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    Freedom File

    Video | AFN Afghanistan


    This newscast series reports on the ongoing missions of military service members deployed to Afghanistan. Provided by American Forces Network Afghanistan.


    • Freedom File: Chinook Prepares for Takeoff

      U.S. Soldiers prepare for the Resolute Support Mission by loading a CH-47F Chinook into a C-7 Aircraft to send back to the U.S. for reset. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: “Dustoff” Medics Provide ISAF with Invaluable Load Training

      Pilots and medics with Task Force ”Talon” provide cold load training to soldiers from the Czech Republic Armed Forces.


    • Freedom File: Apache Troop Patrol

      Red Platoon, Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 75th Cavalry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, patrols villages in the security zone around Bagram Airfield.


    • Freedom File: Task Force Med Soldier of the Quarter

      Soldiers serving in Afghanistan with Task Force 31 Med compete in a Soldier and NCO of the Quarter competition at Bagram Airfield.


    • Freedom File: Sailor Reflects on 13 Years in Afghanistan

      HM1 Aaron Spaulding was one of the first service members to deploy to Afghanistan in 2001 and will be one of the last to leave in 2014. He takes a look back at the progress that has been made during the military’s 13-year commitment in Afghanistan


    • Freedom File: Postal Operations in the Resolute Support Mission

      The Army Post Office on Bagram Airfield conducts traditional postal operations as well as provides expeditionary mail services, such as postal rodeos for smaller outlying FOB's throughout Afghanistan. Includes sound bites from 1st Lt. Elizabeth Kraft, 10th Sustainment Brigade Postal Operations OIC. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Khost Province Residents Welcome U.S. and Afghan Forces

      1st Platoon, Apache Troop,1st Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment Infantrymen conduct a presence patrol alongside Afghan National Army Soldiers in Khost Province. SSG Terrence Shelburne shares his thoughts on the missions purpose.


    • Freedom File: ANA Service Members Receive Training on MRAPs

      Military Advisor Team Five, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two-Five and personnel with the Warrior Training Alliance, work together to teach Afghan National Army soldiers important MRAP lessons.


    • Freedom File: USACE’s Impact of Afghanistan

      The United States Army Corps of Engineers has made great contributions to the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. As they approach the end of their mission, Sergeant Christopher Tobey meets with LTG Tom Bostick, USACE Commander, and COL Pete Helmlinger, Commander of USACE Transatlantic Afghanistan District who explain what they have accomplished, the few projects they have left, and why they are important to the security efforts in Afghanistan. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Herat's Role-2 Mission

      The Role-2 Hospital in Herat, Afghanistan has an important mission. Soldiers from the 909th Forward Surgical Team work with other NATO forces battling everything from the wounded patients to language barriers, all in order to heal and help save lives in Regional Command West.


    • Freedom File: CJIATF 435 End of Mission Ceremony

      Combined joint Inter Agency Task Force 435 conducts their End of Mission Ceremony.


    • Freedom File: Volleyball Diplomacy

      Recently, American Soldiers from ISAF Joint Command at Kabul International Airport played Afghan National Army soldiers from the Ground Forces Command in a volleyball game. The friendly game focused on building relationships between coalition countries. Includes sound bites from Command Sgt. Maj. Mohammad Ali Hussaini, Command Sergeant Major of the ANA Ground Forces and PV2 Sabrina Vimotto, Volleyball Game Participant. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Preventing Stress in a Combat Zone

      10th Mountain’s Surgeons Wellness Program plays a huge role in keeping Soldiers mission ready. Following the Surgeon General’s Triad, the program emphasizes exercise, sleep, and nutrition. Includes sound bites from Lt. Col. Christian Meko, CJ-TF 10 Surgeon and Capt. Travis Whiteside, CJ-TF10 Pharmacy Consultant. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Managing Non-Rolling Stock in the Resolute Support Mission

      In addition to rolling stock, the 401st Army Field Support Brigade manages the turn-in and re-distribution of non-rolling stock. These items are inspected and sent to other locations around the world as the Resolute Support Mission unfolds.


    • Freedom File: The All American Dustoff

      The soldiers of The All American Dustoff fly a training mission to Jalalabad. This unit flies the most missions of any MEDEVAC unit in Afghanistan. Interviews: CW2 John Cornelius – Ft. Bragg and SSG Shaun Rubenstein – Belaire, MD.


    • Freedom File: How the National Afghan Trucking System Supports Coalition Forces

      The National Afghan Trucking system provides a secure and reliable means of distributing reconstruction material, security equipment, fuel, miscellaneous dry cargo, and life support assets to and from Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Distribution Sites throughout Afghanistan. Includes sound bites from Maj. Brandon Hill, 49th MCB Operations Officer. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Honoring Our Fallen

      After the military community at Kabul International Airport loses three of its own, they prepare to honor the fallen heroes with a memorial ceremony.


    • Freedom File: SFAAT 200 Meets with Afghan Leaders at Islam Qala-005

      Soldiers from SFAAT-200 and the 705th Zone Commander of the Afghan Border Patrol fly to Islam Kala, an ABP post, to conduct an inspection and Key Leader Engagement. Includes sound bites from Lt. Col. Dominick Versace, Deputy Commander, 82nd Detachment, SFAAT 200. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Afghan Soldiers Graduate from Weapons Training

      Afghan soldiers attend a graduation ceremony after they complete the first phase of their weapons training at Camp Zefar in Herat, Afghanistan. U.S. Forces from TAAC- West attended and took part in this demonstration of success.


    • Freedom File: Afghanistan Gets a Forensics Lab

      Regional Support Command West helps stand up the second largest forensics lab in Afghanistan.


    • Freedom File: Troops Get A 9/11 Visit From Dr. Roever

      On Sept 11th 2014, Dr. Dave Roever, resiliency coach and Vietnam veteran, visited the troops in and around Afghanistan to bring words of encouragement to troops on the anniversary of 9-11.


    • Freedom File: 1-2 Marines Reconnaissance Patrol

      Marines with 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines conduct reconnaissance patrols with members of the Afghan National Army in the northwest region of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. During this Mission, they take enemy fire but both the Marines and the ANA soldiers are still able to complete the mission without taking any casualties.


    • Freedom File: 455th Air Expeditionary Wing: Gateway to the Resolute Support Mission

      The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing on Bagram Airfield is a provisional United States Air Force Central (USAFCENT) unit. It is one of two AEWs in Afghanistan. The 455th AEW will continue current and future operations, to include transporting troops and equipment out of Afghanistan, as the Resolute Support Mission unfolds. Includes sound bites from Maj. Christopher L. Carmichael, 455th Expeditionary Aerial Port Squadron Commander. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: MRAP Saves Lives

      Pfc. Jose Giron, MRAP Passenger and Pfc. Jeremiah Hutson, MRAP Driver, talk about the day an IED hit them and how their MRAP saved their lives. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: The Lazy Man’s 2K

      Over two-hundred troops participated in the Lazy Man’s 2K on Bagram Airfield. The American Red Cross sponsored the event.


    • Freedom File: End of Summer Crazy Carnival

      The American Red Cross sponsored the End of Summer Crazy Carnival on Bagram Airfield. Footage includes a flash mob, games and activities. Includes sound bites from Felecia Chavez, American Red Cross Station manager and Sgt. 1st Class Scott Groters, Red Cross Volunteer. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: New Shorabak Trauma Center

      CAPT James Cole explains the purpose of the new trauma center at Camp Shorabak, Afghanistan. This is the first such facility in the region and it enables the ANA's 215th Corps to better support its warfighters. Produced by Sgt. Christopher Tobey. Includes soundbites from Capt. James Cole, command surgeon, Mobile Expeditionary BGD-A.


    • Freedom File: More Than a Trauma Center

      In addition to trauma care, Kandahar Airfield’s NATO Role 3 Hospital incorporates programs that focus on prevention for Coalition Forces and Afghan civilians.


    • Freedom File: Driving with a Purpose

      The soldiers of ISAF’s Joint Command Movement Control team are tasked with moving military passengers in and around the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. They have the task of safely ferrying individuals back and forth while trying to avoid the insurgents and others that would do harm to coalition members. Produced by Staff Sgt. Haley Zimmerman. Includes soundbites from Sgt. Christopher Hinds, IJC MOVECON and Spc. Brian Larson, IJC MOVECON medic and driver.


    • Freedom File: USACE Builds Basic Training

      The United States Army Corps of Engineers went to the Kabul Military Training Center to oversee projects they currently have under construction. Includes sound bites from Col. Abdul Qudus Ghani, KMTC Commander. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: USFOR-A and ISAF’s Change of Command (Freedom File)

      A change of command ceremony is held to commemorate a new commander of United States Forces-Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force. The event highlights the accomplishments of the outgoing commander, General Joseph F. Dunford and welcomes General John F. Campbell as USFOR-A and ISAF’s new commander. Includes sound bites from Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, Commander of U.S. Central Command. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Foot Patrol in Wardak Province Leads to a Fire-Fight

      Soldiers from 3rd Platoon, Grim Troop of the Third Cavalry Regiment conduct a foot patrol and Key Leader Engagement but run into some hostile fire along the way. Includes sound bites from Staff Sgt. James Bouffard, Weapons Squad Leader, 3rd Platoon, Grim Troop, 3-3 Cavalry Regiment. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Training Through Retrograde

      As the U.S. Forces draw down and retrograde, B-Huts are being torn down. Pararescuemen on Bagram Airfield are using these buildings for training to allow troops to stay mission ready.


    • Freedom File: Enduring Medical Care

      As the U.S. draws down and medical assets leave Afghanistan, Doctors and Nurses at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital train Afghan medical professionals. The Afghans take part in the two week Afghan Trauma Mentorship Program on Bagram Airfield


    • Freedom File: Bobcats Patrol Shindand

      1st Platoon, Demon Company, 5th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division goes out on a patrol to show their replacements the area of operations in Shindand, Afghanistan. 1st Platoon was accompanied by Afghan National Army Soldiers on the ground.


    • Freedom File: C-JTSCC Change of Command Ceremony

      The CENTCOM Joint Theater Support Contracting Command holds a change of command ceremony. The outgoing commander is RDML Allie Coetzee and the incoming commander is BG Brett McMullen. Soundbites include RDML Allie Coetzee - Outgoing C-JTSCC Commander and BG Brett McMullen - Incoming C-JTSCC Commander.


    • Freedom File: The New Ownership of Camp Phoenix

      A ceremony celebrates the Afghan government gaining ownership of Camp Phoenix. Soldiers from the 302nd Military Police Company and the 48th Infantry Combat Brigade Team, the last group of Soldiers to leave Camp Phoenix, watch the official signing of the transfer of property.


    • Freedom File: Bagram Airfield in Transition

      In support of the Resolute Support Mission, several projects on Bagram Airfield will transition the area into an enduring base.


    • Freedom File: SFAAT Goes to the Zone

      The Security Forces Advise and Assist Team or SFAAT 82 use their role as mentors to help Afghan Border Police or ABP. SFAAT 82 provides the ABP guidance on how to setup and run their infrastructure.


    • Freedom File: Well Drilling Provides Fresh Water for an ANA Base

      The Navy Mobile Construction Battalion Two Five provides hands on training for an Afghan National Army engineering group. The group learns various skills to drill a well that will provide clean water for Camp Ghazi Soldiers.


    • Freedom File: Key Leader Engagement on Combat Outpost Soltan Khel

      U.S. and Afghan forces meet on Combat Outpost Soltan Khel for a Key Leader Engagement.


    • Freedom File: Top Guns' CERP School

      Task Force Top Guns of the 101st Airborne Division went to Gholam Ali for the ground breaking ceremony of a school repair and to see the finished x-ray room at the Gholam Ali Clinic.


    • Freedom File: Afghan Service Members Graduate From a Technical Program

      A ceremony is held to celebrate the graduation of 77 Afghan National Army Service Members for their completion of a technical program. They learned various skills to become certified as Radio Repairmen. The program included classroom and hands on training with DATRON and Harris radios.


    • Freedom File: First to Make a Difference in the Resolute Support Mission

      As the mission in Afghanistan comes to an end, units like the 401st Army Field Support Brigade on Bagram Airfield, will continue to execute theater wide logistics operations in support of the Resolute Support Mission.


    • Freedom File: Kabul Mayor Announces New Project Partnerships

      The Mayor of Kabul announces new beautification projects at the Massoud Circle in conjunction with US Forces Afghanistan.


    • Freedom File: Afghan Women Farmers

      Afghan Women Farmers from Parwan Province come to Bagram Airfield for a final Shura to help them develop skills as farmers and sales women. Sound bites from Senior USDA Agricultural Representative Pradeep Patnaik and Parwan Province farmer Shabanna.


    • Freedom File: Guardians of the Galaxy Visit Guardians of Afghanistan

      The MWR center on Bagram Airfield held a special screening of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for Coalition Forces. Includes sound bites from Sgt. David Ogden and Maj. Devon McRainey, Guardians of the Galaxy Fans and Debra Melton, AAFES Retail Business Manager. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Army Reserve Fixed Wing Pilots Fly in Afghanistan

      Army Reserve fixed wing pilots transport high ranking officials and distinguished visitors around the Afghanistan theater of operations with their UC-35, executive style jet.


    • Freedom File: A Greener Perspective in Afghanistan: Bagram’s Waste Management Complex

      The Waste Management Complex on Bagram Airfield receives all trash produced on base and after sorting, recycles, stores and distributes re-usable material to local Afghan companies. Includes sound bites from Mr. Christopher Miranda, USACE Project Manager. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Marines Provide Water to TB Dwyer

      Combat Logistics Battalion 7 produces all of the water used on Tactical Base Dwyer. This eight-man team serves more than two thousand service members and civilians on the base. Produced by Sgt. Christopher Tobey. Includes soundbites from Cpls. Marc-Anthony DiPlacido, Jesus Vega, ans Sergio Robles, water purification specialists with Combat Logistics Battalion 7.


    • Freedom File: Afghan IED Defeat

      Afghan soldiers of the 201st Corps attempt to gain their IED Defeat Certification. This certification will allow them to disarm improvised explosive devices. Includes sound bites from Sgt. Salim, IED Defeat Student and Stephen Boneau. IED Defeat assessment Instructor. Hometown: Oak Harbor, Wash. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Building Morale One Bowl at a Time

      A snapshot of life at Joint Combat Outpost Hairatan where the process of retrograde and turnover to the Afghans has caused soldiers to live with fewer amenities, but has allowed others to do the jobs they signed up for. Produced by Staff Sgt. Haley Zimmerman. Includes soundbites from Spc. Christopher John Powell, infantry rifleman, and Sgt. Sebastian Chavez, food service manager.


    • Freedom File: 1-7 Marines 24-Hour Patrol

      C Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines conducts one of their numerous patrols to ensure security at Tactical Base Dwyer. They monitor Different Main Supply Routes (MSRs) to make sure insurgents aren’t using them to transport drugs or weapons.


    • Freedom File: 1-7 Marines Night Mortar Mission-005

      Marines with Charley Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines conduct a 24-hour patrol near Tactical Base Dwyer in Southwest Afghanistan. They conduct missions like this three to four times a week.


    • Freedom File: 1-7 Marines TOW Missile Range-005

      C Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines conducts a TOW Missile range at Tactical Base Dwyer. Lance Corporal Zachary Marquard, Missile Specialist, C Co., 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, explains how vital the TOW Missiles are to their mission and what it’s like to fire those high powered missiles.


    • Freedom File: J-STARS Reaches Major Milestone

      The 7th Expeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron/ Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System has flown 90,000 safe flight hours over the CENTCOM area of responsibility, including Afghanistan; a major milestone in 13 years of service.


    • Freedom File: Improving Medical Care One Click at a Time

      A profile of the team at Bagram Air Field's Joint Theater Trauma System and the research and data analysis they conduct that improves care that medics give to the Soldiers on the battlefield. Includes sound bites from Maj. Ryan Curtis and Staff Sgt. Michael Smith, Joint Theater Trauma System. Also available in high definition.


    • Freedom File: Female Engagement Team

      This edition features a story about how today, the taliban continue to intimidate, threaten and murder Afghan women who try to have a voice of their own. Spc. Crystal Madriz introduces you to Coalition Forces who are trying to put an end to the cruelty. Soundbite includes 1st Lt. Sara Casper - 238th Cavalry Squadron, Female Engagement Team Member. Produced by Spc. Crystal Madriz. Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.