the Department of Defense to a changing world. He is experienced in the... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 7) Ben Kelsey: How Air Force Gaming arose by combining passion with initiative

      Ben Kelsey: "We care about resiliency. We saw a gap in what was being provided to Airmen--there are recreation leagues for soccer, football, you name it, but for all the Airmen who are hanging out in their dorms playing video games--there's nothing for them and there's nothing connecting them to other people. We saw it as an opportunity to connect them to other people."

      SSgt. Ben Kelsey has been in the Air Force for about 7 years as a security forces defender. Outside of his Air Force... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 8) Carrie Martin: Building a path for others to follow in contracting and innovation

      Carrie Martin: "Even if you take a loss here and there, don't stop. You're not always going to be able to change people. You have to inspire your own positivity and make increments of change that are within your power--sometimes your change is your attitude and the way you look at things, even if you can't change policy."

      Carrie has been involved in the defense innovation ecosystem for about a year. She has attended numerous RAPIDx workshops in various AFWERX facilities. She was... read more


    • The DisruptiveAF Podcast - 6) Kathy Reid: Creating an innovation empowerment office

      Kathy Reid: "I really had a passion for helping people do things they didn't think they could do--reaching beyond what the limits were."

      Kathy is the Spark Cell Lead for the 96th Test Wing at Eglin Air Force Base. The Wing has experienced exponential growth in their innovation culture under her coaching. She has been actively involved in the AFWERX innovation ecosystem and event attendance since its inception. She is passionate about inspiring Airmen to relentlessly pursue their ideas, to... read more