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    Soldiers Journal

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    Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's Soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - Return To Africa

      About a decade ago, Soule Malame left his home country of Togo in search of a better life in America. Today, he's paying it forward to another West African nation, as part of a U.S. Army mission to strengthen Cameroon's military and its people in defeating Boko Haram and other violent extremists. A first lieutenant with Task Force Toccoa, a 101st Airborne Division-led unit based just south of the frontlines of Boko Haram in northern Cameroon, Malame uses his cultural identity to be a key part of the mission.


    • JDAT Support to the Black Dart C-UAS Demonstration

      Current U.S. integrated air and missile defense capabilities are not keeping pace with the rapidly evolving unmanned aerial systems threat and require both materiel and non-materiel solutions to mitigate warfighter capability gaps. BLACK DART is an annual field demonstration of current and emergent Counter-UAS technologies sponsored by the Joint Staff J8 Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization also known as JIAMDO. As the Black Dart 2016 lead assessment organization, the Joint Staff J6 Joint Deployable Analysis Team, also known as JDAT, collected data to answer two main questions: 1- Can current fielded systems counter UAS threats? 2- And, what is the capability or potential of non-Program of Record systems to enhance counter UAS operations? The live-fly, live-fire demonstration took place in late 2016 at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida and the surrounding land and sea ranges with over 900 personnel in attendance including participants from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. BLACK DART demonstrations began in 2010 and are the only Joint and partner nation Department of Defense counter UAS events. The JDAT Black Dart Report will include detailed findings on systems’ abilities to detect, track, identify, and negate unmanned aircraft systems to support Joint and Combined warfighter capabilities and make our forces more connected, survivable, and lethal on the battlefield. a. Execute live-fly, live-fire C-UAS technology demonstrations to assess and validate existing and emerging IAMD capabilities. b. Present emerging solutions to inform requirements decision making. c. Identify and develop IAMD operational concepts, system interoperability, and operational architectures for the C-UAS mission set. d. Advocate for warfighters’ desired C-UAS capabilities and affordable, integrated solutions. e. Identify C-UAS capability gaps for IAMD. f. Identify promising materiel and non-materiel solutions for C-UAS operations. g. Investigate new methods for UAS Combat Identification (CID). h. Improve completeness of the shared air picture with respect to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs). i. Develop C-UAS non-kinetic negation methods and techniques. j. Promote and integrate interagency participation and capabilities. k. Promote foreign/partner nation observer participation and coordination. The demonstration will include Program of Record (POR) as well as non-POR C-UASs demonstrating capabilities and/or collecting data in support of proprietary C-UAS development. Onsite data collection supports real-time feedback, opportunities for participant feedback, and becomes the basis for formal analysis at the conclusion of the demonstration. In order to align with warfighter needs, JIAMDO coordinated with the Combatant Commands and Services to prioritize capability gaps related to C-UAS.


    • JDAT Support to the U.S. Army's Maneuver Battle Lab Squad X Event

      Squad X is a multiyear Department of Defense program sponsored by DARPA to identify emerging technologies and facilitate their development for military use. The Joint Deployable Analysis Team, also known as JDAT, recently supported the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Maneuver Battle Lab by enhancing their assessment process for testing Squad capabilities. The Maneuver Battle Lab is responsible for infantry capabilities development under TRADOC’s Maneuver Center of Excellence, the project lead for this DARPA-sponsored initiative. Over the course of several events held at Fort Benning, Georgia, JDAT collected digital and voice data passed between systems from the infantry Company through subordinate SQD levels and assisted in the analysis effort. The assessment will provide observations, findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the U.S. Army and the DOD regarding new technology initiatives and their contribution to improve dismounted infantry SQD mission performance. This year’s program will establish a baseline capability to compare against future experimental technologies employed by dismounted infantry SQDs.


    • Soldiers Journal: Shaping Diverse Future Leaders

      More than 300 Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets, representing more than a dozen colleges and universities, gathered at Howard University in Washington, D.C. for the Army Senior Leader/ROTC Professional Mentor Forum where Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning provided keynote remarks and took questions from cadets on subjects ranging from leadership, the value of diversity, and the critical role ROTC cadets play as ambassadors to bridge the civilian-military divide.


    • Soldiers Journal: Best Warrior 2016

      Best Warrior is the highlight of all Army competitions. Fort AP Hill hosted this year and the winners were announced at this year's Association of the United States Army Convention.


    • Soldiers Journal: Warrior Mindset

      An Army Veteran draws on the Warrior Ethos for motivation as he trains for competition in the Octagon as a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.


    • Soldiers Journal

      A recruiting station in Blacksburg, VA is running a pilot program for the Occupational Physical Assessment Test that will help Future Soldiers realize what Army jobs they are eligible for.


    • Soldiers Journal: Swift Response 16

      Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division join British and Polish Troops for Exercise Swift Response 16. Commander of US Army Europe, LTG Ben Hodges and Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Mark Milley tells us about the importance of the training.


    • Soldiers Journal: Greg Quarels

      A profile of Greg Quarels and his journey to become an Adaptive Warrior for the 2016 Warrior Games.


    • Soldiers Journal: Army Birthday

      The Under Secretary of the Army and Sergeant Major of the Army visit the birthplace of the Army, Philadelphia, for a challenge to remind Soldiers that you must #EarnYourCake!


    • Soldiers Journal: Ryan Major

      Adaptive Warrior Ryan Major tells us about being a competitor for Warrior Games.


    • Soldiers Journal: Monica Southall

      Adaptive Warrior Monica Southall tells us about being a competitor for Warrior Games.


    • Soldiers Journal: Sydney Davis

      Adaptive Warrior Sydney Davis tells us about being a competitor for Warrior Games.


    • Soldiers Journal: Armed Forces Day

      The city of Torrance, California holds a celebration larger than any other over its year. The city's Armed Forces Day Parade is an event where citizens come out to show their support for those that serve.


    • Soldiers Journal: Life Saving Equipment

      A soldier deployed in Iraq is shot in the head during an ambush but the Army's Advanced Combat Helmet saves his life. Watch the ceremony at Fort Belvoir where he is reunited with the equipment that saved his life.


    • Soldiers Journal: Sullivan Cup

      Tankers from across the country descend on Fort Benning to prove who is the best tank crew in the Army. Participants tell the story of this grueling, 4 day challenge on the ranges of the premiere training grounds and home of the US Army Armor School and the Maneuver School of Excellence.


    • Soldiers Journal

      Warrant Officers from across the force gather at Fort Leavenworth for the 2016 Warrant Officer Solarium where they discuss the future of their role in the Army.


    • Soldiers Journal: SMA Dailey on Capitol Hill

      SMA Daniel Dailey testifies on Capitol Hill on quality of life issues.


    • Soldiers Journal - NCFA - Total Force

      Commissioners from the National Commission on the Future of the Army discuss the need for a Total Force


    • Soldiers Journal: BOSS Forum

      Army leaders and BOSS representatives come together to at the BOSS Forum in Orlando, Florida 2015. Army leaders in attendance SMA Daniel Dailey, SEAC CSM John Troxell. Leaders provided mentorship and shared career experiences. BOSS representatives also learned about their duties and resources available to complete their BOSS mission.


    • Soldiers Journal: Pistol Brothers

      Brothers, Spc. Ryan Franks and Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Franks, share their thoughts on working and living with each other.


    • Soldiers Journal: The Push

      Getting Afghan Security Forces to plan for the future is a key challenge at Train, Advise, Assist Command-East (TAAC-East). Gail McCabe reports on the challenges that face the TAAC-East Command.


    • Soldiers Journal: Bringing Them Back

      The scars of war are being healed in many ways, to include Operation Proper Exit, which brings injured military members back to the war zone. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Journal: Building a Point

      Providing financial support to Afghanistan is seen by the international community as one way to lay a strong foundation for the future. Gail McCabe reports which includes an interview with Major General Todd Semonite.


    • Soldiers Journal: 2CR Returns

      Soldiers from the 2nd Calvary Regiment return from deployment from Operation Atlantic Resolve.


    • Soldiers Journal: Journey to Korea

      History is in the making as 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, from Fort Hood, Texas, will be replacing 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team; a first of many future rotations to the Korean peninsula.


    • Soldiers Journal: Female Boxing

      Women's History Month lets us see all that women have done and can do. Gail McCabe gives us a look at some female soldiers who are boxing their way to the Olympics.


    • Soldiers Journal: Steve Smutak

      FT. Belvoir's Adaptive Sports Coordinator, Steve Smutak, helps the Wounded Warriors achieve their goals.


    • Soldiers Journal: JMTC

      The Joint Multinational Training Center brings NATO Allies together in order to learn interoperability.


    • Soldiers Journal: Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey

      Sergeant Major Dan Dailey is now the 15th Sergeant Major of the Unites States Army.


    • Soldiers Journal: Point of Injury

      Soldiers from the 501 Security Force Assistance Team train Afghan Uniform Police how to care for their wounded.


    • Soldiers Journal - November 2013

      SM2013- Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - Nov. 2013

      In this edition of Soldiers Journal, former Army Captain William Swenson receives the Medal of Honor and is inducted into the Hall of Heroes. Two Command Sergeants Major, 30 years apart in age, from the Army National Guard run in the Army Ten-Miler, and Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler talks about the future of Soldier development.


    • Soldiers Journal - October 2013

      In this edition of Soldiers Journal, Medal of Honor recipient, former Army Captain Will Swenson, describes the battle of Ganjgal, a Soldier based in Germany explains what's it's like to be an Airborne Soldier, and some cartoonists travel to Afghanistan to sketch out Soldiers. Also available in high definition


    • Soldiers Journal - September 2013

      ℠2013- Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - August 2013

      2013- Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - August 2013

      Soldiers Journal is a monthly newscast that covers stories about today's Soldier. In this edition, we go to Australia where airborne Soldiers jump into the outback, SSG Ty Carter describes the battle of COB Keating, National Guard Soldiers compete to be the best warrior, and we meet a Soldier who has a family reunion while deployed to Panama.


    • Soldiers Journal - July 2013

      2013- Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - June 2013

      2013- Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - May 2013

      Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Journal - April 2013

      The Secretary of Defense visits Afghanistan and awards a Purple Heart, the Best Warrior competition in Hawaii and terrorism in Africa. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Xaime Hernandez.


    • Soldiers Journal - March 2013

      Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier.


    • Soldiers Journal - February 2013

      Soldiers Journal provides news and information that affects today's soldier. Also available in high definition.


    • Soldiers Journal - January 2013

      This edition features stories on Afghan national army putting on a live fire demonstration, Soldier medics trying to earn the Expert Field Medical badge and Afghan forces training in life saving skills. Also available in high definition