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    Soldiers Update

    Video | Defense Media Activity - Army


    Soldiers Update provides news and information that affects today's Soldier.


    • Soldiers Update

      GEN (Ret.) Carter Ham discusses recommendations made by the National Commission on the Future of the Army regarding the number of Apache battalions in the Active and National Guard Forces.


    • Soldiers Update: Thunder Crucible

      Proficiency in basic tasks, bond between officers and NCO's are developed during the Thunder Crucible.


    • Soldiers Update: PEO Soldier

      SSG Joseph Mata and 1LT Sean Johnson of the 101st Airborne Division received the protective gear that once saved their lives during a ceremony at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


    • Soldiers Update: Water Survival Training

      Spc. Patrick Kelly of Joint Task Force Guantanamo participates in Water Survival Training.


    • Soldiers Update: Rockets Fly

      High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems fire rounds over a reenlistment ceremony for 70 guardsman at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


    • Soldiers Update: Road Warriors

      A group wounded, ill, and injured veterans take to road on motorcycles to be part of an adventure that serves as a step in their rehabilitative journey.


    • Soldiers Update: Patch Ceremony

      Senior Leaders at US Army Europe change and the new personnel bring a wealth of experience.


    • Soldiers Update: Alpha Company Conducts Urban Operations

      Alpha Company of the 2-153rd, 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team conducts urban operations training at the Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center in Arkansas during the eXportable Combat Training Capability exercise or XCTC.


    • Soldiers Update: Aniversary of D-Day

      French towns all throughout Normandy invite US military and civilians to join them in commemorating the anniversary of D-Day.


    • Soldiers Update: Guardsmen Lake Landing

      Soldiers from Troop C, 1st Battalion, 180th Cavalry Squadron, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, conduct a recon at a landing on Lake Thomas at Fort Sill, Oklahoma as part of their annual training.


    • Soldiers Update: Leadership Standards

      Spc. Patricia Kraus is a student in a Warrior Leadership Course, or WLC, that takes place at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo and she shares her experience. The course is conducted by one of the 7th Army Non-commissioned Officer Academy's mobile training teams, who travel to various locations to make sure they are preparing their future leaders.


    • Soldiers Update: OK National Guard Aids Ranchers

      Members of the 149th General Aviation Battalion, Oklahoma National Guard, drop hay and feed near Warner, Oklahoma to provide food for stranded cattle due to local flooding.


    • Soldiers Update: Rolling Thunder

      Several thousand motorcyclists queued up at the Pentagon, May 24, to participate in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride around the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Now in its 28th year, the event, held on Memorial Day weekend, is meant to draw attention to Service members, who were taken prisoner of war, or who have gone missing in action.


    • Soldiers Update: US and Estonian Soldiers Compete

      Estonian Army soldiers shared a range with U.S. Army soldiers from Task Force Estonia during a marksmanship competition at Tapa Military Base Estonia.


    • Soldiers Update: Lake Garda Jump

      The 503rd Infantry Regiment performed an Airborne Jump into Lake Garda with 20 members from the Italian 4th Ranger Battalion.


    • Soldiers Update: Hamburger Hill 46th Anniversary

      Veterans of Hamburger Hill return to Fort Campbell, Kentucky on the 46th anniversary of the battle to reunite and interact with soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division.


    • Soldiers Update: Noble Partner Battle Drills

      For SFC Matthew Carter, a platoon sergeant from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, the opportunity to work together with the Georgian army is good, but to be able to have his Soldiers do nothing but train is priceless.


    • Soldiers Update: A Will to Fight

      Across the ranks character commitment and competence are three attributes that define a Soldier’s profession. Specialist Daniel Monroe brings us a story that shows how the quality of leadership can have tremendous effects on unit morale in Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Furious Talon

      Soldiers from the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade conduct a live fire exercise with Apache, Cobra, Blackhawk, and Chinook helicopters. The exercise is Furious Talon and it takes place at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex in the Republic of Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Close Combat Training

      US Army soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade conduct close combat urban assault training with Georgian Soldiers at the Vaziani Training Area in the country of Georgia as part of Exercise Noble Partner.


    • Soldiers Update: Noble Partner Day One

      Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division and the 173d Airborne began training to day with their Georgian Army counterparts at Exercise Noble Partner. The exercise will enhance Georgian and American Soldiers ability to work together as part of their continuing military to military relationship in support of the NATO Response Force.


    • Soldiers Update: Asian American Heritage

      A cultural event in Daegu, Republic of Korea, brings together Soldiers from various cultural backgrounds.


    • Soldiers Update: B-17 Gunner

      Silver Star recipient Ernest "Merle" Hancock talks about his time as a B-17 Gunner during World War II.


    • Soldiers Update: Light Tactical ATV

      The 1/325 Airborne Infantry Brigade is the first conventional US Army unit using the LTATV. The Red Falcons and the 2nd BCT serve as the nucleus of American Global Response Force for the 82nd Airborne Division. The Falcon Brigade is integrating the LTATV as a part of this highly deployable mission set.


    • Soldiers Update: Living the Creed

      First Sergeant Eric Lowery talks about leadership of the Non-Commissioned Officer. 1SG Lowery is the 1SG of B Company, 7th Non-Commissioned Officer Academy in Grafenwoehr, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: 369 Speed and Power

      The 3rd Combined Arms Battalion, 68th Armor Regiment storm and clear the village of Enslwang using urban operations during exercise Power Focus in Hohenfels, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Noble Partner

      Noble Partner Provides an opportunity to continue the U.S. military's relationship as the sponsor of Georgia's participation in the NRF.


    • Soldiers Update: An Advisor

      The primary mission focus of Train, Advise, Assist in Afghanistan is to solidify procedures and processes.


    • Soldiers Update: National Guard State Partnership Program

      Jamaican defense forces compete alongside Washington D.C. soldiers in the 2015 Winston P. Wilson and armed forces Skill at Arms meeting.


    • Soldiers Update: State Skills Event

      Soldiers from the Oregon Army National Guard hosted more than 400 students across the state, showing them a day in the life of The Army National Guard.


    • Soldiers Update: Dog Handler

      In Yongsan, Korea military police and their k-9's train to uphold the standards of their profession.


    • Soldiers Update: SGT Morales Club

      U.S. Soldiers in Belgium are inducted into the SGT Morales club, a club similar to the Audie Murphy club meant to represent the dedication and commitment of our Soldiers.


    • Soldiers Update: Females in Ranger Assessment Phase

      Female Soldiers join male Soldiers for the first time in Ranger School history to see if they have what it takes to graduate with the coveted Ranger tab.


    • Soldiers Update: Shooter

      Spc. Chasity Kuczer, an Army Warrior Trials athlete assigned to the Fort Knox Warrior Transition Battalion, competes in archery and shooting to help cope with her injuries.


    • Soldiers Update: Major Colloquium

      Majors have candid conversations with Army senior leaders about topics concerning the future of the Army. They discuss problems and concerns and provide feedback.


    • Soldiers Update: Living the Values

      During a training exercise in Germany, U.S. NCO's instill confidence in future leaders to strive for surpassing their own predecessors.


    • Soldiers Update: Friends and Softball

      Korean and U.S. Troops come together during the 2015 KATUSA U.S. Soldier Friendship Week in Yongsan, Korea to play a game of softball.


    • Soldiers Update: Stress Shoot

      Stress Shoot is an exercise that stimulates the fatigue and pressure Soldiers can face during combat.


    • Soldiers Update: Tank Crew

      Training exercises can bring a unit of Soldiers together. But when four men have to share a tiny space inside of a tank, the bond they share with each other, and their tank, is like family.


    • Soldiers Update: Wildfire Training

      Annual Wildfire Training Between California National Guard and California Fire for the upcoming fire season.


    • Soldiers Update: Unknowns of Airborne Operations

      Airborne Paratroopers prepare for a jump and TSgt Eric Craft reports there's nothing predictable about an airborne operation.


    • Soldiers Update: NCO Academy in Burundi

      US Army senior NCO's from Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa go to the Burundi NCO Academy to ensure the military armies in the countries of East Africa have the resources and training to be successful.


    • Soldiers Update: Cadet Symposium

      Cadets from across the country converged on Ft. Leavenworth for the 2015 George C. Marshall Cadet Symposium. They attended lectures, seminars and roundtables aimed at leadership development.


    • Soldiers Update: Final Dragoon Ride

      After a successful mission supporting Operation Atlantic Resolve, Soldiers from the 3rd squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment return to their home station in Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Southern Wrestler

      Getting to the Olympics is strong motivation for a southern wrestler in the Army's World Class Athlete Program.


    • Soldiers Update: WCAP 1SG

      1SG Sebastian Harris says his soldiers at the World Class Athlete Program are elite, and keeps them on the right track.


    • Soldiers Update: EFMB Proven to Perform

      The U.S. Army Europe Expert Field Medical Badge or EFMB, provides a sense of pride to Soldiers who wear it on their uniform. SGT James Walker shows us the point of view of one Soldier who explains how the badge proves an ability to perform and impacts him as a leader.


    • Soldiers Update: Walk n' Shoot

      173rd Soldier came to Germany for a "Walk n' Shoot," in support of JMTC.


    • Soldiers Update: EFMB Creates Proficiency

      The US Army Europe Expert Field Medical Badge or EFMB provides Soldiers a sense of pride to wear it on their uniform. Sergeant James Walker gives us the point of view of one combat medic who explains exactly what the badge means to him.


    • Soldiers Update: Max Performance Games

      Service members at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are very passionate about fitness and competition. One Soldier participated in his third major event, even though he has been at GTMO for only three months.


    • Soldiers Update: EFMB Standard of Excellence

      The 421st Medical Battalion hosted the 2015 US Army Europe Expert Field Medical Badge or EFMB qualification course in Grafenwoehr, Germany. Sergeant James Walker shows the impact the course has on the multinational candidates.


    • Soldiers Update: Texas Signal Leaders

      Members of the Texas National Guard's 136th Expeditionary Signal Battalion conducted Key Leader Pre-Mobilization Training at Camp Swift, Texas. This preliminary event is the organizations first step in their long process to an overseas deployment at the end of the summer.


    • Soldiers Update: NTC, SPC Brett Beal

      SPC Brett Beal is assigned the 2nd ABCT, 1st Cavalry Division soon to be deploying to the Republic of Korea for a nine month deployment.


    • Soldiers Update: TSAE OAR

      Training Support Activity Europe provides realistic training scenarios and resources for Soldiers preparing for Operation Atlantic Resolve.


    • Soldiers Update: Piestewa Memorial

      A sunrise memorial was held at Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Ariz. to honor Spc. Lori Piestewa and other fallen heroes. Spc. Piestewa was the first Native American female soldier to die in combat in a foreign war.


    • Soldiers Update: Stem Modernization

      The Brigade Modernization Command at Fort Bliss, Texas partnered with the El Paso community to inspire young minds.


    • Soldiers Update: Dragoon Ride Estonia

      Soldiers assigned to Iron Troop, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, conduct a static Stryker armored vehicle display during the Dragoon Ride for the citizens of Parnu, Estonia.


    • Soldiers Update: Choose to Volunteer

      The 1st Armored Division Band teamed up with Karen Twitty, wife of the Fort Bliss Commanding General, MG Stephen Twitty, to create a song to recognize Soldiers and family members who volunteer. They will perform the song during the annual volunteer ceremony.


    • Soldiers Update: CALFEX, 1-23 Infantry Regiment

      Soldiers from Joint Base Lewis McChord participated in a Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise.


    • Soldiers Update: SMA Dailey Visits NCO Academy

      The Sergeant Major of the Army visited students attending the NCO Academy during his visit to Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


    • Soldiers Update: Observer Coach Trainer

      SFC Jeff Beaudion is an OCT at the National Training Center preparing the 2ABCT for their deployment to Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Culinary Showdown

      During the 2015 Military Culinary Arts Competitive Training Event at Fort Lee, Virginia, service members from around the world compete in a number of challenges, including ice carving.


    • Soldiers Update: Officer Coach Trainer

      SFC Jeff Beaudion is an OCT at the National Training Center preparing the 2ABCT for their deployment to Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Assault on JBLM

      Comanche Co., 1-23 Infantry Soldiers throw in their share of fire power at a combined arms live fire exercise on Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


    • Soldiers Update: Culinary Competition

      Service Members from around the world go head to head at the 40th annual Military Culinary Arts Competitive Training Event held at Fort Lee, Virginia.


    • Soldiers Update: Jump into Fort Leonard Wood

      The 1st and 2nd Brigade Combat Teams of the 82nd Airborne Division sent Chemical Biological Weapon Entry Teams to conduct a Joint Forcible Entry airborne operation into Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.


    • Soldiers Update: Pacific Pathways

      In Busan, South Korea exercise Pacific Pathways focuses on highlighting the quick reaction and response capabilities of the 25th Infantry Division.


    • Soldiers Update: Female Boxers

      Female Soldiers at Fort Carson train in the World Class Athlete Program so they can compete as boxers in the 2016 Olympics.


    • Soldiers Update: Whole System Confidence

      The Whole System Live Agent Test Chamber is about to go on-line at Dugway Proving Ground. It will allow for the testing of entire biological detection systems in simulated environments.


    • Soldiers Update: Giving Back

      Soldiers from the 2-11th Field Artillery Regiment build connections through volunteering with the School Partnership Program at Waianae's, Kamaile Academy where they gave eye exams to students.


    • Soldiers Update: Spartan Pegasus Airborne

      Exercise Spartan Pegasus 2015 will validate U.S. Army Alaska's unique capacity to conduct airborne operations and ground mobility in extreme arctic conditions.


    • Soldiers Update: Culinary Arts Team

      Soldiers stationed all over Korea train and prepare for an upcoming culinary arts competition at Fort Lee, Virginia.


    • Soldiers Update: Stolen Cerberus

      A group of Soldiers and Airmen visit Greece and work side by side with their Military.


    • Soldiers Update: Developing Leadership

      One of the Army's top priorities is developing adaptive leaders for a complex world. Vice Chief of Staff of the Army talks about what makes a good leader.


    • Soldiers Update: 4th ID Operation Atlantic Resolve

      Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division are in Europe supporting Operation Atlantic Resolve.


    • Soldiers Update: Operation Angry Lion

      U.S. and German forces conduct joint training North of Hanover, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Fort Irwin Landing Strip

      Army engineer units from across the country converged on Ft. Irwin, CA to construct a landing strip.


    • Soldiers Update: Army Regional Trials, Volleyball

      SPC Ana Barraza appreciates how the Adaptive Sport has helped her overcome her injuries.


    • Soldiers Update: Great Aloha Run

      Over 45,000 Soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division participate in the annual Great Aloha Run running alongside the local community.


    • Soldiers Update: 2015 Army Regional Trials, Cycling.

      SSG Steven Betancourt is a Wounded Warrior and knows that qualifying in Ft. Belvoir will earn him a spot in this year's Warrior Games being held in Fort Bliss Texas.


    • Soldiers Update: Ghost Army Pt. 1 & 2

      Two part series on soldiers of the Ghost Army. About WWII soldiers who were artists and used their skills to help in a creative operations during the war.


    • Soldiers Update: 2015 Army Regional Trials

      SPC Sydney Davis will compete in a range of events in an attempt to qualify for this year's Warrior Games being held in Fort Bliss Texas.


    • Soldiers Update: TAPC Targets

      The Training Aids Production Center (TAPC) in Grafenwoehr, Germany produces shooting targets for soldiers stationed all throughout Europe.


    • Soldiers Update: Thai Soldiers Learn Lifesaving Techniques

      Soldiers from the 2-25 SBCT train Thai soldiers on American Combat Lifesaver Techniques during Cobra Gold.


    • Soldiers Update: Change of Mission

      The Patriot Missile Battery changed responsibility from the Netherlands Armed Forces to the Spanish Armed Forces at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.


    • Soldiers Update: Winter Survival Training

      Soldiers with the Montana National Guard from Helena, Montana conduct winter survival training. Classes included how to start a fire and build a shelter. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Brazier Charge

      Soldiers from the 105th Engineering Battalion practice live demolition at Fort Bragg, including a brazier charge which was used during World War II.


    • Soldiers Update: Saturday Night Fights

      Soldiers at Camp Casey, Korea compete in a weekly combatives tournament held on Saturday nights.


    • Soldiers Update: Contraband Hospital

      During the American Civil War the Union Army created the Contraband Hospital to treat newly freed slaves who sought refuge in Washington, D.C.


    • Soldiers Update: Blood Drive

      Soldiers at Ramstein Air Base, Germany discuss the importance of donating blood.


    • Soldiers Update: Level 1 Combatives

      Combative instructors teach hand to hand techniques to soldiers in the event of a physical confrontation.


    • Soldiers Update: Making the Cut

      In Germany female soldiers conduct vigorous physical training to prepare for Ranger School assessments.


    • Soldiers Update: Taking Control

      595th Military Police handle a potentially dangerous situation with the calm and poise of professionals.


    • Soldiers Update: Biking Builds Fitness

      Biking Builds Fitness in Stuttgart, Germany this winter cycling event provide participants with resiliency and builds long lasting relationships.


    • Soldiers Update: Korean Service Corps

      U.S. and Korean Servicemembers help the Korean Service Corps prepare for mobilization during an annual drill.


    • Soldiers Update: Korean Mobilization Exercise

      Republic of Korea conducts annual mobilization exercises to train for the possibility of war.


    • Soldiers Update: Allied Spirit

      Mississippi National Guard works with reconnaissance Soldiers from the Royal Canadian Regiment.


    • Soldiers Update: Korean Mobilization Exercise

      Republic of Korea conducts annual mobilization exercises to train for the possibility of war.


    • Soldiers Update: Sonya Tuuao

      In Korea Sonya Tuuao volunteers at the Yongsan USO to give back to the community.


    • Soldiers Update: Train as you Fight!

      National Guard Aviation Soldiers get the opportunity to train as they fight when a MEDEVAC mission is revealed to be realistic training.


    • Soldiers Update: Brass Tactics

      Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges gathers his leaders for a conference in Europe that focuses on leadership, current threats and future planning.


    • Soldiers Update: Korea Service Corps

      US and Korean Servicemembers conduct a 24 hour drill to test their preparedness in mobalizing 600 members of the Korean Service Corps.


    • Soldiers Update: Active Shooter

      Soldiers in the U.S. Army Reserve rehearse an active shooter drill with Dade County Police at the LTC Luis E. Martinez U.S. Army Reserve Center.


    • Soldiers Update: Swing Dance Classes

      Service members and their families get the opportunity to learn swing dancing at Camp Carroll, Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Prayer Breakfast

      Servicemembers in Kaiserslautern, Germany enjoy a breakfast and hear speeches in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.


    • Soldiers Update: Atlantic Resolve

      Soldiers in Germany load Strykers on rail cars in preparation for training in support of Atlantic Resolve.


    • Soldiers Update: Getting Help

      19 years ago Soldiers thought going to Behavioral Health would end their career, but survivor 1SG Chad McDaniel, who got help when he needed it, proves that stigma wrong and shares his story.


    • Soldiers Update: Women's Self-Defense

      Service members and their families attend a self-defense class on Camp Hovey, Korea where combatives instructor, SSG Jason Murphy, leads the way.


    • Soldiers Update: All American Challenge

      Soldier mentors, football players and band members participated in an East/West challenge in San Antonio, TX.


    • Soldiers Update: Machines Protecting Soldiers

      At Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, Dr. Shawn Walsh and his team are developing a machine that reacts to enemy fire to protect the Soldier.


    • Soldiers Update: Back to School

      People from all over the world train in Monrovia, Liberia to help in the fight against the Ebola virus.


    • Soldiers Update: 173rd Livorno Training

      Italian Folgore Soldiers and U.S. service members participated in a mix of exercises in the Tuscany area.


    • Soldiers Update: Out of the Comfort Zone

      Madigan Army Medical Center Soldiers test their mettle at Joint Base Lewis-McChord during a competition for NCO and Soldier of the year.


    • Soldiers Update: Master Resiliency Training in Liberia

      U.S. soldiers in Africa attend Master Resiliency Training at the U.S. Embassy in Liberia.


    • Soldiers Update: 7th ID Museum Exhibit

      A new exhibit for the 7th Infantry Division has opened at the Fort Lewis Military Museum on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. Visitors can view history from WWI to the present.


    • Soldiers Update: Operation Homefront

      A Soldier stationed in Virginia returns home to find needed modifications to his family's home, courtesy of Operation Homefront.


    • Soldiers Update: Arizona National Guard Musters

      Arizona NG Musters - The Arizona National Guard conducts its first Muster in over one hundred years at Arizona State University's Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.


    • Soldiers Update: Gen. Martin Dempsey

      Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, brings his gratitude, praise, and some celebrities to Caserma Del Din in Vicenza, Italy to visit the Sky Soldiers of the 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade.


    • Soldiers Update: Wreaths Across America

      Volunteers from across the country give their rime to lay wreaths at the graves of Fallen Soldiers


    • Soldiers Update : Mike Viti at Army vs Navy

      Former Army Captain and West Point football player Mike Viti describes the storied tradition of the Army vs. Navy football game.


    • Soldiers Update: Stryker Qualification Tables

      4th Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment Soldiers run through Stryker qualification lanes in Vilseck, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Mike Viti at Army vs Navy

      Former Army Captain and West Point football player Mike Viti describes the storied tradition of the Army vs. Navy football game.


    • Soldiers Update: Japanese and American bands Collaborate

      The 56th Army Band Rock Band and the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces Eastern Army Band played together at a friendship concert in Tokyo, Japan.


    • Soldiers Update: Airborne Style

      Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division and Australia were in Kandahar helping Afghan soldiers develop strong fighting skills.


    • Soldiers Update: Fur Fix

      Zac is a service dog helping CPT Andrea Baker get comfortable talking to Soldiers in Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: QRF in Kabul

      As security continues to be high priority for U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan the Oregon National Guard, which operates under Task Force Volunteer, is checking on local security measures in Kabul.


    • Soldiers Update: EST Training

      Firers use new ideas to refine their marksmanship skills and mechanics at Fort Stewart, GA.


    • Soldiers Update: Kiowa Last Flight

      After over a decade in Afghanistan, the OH-58 Kiowa helicopter will no longer keep watch over U.S. troops in country.


    • Soldiers Update: EFMB Soldier

      SPC Ju-Yeon Shin takes on the biggest challenge of her career during the Expert Field Medical Badge course at Camp Casey, Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: U.S. Army Soldier Show

      SSG Christian Ortiz tries out for the U.S. Army Soldier Show in Yongsan, Korea, fulfilling his life-long dream of singing on stage.


    • Soldiers Update: Landeskommando Partnership

      The Bundeswehr Land Command Hesse and U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden partnership became official during a ceremony for the Germans-Americans affiliation.


    • Soldiers Update: Why We Serve

      MG Bruce Crawford, Commander of the U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command administered the oaths of service member, veterans and DoD civilians during the Why We Serve Campaign.


    • Soldiers Update: CPT Justin Fitch

      CPT Justin Fitch is passionate about saving lives and was honored during a New England Patriots football game for the awareness he brings to suicide prevention.


    • Soldiers Update: Bavaria Soldier Reception

      The Bavarian Minister President hosted an evening honoring the long standing partnership between their nation and the US.


    • Soldiers Update: Engineers in Liberia

      After working combined efforts with other organizations to build the next Ebola Treatment Unit, the Joint Forces Command United Assistance has taken the lead with their first ETU. But the real story is the group of Soldiers who have responded quickly and safely as possible to support USAID.


    • Soldiers Update: Casing Ceremony

      The 3rd Infantry Division cased its colors for the sixth time since 9-11. About 200 3ID Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan in support of the Resolute Support Mission.


    • Soldiers Update: Troops Fire Mortars

      Polish and U.S. Soldiers train on mortar firing systems at Bucirez Range in Poland during Operation Atlantic Resolve.


    • Soldiers Update: Marksmanship Qualifiers

      JBLM Soldiers took on the opportunity to qualify for the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces marksmanship badge.


    • Soldiers Update: Wiesbaden Ebola Meeting

      The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic held a meeting to discuss the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa.


    • Soldiers Update: 4ID CBRIII

      4ID supports Combined Resolve III in Germany by performing command and control functions for USAREUR.


    • Soldiers Update: RC East Deactivated

      Regional Command East is deactivated in a ceremony at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, and is ordered to redeploy to Fort Drum, NY.


    • Soldiers Update: Reports for Duty

      Hawaii Army National Guard Captain Tulsi Gabbard reports to State Active Duty in Pahoa, Hawaii. Gabbard recently won her second term as Congresswoman.


    • Soldiers Update: SPC Piestewa

      SPC Lori Piestewa was the first Native American women in history to die in combat while serving with the US military.


    • Soldiers Update: GEN Ray Odierno CBR3

      GEN Ray Odierno visits Germany during Combine Resolve III.


    • Soldiers Update: Purple Heart Ceremony

      Four soldiers from the Louisiana Army National Guard receive the Purple Heart combat decoration during a ceremony at Jackson Barracks, Louisiana.


    • Soldiers Update: FST FTX

      A Forward Surgical Team conducts 6 surgeries in the field during a training exercise in Yongsan, South Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: MOH Cushing

      Civil War Veteran 1LT Alonzo Cushing posthumously received the MOH from President Barack Obama


    • Soldiers Update: CSM Daniel Dailey

      Army leadership announces that the new Sergeant Major of the Army will be Command Sergeant Major Daniel A. Dailey. Version 1.


    • Soldiers Update: CSM Daniel Dailey

      Army leadership announces that the new Sergeant Major of the Army will be Command Sergeant Major Daniel A. Dailey. Version 2.


    • Soldiers Update: Lava Flow

      Hawaii Army and Air National Guardsmen assist the Hawaii County Police in security and relief for a possible lava flow heading towards the town of Pahoa.


    • Soldiers Update: Bridging Demonstration

      Afghan soldiers learn combat construction skills as part of the nation's "Big Picture."


    • Soldiers Update: CSM Daniel Dailey

      Army leadership announces that the new Sergeant Major of the Army will be Command Sergeant Major Daniel A. Dailey.


    • Soldiers Update: CSM Daniel Dailey

      Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel A. Dailey will become the 15th sergeant major of the Army January 30, 2015.


    • Soldiers Update: Tough Mudder

      Soldiers and civilians participate in the 2014 Southern California Tough Mudder obstacle course.


    • Soldiers Update: Jungle Warfare Training

      Soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, learn how to counter improvised explosive devices in the jungle at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.


    • Soldiers Update: 1st BN, 12 Cav Live Fire

      Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division attached to the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team took to Rodriguez Live Fire Complex in South Korea to train with their counterparts.


    • Soldiers Update: Combat Spouses Day

      Military Spouses compete during a friendly competition in Ansbach, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Starbucks Hires Soldiers

      Starbucks managers and directors from across the country visit Joint Base Lewis-McChord to experience skills service members possess.


    • Soldiers Update: Combined Training

      As NATO's mission in Afghanistan comes to an end, international cooperation and new security concerns take center stage for future operations. In the Bavarian Alps, NATO partners meet to plan and coordinate future multinational exercises.


    • Soldiers Update: MG Thomas Vandal

      Commanding General of U.S. Army 2nd Infantry Division, Maj. Gen. Thomas Vandal talks about their alliance with the Republic of Korea and the importance of training.


    • Soldiers Update: Operation Spartan Pegasus

      Soldiers in Alaska conduct airborne operations to rescue a simulated downed aircraft.


    • Soldiers Update: Ebola Training

      A joint 30 person medical support team receive DoD Ebola Training conducted by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Sam Houston Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.


    • Soldiers Update: Herat's Role 2 Mission

      Soldiers from the 909th Forward Surgical Team work with other NATO forces to help save lives in Herat, Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: Electronic Warrior

      A veteran serving in Afghanistan not only shines in his day-to-day duties but also for the work he performs in his additional duty.


    • Soldiers Update: FDHS

      Department of Defense officials honored 45 Army Civilians who voluntarily deployed to the Mediterranean Sea to destroy Syria's declared chemical weapons stockpile.


    • Soldiers Update: The Human Dimension

      LTG Robert Brown, Commander of the U.S. Combined Arms Center, ensures that the human dimension will lead to success on the battlefield.


    • Soldiers Update: JSA Paintball

      Through the Warrior Adventure Quest program, US and ROK soldiers from the Joint Security Area get to enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon in the woods.


    • Soldiers Update: MG Piatt Talks Training

      MG Walter E. Piatt, Deputy Commander for US Army Europe, discusses how important it is to conduct training with our allies.


    • Soldiers Update: LTG Perry Wiggins on Mexico

      LTG Perry Wiggins, Commander of US Army North, or ARNORTH, discusses the relationship between the U.S. and Mexican forces.


    • Soldiers Update: Mangudai Shakedown

      Senior Enlisted leaders from all over Korea gathered in Yongsan to begin a 58-hour team building exercise.


    • Soldiers Update: LTG Champoux

      At this year's AUSA, LTG Bernard Champoux talks about what it's like working with the Korean Military.


    • Soldiers Update: SMA AUSA

      The Sergeant Major of the Army discusses the importance of the Army Ethic for professional Soldiers at the Association of the United States Army Exposition in Washington D.C.


    • Soldiers Update: SFAAT 200 Meets with Afghan Leaders

      Soldiers from SFAAT 200 and the 705th Zone Commander of the Afghan Border Patrol fly to Islam Qala, an ABP post, to conduct an inspection and key leader engagement.


    • Soldiers Update: LTG Bernard Champoux

      At this year's AUSA, LTG Bernard Champoux talks about what it's like working with the Korean Military.


    • Soldiers Update: A Cut Above the Rest

      Medic Soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord conduct lifesaving training.


    • Soldiers Update: GEN Perkins

      TRADOC commanding General, GEN David G. Perkins discusses the importance of coalitions during an interview at the AUSA Expo in Washington D.C.


    • Soldiers Update: Play 60

      The Washington Redskins teamed up with USAA to host the Salute to Play 60 Military Challenge for children of military families in the Washington D.C. region.


    • Soldiers Update: LTG McMaster

      LTG H.R. McMaster talks about the modernization priorities set out in the Army's new operating concept.


    • Soldiers Update: Ten Miler

      Participants discuss what motivates them at the 30th annual Army Ten Miler in Washington D.C.


    • Soldiers Update: TBI

      SFC Jason Manella is at this years AUSA in hopes to spread knowledge about TBI.


    • Soldiers Update: Green Beret Hopefuls Push Through

      The North Carolina National Guard's B Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) hosted a Special Forces Readiness Evaluation testing physical and mental readiness of candidates for the U.S. Army Special Forces Regiment.


    • Soldiers Update: Rapid Trident Opening Ceremony

      Rapid Trident 2014 kicks off in Ukraine with an opening ceremony. The massive training exercise involves 15 nations who will come together to enhance interoperability.


    • Soldiers Update: Medic on Mission

      In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month we recognize Sgt. 1st Class Erasmo Espino who is a Silver Star and Pat Tillman Scholarship recipient and is currently attending Campbell University in NC where he studies full time towards a medical degree.


    • Soldiers Update: Khost Province Welcomes Soldiers

      Soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment conduct a presence patrol alongside Afghan National Army soldiers in the Khost Province.


    • Soldiers Update: USASOC Honors Son Tay Raiders

      Vietnam Veterans relived a moment in time as veterans of the Son Tay Raid shared their stories with the Special Forces counterparts.


    • Soldiers Update: Preventing Stress in a Combat Zone

      10th Mountain Division's Preventative Medicine program plays a huge role in keeping Soldiers mission ready.


    • Soldiers Update: Air Assault Buddies

      A married couple completes the Army's Air Assault course together at Camp Hovey, Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Sharing is Caring

      Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division and the Indonesian Army, Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI), share combat training skills, and build strong bonds with each other during the Garuda Shield 2014 exercise in East Java, Indonesia.


    • Soldiers Update: Share Some Food

      While embedded with Latvian troops, Michigan National Guard Soldiers try some field-cooked food.


    • Soldiers Update: Tower Take Down

      Michigan Combat Engineers (Sappers) join with Latvian Engineers to demolish two towers near Sauka Latvia. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Warrior Games Charles Armstead

      Sergeant First Class (retired) Charles Armstead competes with the Army Wheelchair Basketball team at the 2014 Warrior Games. He says the games are great competition but it's also great camaraderie. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Afghanistan Soldiers Graduate

      Afghan Soldiers attend a graduation ceremony after they complete the first phase of their weapons training at Camp Zefar in Herat, Afghanistan. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Best Medic Competition

      Soldiers Compete at the Best Medics Competition In Baumholder, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Cyber Awarness

      CSM Rodney Harris discusses the importance of cyber security.


    • Soldiers Update: Taking Home First

      SFC Katie Kuiper takes 1st place in bicycling at the Warrior Games.


    • Soldiers Update: JTF Guantanamo QRF Trains

      Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay Quick Reaction Force trains for perfection. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: All American Dustoff

      In Bagram, when a Soldier suffers a casualty, helicopter crew members perform a medical evacuation called Dustoff. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Expeditious Hospital

      With the Army focusing on becoming more expeditious, Soldiers with the 47th Combat Support Hospital train in a different way. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: CPX Test

      The NATO Response Force is a multinational deployable military force tasked as an initial entry force in times of crisis. The command and control element of the Land Forces for 2015 is undergoing final evaluation for the job ahead.


    • Soldiers Update: Team Building

      Leaders from HHB, 10th Mountain Division organized a team-building morale event on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: MRAP

      An MRAP his struck by an IED in Parwan Province, Afghanistan. Troops discuss how the vehicle helped to save their lives.


    • Soldiers Update: Stars and Stripes

      Helicopter pilots fly flags over Afghanistan for symbolic reasons.


    • Soldiers Update: Construction Engineers Get Dirty

      Horizontal Construction engineers from the 617th Engineer Co., 555th Engineer Brigade, participate in a competition operating multiple heavy construction vehicles to keep their skills sharp.


    • Soldiers Update: Rising Thunder 2014

      LTG Koichi Isobe, an officer in the Japan Ground Self Defense Force, visits Yakima Training Center to observe Operation Rising Thunder 2014.


    • Soldiers Update: BWC Ends

      U.S. Army Europe's Best Warrior Competition finishes up in Grafenwoehr, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Bobcats Patrol Shindand

      1st Platoon Demon Co., 5th Infantry Regiment, 2nd BN, 3 BCT, 1st Armored Div., go out on a patrol to show their replacements the area of operations in Shindand, Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: US Army Combatives Egypt

      U.S. combatives instructors host a level 1 class to partnering contingents in Sinai, Egypt. Story by SGT Jeremy Odom.


    • Soldiers Update: Iron Wolf

      Saber Junction is an annual, multinational exercise involving thousands of personnel and partner nations from across Europe. But this year something was different about the exercise; for the first time, a foreign unit filled the role of the higher command or HICON. Story by Matthew Oldham.


    • Soldiers Update: End of Summer Crazy Carnival

      The American Red Cross sponsored the End of Summer Crazy Carnival on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan to boost morale. Story by SGT Rodney Roldan.


    • Soldiers Update: MOH Ceremony

      President Obama presents the Medal of Honor to two Vietnam Veterans at the White House.


    • Soldiers Update: USAREUR Best Warrior

      Thirty-one Soldiers arrived at the Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany to take part in U.S. Army Europe's Best Warrior and Best Junior Officer Competitions. Over the course of six days, Soldiers will be tested on more than 30 mission focused tasks.


    • Soldiers Update: Hall of Heroes

      CSM Bennie Adkins and Specialist 4 Donald Sloat are inducted into the Hall of Heroes after they received the Medal of Honor.


    • Soldiers Update: International Medical Badge

      More than 200 service members participate in the US Army Europe's Expert Field Medical Badge testing.


    • Soldiers Update: Driving with a Purpose

      The Soldiers of ISAF's Joint Command Movement Control team are tasked with moving military passengers in and around the city of Kabul, Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: Invictus Games Swimming Heals

      Wounded, injured and sick service members compete at the first international Invictus Games in London. One Army sergeant uses swimming to help her forget the hardships that made her a Wounded Warrior.


    • Soldiers Update: Understanding Suicidal Behaviors

      At the Pentagon, outreach specialist for the University of Michigan Depression Center & former Detroit Lions quarterback, Mr. Eric Hipple, spoke at the 2014 Resiliency Fair and shared his knowledge on suicide.


    • Soldiers Update: MOH-SPC Donald P. Sloat

      Spc. Donald P. Sloat will receive the Medal of Honor posthumously for his conspicuous gallantry in Vietnam as he used his body to shield his three fellow soldiers from an exploding grenade. His brother and sister provide their memories of their older brother.


    • Soldiers Update: Invictus Send Off

      Before departing to the first ever Invictus Games in London, Team U.S.A. hosts a pep rally for their athletes in Herndon, VA.


    • Soldiers Update: Chilling With the Chaplains

      Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants with the 16th CAB drive around the helicopter flight line handing out freeze pops and cold water to sweaty Soldiers and call it Operation Cool-down.


    • Soldiers Update: USACE Builds Basic Training

      The United States Army Corps of Engineers went to the Kaubl Military Training Center to oversee projects they currently have under construction.


    • Soldiers Update: Wardak Firefight

      Soldiers from Grim Troop of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment conduct a foot patrol and key leader engagement, but run into some hostile fire in the area surrounding FOB Airborne.


    • Soldiers Update: Images of Army Nurses

      The National Library of Medicine In Bethesda, MD launched a traveling exhibit titled 'Pictures of Nursing', to include images of nurses in the military.


    • Soldiers Update: Communication saves lives

      At JBLM, the 502nd MI BN linked with the 110th chemical BN during operation Sentinel Sage, to work on communication and other aspects of the mission.


    • Soldiers Update: Jumping for Stability

      Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade Combat Team are in Poland as part of the coalition partner training exercise Atlantic Resolve. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Soldiers Homecoming

      Soldiers of the 2-508th PIR return home to Fort Bragg, NC after an 8 month long deployment to Afghanistan. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Afghanistan Change of Command

      A change of command commemorates the new commander of United States Forces Command-Afghanistan and International Security Forces. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Red Dragon 14

      Red Dragon 2014 is underway at Fort McCoy, WI. The exercise is used to develop and assess CBRN units. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Canoe Regatta

      Soldiers from Schofield's Warrior Transition Battalion participate in the Canoe Regatta at Fort DeRussy, HI. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: German Badge

      Soldiers work towards receiving the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Furry Soldiers

      The working dogs that protect and help Soldiers downrange are getting the care they need by a loving crew of Army Veterinarians.


    • Soldiers Update: International Artillery Training

      US Army Artillerymen spend time with the Polish Army infantry showing them the basics of field artillery.


    • Soldiers Update: Bagram Airfield Transition

      In support of the Resolute Support Mission, several projects on Bagram Airfield will transition the area into an enduring base.


    • Soldiers Update: Another First for Females

      CPT Elizabeth Rascon has become the first female commander of the Horse Cavalry Detachment. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Ayers' Eye

      SSG Anthony Ayers lost an eye when an IED exploded during a patrol in Afghanistan. He received a new eye from the Maxillofacial Prosthetics specialists at Fort Sam Houston, TX. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: An Interesting Retrograde Venture

      Retrograde operations are in full swing on Forward Operating Base Airborne. Service members work hard to prepare this base for an eventual hand over. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Raven Training

      Michigan Army National Guard train on the Raven system during a 2-week course at Camp Grayling JMTC.


    • Soldiers Update: SFAAT Mentors

      The Security Forces Advise and Assist Team or SFAAT 82, use their role as mentors to help Afghan Border Police or ABP. SFAAT 82 provides the ABP guidance on how to setup and run their infrastructure.


    • Soldiers Update: The Rotation

      The Second Stryker Brigade Combat Team are in the box honing their skills and getting tough.


    • Soldiers Update: Keep Calm and Evacuate Atropia

      2nd Brigade Combat Team soldiers participate in a mass evacuation training event at Fort Bragg, N.C.


    • Soldiers Update: German Forces

      Soldiers at Camp Bondsteel try to receive one of the few foreign decorations recognized by the U.S. Army.


    • Soldiers Update: Gamberi TMC

      As U.S. forces step down in Afghanistan, ANA forces are stepping up and taking care of each other.


    • Soldiers Update: Mail Time

      Soldiers of Bravo Battery 1-158th Field Artillery, Oklahoma National Guard work to get letters and packages to recipients inside Kandahar Airfield's Regional Command South Compound.


    • Soldiers Update: MADD

      The mother of a Soldier killed in a car crash tells her story in hopes the it will make a difference in the lives of others.


    • Soldiers Update: Sniff It Out

      Afghan Soldiers on FOB Gamberi receive training on the Wolfhound system.


    • Soldiers Update: VCSA

      Gen. Dan Allyn discusses what he will bring to the table as the Army's new Vice Chief of Staff.


    • Soldiers Update: Humanitarian Aid

      Soldiers deployed from Fort Bragg help deliver much needed supplies to Iraqi citizens.


    • Soldiers Update: In Memory of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene

      The Army paid tribute to Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene in a memorial ceremony at the Pentagon auditorium in Washington D.C.


    • Soldiers Update: NTC ROK

      Soldier at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin train with Korean Soldiers to increase interoperability.


    • Soldiers Update: The Commanders Cup

      Units, in the Republic of Korea, compete for the Commanders cup and gather to receive awards.


    • Soldiers Update: Improving Medical Care One Click at a Time

      A team at Bagram Airfield's Joint Theater Trauma System conducts research and data analysis that improves medical care for soldiers on the battlefield.


    • Soldiers Update: Building Morale

      A snapshot of life at Joint Combat Outpost Hairatan where the process of retro sort and turnover to the Afghans has caused Soldiers to live with fewer amenities. But one Soldier is doing his part to keep morale high. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Top Guns CERP School

      Task Force Top Guns of the 101st Airborne Division went to Gholam Ali, Afghanistan for the ground breaking ceremony of a school's roof repair. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Kabul Police

      The Afghan Police help keep the capitol city of Kabul stable and growing. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: The Army Ethic

      CSA Ray Odierno hosted the first ever Army Professional Symposium at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY to speak with general officers and senior enlisted leaders about "The Army Ethic."


    • Soldiers Update: Guardians of Afghanistan

      Soldiers rejuvenate at the MWR in Bagram Afghanistan by watching the premier of Guardians of the Galaxy.


    • Soldiers Update: Sun City Soldiers

      The USO teams up with the Sun City, Texas community to host a golf tournament for the troops.


    • Soldiers Update: The Rapid Equipping Force

      The Rapid Equipping Force (REF) located on Bagram Airfield, harnesses current and emerging technologies to provide solutions to the challenges of US Army forces deployed in Afghanistan. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: USARAF Best Warrior

      Every year U.S. Army Africa holds an event to see who is the best of the best. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Cordon and Search

      At Fort Hunter Liggett in California, the 377th MO Company conducts intel driven cordon and search operations during their annual training. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: In the Box

      The commander of the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA discusses combat readiness. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: SAMMAC

      US Soldiers along with Latvian and Romanian soldiers, participate in a live fire exercise, part of the Small Arms Master Marksmanship Course (SAMMC), at the 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training area in Germany. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: CALFEX

      Members of the 2-198th Combined Arms Battalion spend two weeks at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Mississippi as they conduct their annual training. After days of practice runs, the Soldiers conduct live fire missions to enhance their skills. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Combined Resolve II

      The U.S and other NATO allies trained in Grafenwoehr, Germany during a live fire exercise Combined Resolve II.


    • Soldiers Update: Tiger Balm 2014

      Tiger Balm is a bilateral exercise focused on strengthening the partnership between the U.S. and Singapore armies, through combined training missions. Soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division and soldiers from the Singapore military train at Schofiled Barracks, Hawaii.


    • Soldiers Update: Medical Care Changes Hands

      A ceremony celebrates a US Army medical team taking lead status at a medical treatment facility from their French contingents that have shown five years of professional patient care.


    • Soldiers Update: Lucy Coffey

      The world's oldest living female WWII Veteran visits the Women's Memorial in Arlington, VA. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Saying Goodbye

      US Army Troops of B Co., 1st BN, 41st Inf Regt turned over Joint Combat Outpost Khilagay to the ANA who will now take over lead security as the US leaves Afghanistan. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: An Honor to Honor

      It's one of the emotionally difficult details in the Army and it takes hours of practice. We see why one team from the First Cavalry Division feels it's an honor to render honors. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: NTC Delivers

      Fort Irwin's National Training Center focuses on preparing Brigades for combat. Gail McCabe reports it's an undertaking to NTC Commander has pledged to deliver. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Paratroopers Play Ball

      Paratroopers play a friendly game of baseball against the Latvian National Baseball team. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Boxing Heat

      MWR held a Boxing heat at Caserma Del Din in Vicenza Italy. SSG William Ransom won one of two trophies for the Vicenza community. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Bradley Live Fire

      Troops from Fort Hood, Texas are on rotation in Germany for Combine Resolve II, a multinational training exercise with NATO allies and partners.


    • Soldiers Update: 395th Army Band

      During Warrior Exercise 2014, one particular unit show off more than their soldier skills.


    • Soldiers Update: 321st Final Fire

      Before its transformation to a new High Mobility Artillery Rocket System battalion, the 321st Field Artillery Regiment fires the M77 one final time as soldiers, leaders, and veterans reflect on the unit's history.


    • Soldiers Update: SSG Pitts Medal of Honor

      Former Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts receives the Medal of Honor at a ceremony at the White House.


    • Soldiers Update: Afghan Air Force

      The Afghan Air Force is growing quickly, assisted by advisers from NATO Air Training Command.


    • Soldiers Update: ROK SF Demonstration

      A Week of Friendship comes to a close in Camp Casey, Korea with a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do by ROK Special Forces soldiers. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: American-Lithuanian Recon

      Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne brigade and Soldiers from the Lithuanian Army conduct training at Klaipeda, Lithuania. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Tough Love

      The commanders of ISAF Joint Command talks about how shaping the Afghan National Security Forces takes training, equipment, and at times, a personal touch. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: MOH nominee Ryan Pitts

      Medal of Honor nominee, former SSG Ryan Pitts, describes the Battle of Wanat.


    • Soldiers Update: U.S. Paratroopers & NATO Allies

      U.S. Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade conduct land navigation training with their NATO allies during operation Atlantic Resolve.


    • Soldiers Update: 100 Service Members Take the Oath

      100 Service members take the reenlistment oath in a massive ceremony held at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: Solarium 2014

      The CSA brought 100 Captains to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, to strategies and propose solutions for problems currently in the Army.


    • Soldiers Update: Friendship Week Basketball

      Soldiers with the 2nd Infantry Division participate in the Warrior Friendship Week Basketball Finals at Camp Casey, Korea.-


    • Soldiers Update: Retrograde in Afghanistan

      As the US prepares to leave Afghanistan, units like the 82nd Sustainment Brigade and the 330th Transportation Battalion are tasked with deconstruction operations as well as movement of recycled material.


    • Soldiers Update: Golden Partnership

      1 BCT Soldiers earn the Golden Partnership Badge during Combined Resolve II in Germany. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Retrograde in Afghanistan

      As the US military prepares to leave Afghanistan units like the 82nd Sustainment Brigade and the 330th Transportation Battalion are tasked with deconstruction operations as well as movement of recycled material. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Afghan D-30

      The 101st Airborne Division Soldiers assisted Afghan Soldiers conducting their final certifications on the D-30 Howitzer. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Patrolling for IDF

      The 10th Mountain Division, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 2-87th Infantry, Apache Company headed out on a patrol, to interdict possible indirect fire aimed at FOB Shank. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: SFAAT 200

      The SFAAT 200 Security Force Assistance Advisement Team are advisors to the 705th Corps of the Afghan motor police where they play a major role in the safety and security in Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: Shield of Security

      With the end of Operation Enduring Freedom close at hand, coalition forces are working hard to leave behind a sustainable Afghan National Security Force. Gail McCabe gives us a look at just one aspect of this.


    • Soldiers Update: What is SFAAT

      The Security Forces Advise and Assist Team, SFAAT 200, mentor Afghan Border Patrol senior leaders in Herat, Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: The Power to Heal

      U.S. Soldiers and Wayalatti villagers work together to install a backup generator that benefits a clinic and the school house next door.


    • Soldiers Update: Spur Ride

      First Cavalry Soldiers work hard to earn their Silver Spurs at Fort Hood, Texas. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Hopes New Hospital

      Captain Lewis Nicoletto, Team Leader, Medical Security Forces Advise and Assist Team, conducts a tour of the Gamberi Regional Hospital highlighting some of the new opportunities that can be available to Afghanistan's fighting forces and civilian populous. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Hellfire Support

      U.S. Soldiers work alongside the New Zealand Army to complete fire support training as part of Exercise Alam Halfa 2014. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Here's to Service Members

      The Potomac Nationals opened their doors to service members with a free baseball game for Military Appreciation Night. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Audie Murphy

      Soldiers from the MDW Audie Murphy Club gather at Audie Murphy's headstone to pay their respect and vow to follow in his footsteps. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Twilight Tattoo SMA

      SMA Raymond Chandler shares a bit of history surrounding the Twilight Tattoo. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Ready Aim Train

      Soldiers work with their Afghan counterparts to develop a new program to aid in the future of Afghanistan's defense at Forward Operating Base Gamberi. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Ecybermission

      Kids from around the nation compete in an Army sponsored science, technology, engineering and mathematics challenge. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Vital Training for the Future

      Medics from Task Force Gryphon give the Afghan border police hands-on MedEvac training on FOB Spin Boldak.


    • Soldiers Update: Twilight Tattoo, Robert Griffin II

      NCO's were honored during a Twilight Tattoo ceremony in Ft. Meyer Virginia, and former NCO speaks about the need for senior enlisted.


    • Soldiers Update: MOH Ryan Pitts

      Medal of Honor Nominee, Former Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts, has a bracelet he wears every day to remind him of his fellow fallen soldiers.


    • Soldiers Update: Excellence in Cavalry

      Cavalrymen have a long standing history in the U.S. Army. They perform unique tasks on the battlefield to help our forces succeed during combat missions. Soldiers at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo conduct an Excellence in Cavalry testing event to improve CAV scouts skills.


    • Soldiers Update: Camp Bondsteel

      Two soldiers become U.S. citizens during a naturalization ceremony on Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.


    • Soldiers Update: Warrior Trials 2014

      Wounded service members from different branches of the military compete in trials at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to earn a spot at the 2014 Warrior Games.


    • Soldiers Update: NCO Induction Ceremony

      The U.S. Army recently turned 239 years old. Soldiers from the U.S. Army Garrison Benelux in Belgium took time out of their duty day to commemorate this milestone.


    • Soldiers Update: SGT Khaliq

      A vital course being taught to soldiers of the Afghan National Army is Combat Life Savers. Gail McCabe visited a class with a U.S. mentor to file this report.


    • Soldiers Update: The Nose Knows

      SFC Coffee, a military working dog, and her handler, SSG James Bennett, go through a training exercise to keep their job skills sharp.


    • Soldiers Update: Armys 239th birthday, The Pentagon

      United States Army celebrates the Armys 239th birthday at the Pentagon.


    • Soldiers Update: Polish Marksmanship

      During land forces assurance exercises in northern Poland, U.S. paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade had the opportunity to test for the Polish Marksmanship Badge.


    • Soldiers Update: National Training Center C.G.

      NTCOne of the Army's premier training sites is located in the high desert of California. Army Broadcasting's Gail McCabe spoke with the commanding general of the National Training Center about what NTC brings to the training table.


    • Soldiers Update: 3rd ID NCO of the Year

      3rd ID NCO and Soldier of the Year are recognized at Fort Stewart, GA.


    • Soldiers Update: Mt. Vernon

      Secretary of the Army John McHugh and SMA Raymond Chandler lay a wreath at the tomb of General George Washington at his home in Mt. Vernon, VA in honor of the Army's 239th birthday.


    • Soldiers Update: Army Birthday in NY

      The Army's 239th birthday poses several meanings for family, friends, and the U.S. Army at Bryant Park, New York City.


    • Soldiers Update: Training to Fight

      Training to Fight - The Maine National Guard's 262nd Horizontal Engineer Company is taking to the lanes to help prepare for an upcoming deployment. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Mortar Training in Poland

      Mortar Training in Poland - Forward observers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade and Polish 6th Airborne Brigade call in and monitor mortar fire during land forces assurance exercises in northern Poland. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Legion of Honor

      Jim Pee Wee Martin is awarded the Legion of Honor medal at the town of Saint-Come-Du-Mont, France. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Robinson Barr Murphy

      Robinson Barr Murphy was a Civil War musician who was one of the youngest Medal of Honor recipients in U.S. History. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers update: Colorado CALFEX

      Soldiers from the Colorado Army National Guard and Fort Carson hold a Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise for the public. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Cordon and Search

      With the fighting season in Afghanistan officially underway, Gail McCabe reports it underscores the fact that this is still a kinetic battle space.


    • Soldiers Update: Bulgaria SOF

      Bulgarian Special Forces soldiers train in Grafenwoehr, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: PeeWee Jump

      A 93-year-old World War II veteran parachutes into Normandy for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.


    • Soldiers Update: ANC Bill Mauldin Feature

      ANC Bill Mauldin Feature - Bill Mauldin was a world famous cartoonist, best known for creating the characters Willie and Joe during World War II. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: 101st Monument

      101st Monument-A new monument was unveiled in Sainte Mere Eglise, France during a D-Day ceremony. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: LTC Cole Memorial

      101st Airborne Color Guard member SSG Stephen Summers talks about the LTC Cole memorial ceremony in Carentan, France.


    • Soldiers Update: NCO/Soldier of the year, Kuwait

      The Warhorse winners will represent their brigade at the U.S. Army Central BWC 2014.


    • Soldiers Update: "Jumping" Joe Beyrle

      During World War II, "Jumping" Joe Beyrle landed in the village of Ste. Come Du Mont, France, and was seen by the locals as one of the American Soldiers who helped liberate them from the Nazis. His son, John Beyrle, tells the story of their family's connection with the French village.


    • Soldiers Update: European Activity Set

      Soldiers in Hohenfels, Germany use the new European Activity Set armor while training, as a part of Combined Resolve 2.


    • Soldiers Update: Kain Schilling

      Then Spc. Kain Schilling recounts Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle White's heroism.


    • Soldiers Update: Sainte Mere-Eglise

      War re-enactors pay tribute to D-Day Veterans in Normandy, France.


    • Soldiers Update: Allied Forward Observers on the Lookout

      US Soldiers from 173rd Airborne Brigade and Polish 6th Airborne Brigade troops work together to monitor mortar fire during land forces assurance exercises in Northern Poland. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: SecArmy Tours JMRC

      Secretary of the Army John McHugh tours JMRC and speaks to Soldiers. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Quick Draw

      US vehicles and equipment have been sent to Germany to help form The European Activity Set, known as EAS; the activity supports units from Fort Hood, Texas as they prepare for exercise Combined Resolve II. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Mandi Sar VBIED Attack

      After a Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack in Mandi Sar, Afghanistan, combat medics respond to save as many Afghan lives as possible.


    • Soldiers Update: Camp Casey Best Warrior

      Soldiers compete in Best Warrior Competition on Camp Casey, Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Fort Hood Fear Factor

      In Fort Hood, Texas, soldiers take part in the BOSS Program Fear Factor event.


    • Soldiers Update: Pets for Patriots

      Pets for Patriots is a special program through the Baltimore Humane Society which allows service members, active or retired, to adopt a pet for free.


    • Soldiers Update: Balikatan Basketball 2014

      Soldiers in the Philippines play basketball during Balikatan 2014.


    • Soldiers Update: HALO Jump Balikatan 2014

      US and Philippine soldiers work together to train on HALO Jump exercises during Balikatan 2014 in the Philippines.


    • Soldiers Update: Marksmanship Tradition

      A two-man team from the Oregon National Guard compete in the Winston P. Wilson Matches at North Little Rock, Ark.


    • Soldiers Update: North of Kabul

      Afghan 201st soldiers train in their military specialty at Forward Operating Base Gamberi in Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: 2014 All American Week

      Fort Bragg kicks off their 2014 All American Week with an 82nd Airborne Division run.


    • Soldiers Update: OEF Transtition

      Troops continue the withdraw from Afghanistan, including the transition of military inventory.


    • Soldiers Update: Evacuation Operations

      The Joint Readiness Training Center rotation brings a new set of challenges for the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Airborne, 25th Infantry Division, when evacuees begin filling the city in hopes of finding a safe haven at Fort Polk, LA.


    • Soldiers Update: Journey to Success

      Kids get the opportunity to see and interact with what service members do on a daily basis in Hohenfels, Germany.


    • Soldiers Update: Army Combative

      Soldiers in Japan compete in an Army Combatives competition. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Bagram Air Field 401st Skype

      Gail McCabe reporting from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan on the 401st Field Support Brigade managing inventory. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Marksmanship Training Center

      Service Members from across the globe compete in Marksmanship Competitions at the Robinson Maneuver Training Center in North Little Rock, AR. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Indiana Mud Run

      The Indiana Joint Forces Headquarters J9 Crisis Team hosted the second 5k In Their Shoes mud run at Atterbury-Muscatatuck in Edinburgh, Indiana. The run is geared toward raising awareness about suicide and sexual assault within their communities. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Soldiers MEDRETE in DR

      Soldiers and Airmen from various commands to include US Southern Command, US Army South, and non-profit organizations cooperated in the Medical Readiness Excercise or MEDRETE in the Dominican Republic.


    • Soldiers Update: North of Kabul

      The Afghan National Army's 201st Corps is taking the lead in seven provinces known as North of Kabul.


    • Soldiers Update: First Responders

      First Responders and Texas Military Forces invite their community to Camp Mabry, TX for an exciting weekend.


    • Soldiers Update: Exercise Fa-Hum 2014

      U.S. Army South assists El Salvador prepare for the possibility of a natural disaster by kicking off Exercise Fa-Hum.


    • Soldiers Update: Kyle White Honors Troops

      Medal of Honor recipient Kyle White honors those who gave their lives on November 09, 2007.


    • Soldiers Update: SGT Kyle White

      Sergeant Kyle White receives the Medal of Honor at the White House.


    • Soldiers Update: Rumble in the Gart

      In Stuttgart, Germany 30 competitors boxed to win the title in each of their weight classes. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Cyber Defenders

      As new requirements emerge from the DoD for cyber defense, the National Guard is leaning forward to prepare the 54 states and territories computer network Defense Teams for real world attacks. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Days of Remembrance

      Soldiers and civilians attend a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony in Wiesbaden, Germany where a Holocaust survivor spoke on her experiences. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: MEDAVAC Move

      Medical teams in Jalalabad, Afghanistan train on mass casualty response.


    • Soldiers Update: Role of TAA

      U.S. soldiers step back and let Afghan Security Forces take the lead.


    • Soldiers Update: Riding with the Jumpmaster

      When the 173rd Airborne traveled to Central West Africa to take part in Exercise Central Accord, they made history by jumping with Cameroonian paratroopers.


    • Soldiers Update: EOD Performs Remote Entry Procedures

      Explosive Ordinance Disposal Soldiers from the 759th EOD Company train at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.


    • Soldiers Update: Combat Lifesaver Training

      Kosovo forces 18 Multinational Forces train for Combat Lifesaver's Course validation.


    • Soldiers Update: Combined Joint Rocket Live Fire

      U.S. Army, USMC and Republic of Korea Forces come together for a live fire training exercise.


    • Soldiers Update: Twilight Tattoo

      CSA GEN Ray Odierno awards five Outstanding Civilian Service Awards during a Twilight Tattoo ceremony at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA.


    • Soldiers Update: Not Your Average Shooting Range

      NCOs from the 299th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Ft. Carson, CO., rapidly engaged close-quarter targets shoulder to shoulder with four 10th Group Special Forces (Airborne) Soldiers who reinforced rifle marksmanship proficiency.


    • Soldiers Update: Combatives Tournament in Korea

      U.S. and Korean Soldiers from units around Yongsan, Korea, compete in a combatives tournament.


    • Soldiers Update: The Wrap Up

      SMA Raymond Chandler hosts international students at his house. Alabama and Arkansas National Guard are helping tornado victims, a shadow run honors a fallen comrade.


    • Soldiers Update: Operation Renegade Fury

      Soldiers in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan train Afghan soldiers in mobile strike force operations.


    • Soldiers Update: ANZAC Day

      The U.S. Army and the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps commemorate the Battle of Gallipoli in Hawaii.


    • Soldiers Update: Building the Skies

      Army Corps of Engineers build a Forward Area Arming and Refueling Point (FAARP) at Camp Tombstone in the Helmand Province to help the Afghan military's helicopter missions.


    • Soldiers Update: Fort Sill Hero

      Army Staff Sergeant John King's actions at a live grenade range saves his and a Soldiers life.


    • Soldiers Update: 111th Firefighting

      Crew Members from the 1st Battalion, 111th Aviation Regiment, use a Chinook helicopter to help contain a fire at Camp Shelby,MS.


    • Soldiers Update: OB Dogsledding

      Outward Bound provides Veterans with an opportunity to experience the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area in Minnesota on a weeklong dogsledding expedition. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Tower Control

      Air Traffic Controllers with the 5-158 Aviation Regiment train in Hohenfels, Germany. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Wounded Warrior Fishing

      Service members gather in Savannah, GA for a day of fun and competitive fishing. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: SMA Visits Kandahar

      SMA Raymond Chandler visits soldiers on the southern part of Afghanistan to answer questions from the troops.


    • Soldiers Update: A Run For Heroes

      Soldiers at Fort Campbell, Kentucky run with the family members of those that gave their lives for their country.


    • Soldiers Update: APG Sharp Summit

      This one-day event themed Achieving Cultural Change: Strengthening Trust, and Supporting Victims, will serve as a forum for APG leaders and local authorities to raise awareness and understanding of the systemic issues now being addressed in the Army as it relates to this critical issue.


    • Soldiers Update: Wing Exchange

      U.S. and Korean Army Special Forces Paratroopers exchange foreign jump wings during an excercise at Kunsan Air Base, Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Wing Exchange

      U.S. and Korean Army Special Forces paratroopers exchange foreign jump wings during an exercise at Kunsan Air Base, Korea.


    • Soldiers Update: Army Field Band

      After facing travel restrictions and budget cuts, the Army Field Band from Fort George G Meade, MD, found a new way to reach out to schools across the country.


    • Soldiers Update: Keeping Presence

      4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion 12th Infantry Regiment met with Afghanistan's National Defense Service and patrolled with the Afghan Uniform Police.


    • Soldiers Update: U.S. Soldier Earns Place at British Military Academy

      2d Lt. Ben Torgersen shares his experience as a cadet in a special exchange program with the British Army's Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (U.K.).


    • Soldiers Update: APG SHARP Summit

      This one-day event themed Achieving Cultural Change: Strengthening Trust, and Supporting Victims, will serve as a forum for APG leaders and local authorities to raise awareness and understanding of the systemic issues now being addressed in the Army as it relates to this critical issue.


    • Soldiers Update: Army Combatives Tournament

      Soldiers in Korea participate in an Army Combatives tournament.


    • Soldiers Update: Boulder Crest Retreat

      Created by a retired Master Chief Petty Officer, Boulder Crest Retreat is a facility in Bluemont, Va. where combat veterans can get away from their busy lives and relax and heal at no cost.


    • Soldiers Update: Free Fall

      Team Leader Captain David talks about why he joined Special Forces and what it takes to learn about free fall jumps out of a plane.


    • Soldiers Update: Look Who's Back

      Spc. Raul Pacheco, a 55th Signal Company Combat Cameraman, returns from deployment and has a secret plan to surprise his children.


    • Soldiers Update: Best Ranger 2014

      The Best Ranger Competition is a chance for Rangers to compete against the most elite of their own and find out who has what it takes to be awarded the title of Best Ranger.


    • Soldiers Update: VSAT

      Soldiers in Wiesbaden, Germany train on the Very Small Apparatus Terminal (VSAT).


    • Soldiers Update: Vigilant Guard Alaska 2014

      Oregon National Guard participates in Vigilant Guard Alaska 2014, a multi-service exercise to train to respond to earthquakes and other natural disasters.


    • Soldiers Update: ANP Maintenance

      The goal at NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan is establishing self-sufficiency, one part of it is vehicle repair and maintenance.


    • Soldiers Update: 18th Fires Brigade Prepares for BCT 2020

      In preparations for the BCT 2020 transformation one unit in the 82nd Airborne Division is combining its forces.


    • Soldiers Update: CALFX

      U.S. Army Europe Soldiers and Air Force pilots from Aviano, Italy conducted a combined arms live fire exercise recently in Grafenwoehr, Germany to help everyone sharpen their skills.


    • Soldiers Update: Illinois T.A.G.

      Illinois National Guard and Poland have one of the longest standing partnership standing today. BG Daniel Krumrei, AG, Illinois National Guard, shares his thoughts.


    • Soldiers Update: MASCAL Exercise

      In a crisis, the time it takes for emergency personnel to arrive on scene could spell the difference between life and death. Emergency responders train to save lives at Mihail Kogaliniceanu Airbase in Romania.


    • Soldiers Update: GEN Grass Visits Afghanistan

      GEN Frank Grass, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, presents awards, pins on promotions, and answers questions from soldiers in Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: Boys and Girls Club

      Fort Benning Soldiers volunteer their time at a local boys and girls club in Columbus, Georgia.


    • Soldiers Update: Big Guns

      PFC Michael Lighter hones in on his skills during unstable gunnery training, in Germany, to be better prepared for his teammates.


    • Soldiers Update: Full Spectrum Capability

      MG Patrick Donahue, Commander, U.S. Army Africa, says U.S. Forces headed to this continent, need to be trained for full spectrum operations as well as theater support missions.


    • Soldiers Update:Woman's History: Schuette

      SPC Natasha Schuette receives an award at the Pentagon. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Talking SHARP

      Key leaders join in Washington D.C. to discuss the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program and recognize individuals for their efforts. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Seeing Both Sides

      On a recent trip to Afghanistan, Gail McCabe took a walk with a cultural advisor, who see his country from the eyes of an American and of an Afghan. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Down & Dirty

      The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a waste water treatment plant at Camp Zafar, Afghanistan, to help maintain sanitation standards for the Afghan Army soldiers stationed there.


    • Soldiers Update: Fort Hood Leadership Response

      The Secretary of the Army, The Honorable John McHugh, and the Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Ray Odierno, discuss the shooting that took place on Fort Hood, Texas.


    • Soldiers Update: Look Live Airdrop

      U.S. and Cameroonian forces conduct Airborne operations during Exercise Central Accord in central West Africa.


    • Soldiers Update: Women's History: Dixon

      Ms. Alyce Dixon is Honored at a ceremony for Women's History Month at the Pentagon.


    • Soldiers Update: Operation Proper Exit

      Five Wounded warriors recently visited Afghanistan as part of Operation Proper Exit, a program designed to help wounded warriors return to the battle space and exit theater properly.


    • Soldiers Update: Enduring Story

      The 10th Combat Aviation Brigade is an integral part of the drawdown mission in Afghanistan. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: French Medevac

      SSG Marie Claire Gidden teaches medical evacuation techniques during Exercise Central Accord in Cameroon. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: The Future of SHARP

      SMA Raymond Chandler discusses the future of the Army's Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention program at the Pentagon. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: 82nd Trooper/NCO of Year Competition

      18th Airborne Corps Soldiers discuss being a part of the 82nd Airborne Division Trooper and Noncommissioned Officer of the Year competition. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Lenny Kravitz MOH

      Interview with musician Lenny Kravitz who's uncle received the Medal of Honor as part of the Valor 24 ceremony.


    • Soldiers Update: Aircraft Powertrain Repairer

      1st CAB Aircraft Powertrain Repairer conducts infared Penetrant and 50 hour Borescope inspections on US Army AH64D Apache helicopter.


    • Soldiers Update: STEM Event

      The Brigade Modernization Command supports the El Paso STEM Foundation in an effort to help develop tomorrow's leaders in science, technology, engineering and math.


    • Soldiers Update: Multinational QRF

      Multinational forces stationed in Kosovo practice Quick Reaction Force Drills with UH-60 Helicopters. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Close Quarters

      Armor Soldiers from the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, train on infantry tactics in Kuwait. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Ghost Army Artists Part 1

      World War II vets discuss their time as artists in the Army. As members of the 23rd Headquarters Special troops, known as the "Ghost Army," they camouflaged military units throughout Europe and created fake units to throw the enemy off their trail. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Pathfinders on the Prowl

      U.S. Army Pathfinders, 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, conduct a reflexive fire training mission in Afghanistan. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: None Shall Pass

      Soldiers at the 1229th Transportation Company work together with Afghan Security Forces to screen commercial trucks that enter Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Ghost Army Artists Part 1

      World War II vets discuss their time as artists in the Army. As members for the 23rd Headquarters Special troops, known as the "Ghost Army," they camouflaged military units throughout Europe and created fake units to throw the enemy off their trail. Available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Update: The Human Aspect

      The Africans participating in Exercise Central Accord, acknowledge that what they learn will be used in real world contingencies.


    • Soldiers Update: Culinary Passion

      Almost nothing can keep Military Chefs from attending the 39th Annual Military Culinary Arts Competitive Training Event in Fort Lee, VA.


    • Soldiers Update: Afghans Take the Lead

      U.S. Forces assist as Afghan National Security Forces take the lead on operations and construction in Afghanistan. Available in High Definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Big Red One

      Soldiers from the 21st Theater Sustainment Command and Airmen from the 780th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron work together to redeploy 1st Infantry Division Soldiers. Available in High Definition.


    • Soldiers Update: Special Operations Training

      Collaborative training is one of the most influential ways soldiers can learn, but recently a group of experienced Air Force Special Operators and a group of young Army soldiers came together to learn from each other.


    • Soldiers Update: STEM Competition

      The Brigade Modernization Command at Ft. Bliss, TX promotes the upcoming high school 5-STAR innovation Cup Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM Competition.


    • Soldiers Update: Afghan Women

      Women make up half of the Afghan population, a percentage they're coming to appreciate more every day.


    • Soldiers Update: Building Partnership Capacity

      U.S. Army Soldiers, U.S. Marines, and Georgian Army Soldiers train together at the Joint Multinational Training Center in Hohenfels, Germany. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Cavalry Scout

      SPC Aaron Garcia, cavalry scout from Palehorse Troop, 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, talks about his first deployment to southern Afghanistan as a cavalry scout assigned to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Nursing Mentor

      U.S. military medical mentors are aiding in improvements in Afghan medical care. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Update: Saved by the Box

      Soldiers from the 82nd Sustainment Brigade CMRE Medical Retrosort Yard donate unused medical supplies to the Kandahar region Ministry of Public Health.


    • Soldiers Update: B-Huts Lift Off

      U.S. Army National Guard Engineers use a crane and trailer system to move old billeting to a new deconstruction site to alleviate debris in Afghanistan.


    • Soldiers Update: Hockey Cultural Exchange

      Troops from the Royal Thai Armed Forces experience their first hockey game as part of a cultural exchange during Exercise Cobra Gold.